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  1. DtM

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    But a reasonable number of people chose to participate within the rules no matter what we (sane) people think. Let them enjoy their race/experience. At least they are doing it which is more than most of us.
  2. DtM

    New imoca boats

    Are you insane ?? There are endless photos of the missing foil during the race. Not detailed ones but it clearly is not there. You are an idiot.
  3. DtM

    Retirement Anarchy

    This thread gives me food for thought. Thanks
  4. So where are you now BJ ?
  5. DtM

    Clipper wreck report

    No, they are the normal ordinary (in a neutral way) people.
  6. A simple search using the info he provides in his signature space brings up some interesting stuff !! It is his modus operandi to get his knickers in a very tight bunch on a lot of topics. I wonder if it comes from his being a Republican? But he is correct, no photo of him and a yacht club
  7. DtM

    Boat BBQ Feedback?

    My vote is for a Weber gas BBQ. Not sure if you have them in Canada and the US. Made some rail mounts and plumbed the gas to the BBQ.
  8. Every time I see Hoppy has posted on this thread I hope for the news of his purchase. The SA group brokerage at work.
  9. DtM

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Although I was not a player of the Game I kept up on this thread. You all did a great job. Don't know how you found the time. Your Mom is incredibly selfless in helping everyone. Tunnel Rat and Shorty , well done as a great community service.
  10. paper charts only and one PFD to share around
  11. There are actually three, Justine Mettraux
  12. Safety Category 7. No radios, liferafts or all that other stuff. Costs too much and multi's don't need any of it.
  13. As opposed to all the times he drove it so fast Mapfre could stop them blowing past. Really !!!
  14. DtM


    Oh dear that is so very funny.
  15. jarcher seems to be a serial complainer.