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  1. Easy-Sailing.dk

    Dragonfly 40

    Yes those are trapeze wires.
  2. Easy-Sailing.dk

    Dragonfly 40

    Dragonfire is an old design, original build by Gert Frederiksen (founder of Frederiksen boat fittings, now owned by Ronstan, and C Class sailer). Dragonfire was originaly named Orbit and was Gerts attempt to make a Formula 28, but not as radical as the rule allowed. Jens has extended the arms and put on a larger rig. To my knowledge the most recent update has bien adding lifting foils from a M 32. Dragonfire is 100% carbon, 28 foot and weighs about 670kg.
  3. Easy-Sailing.dk

    Catamaran seen in Italy

    Thanks Klausfu Can you tell any thing about performance after the biplain rig?
  4. Easy-Sailing.dk


    Groucho Could you please share a little more details about the foil experiments that you do and what you have experienced. Could you for tell a bit about what profiles you are using, what angel of attack and at what speeds? best regards Mads
  5. Easy-Sailing.dk

    Catamaran seen in Italy

    The hulls looks the same, only with a pilot house and a biplane rig.
  6. Easy-Sailing.dk

    Catamaran seen in Italy

    Hi Anyone here know anything about this catamaran? It is seen in Marina Hannibal in Monfalcone Italy and may be for sale. I think it has two free masters. By the way, it is not mine and I have no part in it, I am just curious about the design. Regards Mads
  7. Easy-Sailing.dk

    Groucho's new wing mast

    Hi Gary How much sail area do you have on Groucho and how what your sail configuration look like? Regards Mads
  8. Easy-Sailing.dk

    Groucho's new wing mast

    Hi Gary Could you pleas share a little more details about the construction and dimensioning of the mast? What kind of loads will this mast be able to take? Regards Mada
  9. Easy-Sailing.dk

    Restoration Ron Holland IOR racer Flirt of Paget (2)

    Wow great work! Nice to see that some people still appreciate the old fast boats out there and not just take the easy way and purchases a Jeanneau og Bavaria for crousing. Good luck Mads