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  1. They were not ROW until they reached Close hauled course after they tacked. Artemis used way too much room. That should have been a no foul or foul on Artemis. The umps pooch another call. something needs to change. Tink
  2. 44 PENALTIES GIVEN BY UMPIRES 44.1 After a ‘Y flag protest’ is communicated to the umpires, they shall decide whether to penalize any yacht. They shall communicate via the RO Comms one of the following decisions: (a) ‘No penalty.’ (b) The identified yacht(s) shall take a penalty by complying with rules 44.2 and 44.3. (c) The identified yacht(s) is disqualified, and if the race is a Match Race, the match is terminated and awarded to the other yacht. 44.2 Penalties “2 hull-lengths behind” a yacht equals 2 hull-lengths between the most advanced points of the yachts on the course measured along the axis of the leg the penalized yacht is on. (a) Penalties for OCS Penalty for yachts that are OCS: after her starting signal and while inside the boundary, the penalized yacht shall act immediately to reduce her VMG / VMC until she is 2 hull-lengths behind all yachts. (b) Penalties for breaches of a rule in the pre-start, or Part 2 breaches for yachts on the same leg of the course or within the zone of a mark Penalty for breaches of a rule in the pre-start, or Part 2 breaches for yachts on the same leg of the course or within the zone of a mark: after her starting signal and while inside the boundary, the penalized yacht shall act immediately to reduce her VMG / VMC until she is 2 hull-lengths behind the yacht or yachts involved in the incident. (c) Other Penalties after the starting signal Penalty for breaches of a rule (other than penalties under rule 44.2(a) or 44.2(b)) that is signalled after the starting signal: while inside the boundary, the penalized yacht shall act immediately to reduce her VMG / VMC until she loses 2 hull-lengths compared to a yacht (as determined by the Umpires) that has started correctly and without a penalty. 44.3 Penalty completion (a) A yacht completes her penalty when the umpires determine that a yacht has lost the required distance and they have signalled that the penalty is completed via the RO Comms. (b) However, when it is clear to the umpires that the penalized yacht is reducing her VMG / VMC but the loss of distance is not being incurred as intended, or the situation is not covered in rule 44.2, the umpires shall make their best effort to calculate what the VMG / VMC reduction should be. When they are satisfied with the loss of distance, the umpires shall signal that the penalty is completed via the RO Comms. 44.4 All Penalties The following applies to penalties described in rules 44.2 and 44.3: (a) The VMG / VMC loss of distance is based on the axis of the leg the penalized yacht is on. (b) If after the starting signal a yacht, whose hulls are within the boundary, that has a penalty tacks or gybes outside the zone of a rounding mark, the umpires shall give that yacht another penalty of the same type. (c) If a yacht has multiple penalties, then the penalties shall be taken consecutively. (d) A yacht taking a penalty on the first leg of the course shall not sail a course other than a proper course of a yacht without a penalty if as a result a keep-clear yacht sailing her proper course must change course to keep clear. (e) In a Match Race, if a yacht has a penalty and the other yacht is penalized, each penalty shall be cancelled and this shall be signalled via the RO Comms. This rule does not apply to penalties for OCS. (f) A penalized yacht shall not be recorded as having finished until she takes her penalty and her hulls are completely on the course side of the line and its extensions and then finishes, unless the penalty is cancelled which may be after she crosses the finishing line. (g) When as a consequence of breaking a rule a yacht has compelled another yacht to break a rule, the other yacht shall be exonerated by the umpires without a hearing.
  3. 44.4(d) would seem to be the only time a yacht can not engage. They are not on the first leg....so?
  4. Yes, I see that. But...I don't see where the penalized yacht is prohibited from engaging the other yacht (classic MR tactics). In fact, Did not AR's slowing before the finish exhonerate the foul? Looking at the RRSAC v2.17 I am having trouble seeing how this all plays out. Am I looking at the right document? Tink
  5. So, what should AR have done after they were penalized half way down the reach? The only chance for a win is to turn around and play 80 knot closing speed chicken with ETNZ....oooo that sounds dangerous. AR would have to draw a foul or knock ETNZ off their foils and do a circle around ETNZ ( to det 2 bl behind) and then foil away before ETNZ could accelerate. That would have been fun to watch. Given the amount of training these teams have done why did they not do this? If I can figure this out in 1 night they must have run this scenario already... Leigh
  6. 54.3
  7. I pulled pads out of the front of my hockey pants many years ago. They even had horizontal ridges and hung on the gunwale nicely. Leigh
  8. Is there a halyard hook at the top of the mast? Your tack seems too low and you have no way to stretch out your luff right now which is important for good mast bend and sail shape. Buy a new jib!....buy a new jib! or at least get one that wont flog on the leech. DO NOT lower the tack of your jib. this will increase the inward pull on your bows and very likely fold your boat up. Cats are weird. main sheet is for twist and traveler is for trim (because you have no boom vang). watch the tell tales on the leeward side and ignore the ones to windward. move your weight forward. you only move back going downwind. Don't drag your transoms in the water in light wind. Wheelies are super slow in cats. Get your windward hull out ASAP. that means the crew is sitting to leeward at the front beam and getting a good soaking a lot of the time. Leigh
  9. Must take a lot of grinding to get it up?.....
  10. So what's the deal with the foil tip feathers? AMAC has been watching too many birds?
  11. I have a lot of interest in foils (I am even building my own KBHF). Every time I look at a thread with "Foils" in the title I have to sift through the DL bashing and find very little useful info. SO, Here is my question..... What type of foil profiles work for up tip 'J' foils as used on the G4, ENTZ ect... please be specific! is the vertical different from the horizontal? when does the change in profile happen? how is ventilation traveling down from the tip controlled? Thanks in advance for any response not involving DL bashing. Tink
  12. Cars have to go both ways within a prescribed time at Boneville..... I still love the Rocket! Sorry kiters but doing 60 knots in 60 knots of wind is just controlled falling.... Leigh