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  1. What on earth does that mean RS? More conspiracy theories? What has been the effect of the total eclipse on the VOR?
  2. ... and Sean Langman who I understand is working on foils for his Orma sourced from TNZ. Mind you that project has been going on for a year or so.
  3. So one can order a Mader designed and built hull or a Lilia designed and built hull or a Folli designed and built hull (just to take your example) each of which goes to some different corners of the tolerances in their design. and you still want to call that ONE design. There are three just from your own example (never mind updates). Then they are all fitted out differently. Not to the one design. What you have is different hull forms that fit tolerances. Just because you choose to call that one design does not make it so. Just because the Star Class calls themselves one design also does not make it so if you give the word "one" its natural meaning.
  4. All of your points are correct. And yes I have sailed them and owned two. To me that does not equate to one design but rather design within tolerances. Matter of language use and definition. You have yours, I have mine. Happy to move on.. Potato. Potato.
  5. Explain then how some boats have high floors and others don't and therefore venturis or not. How the position of runners is different boat to boat. How there are different mast controls boat to boat. They are built to a rule that does not make them one design.
  6. Stars are not one design.
  7. Schakel used to post a lot of unintelligible rubbish last time around. Just ignore.
  8. They have a northern hemisphere compass !!
  9. Easily, anywhere along the east or west coast !! But I would rather come and do your Baltic.
  10. ..... and Doug if all you said was that "that is pretty cool, at least to me" rather than claiming some sort of "ownership"/"predesign" then everyone would be ok with that I suspect.
  11. FIFY
  12. Slightly strange that someone from Texas can at this moment describe somewhere else as "raining more than I thought". Having said that, thoughts are with all of those who have lost so much in Texas this last ten days or so.
  13. Pil's price just went up !!!
  14. There was a long thread on this very topic a couple of years ago when the same thing happened. My recollection is that those in the multihull community just ignored the Sailing Australia version and still did the usual regatta. Also SA version was not "backed" by any of the "multihull organisations". However, this time the SA version seems to have the backing of MYCV and maybe South Aust.