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  1. Varan

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    I like conspiracy theories and I still think S&S was a sock for another challenger wanting to get ahold of ETNZ B1. So there you have it.
  2. Varan


  3. Varan

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    Actually saw my dentist last month, after deferring my regular cleaning by 5 months. After a long phone screening, a precise time as given. After arriving, had to text them from the parking lot. Few minutes later, they called back saying I could come in now. Was meet at the door by a fully decked out receptionist who took my temperature, watched as I rubbed in hand sanitizer that was just inside the door, then she whisked me away into an examination room. Whole time there, I only saw her, the dental hygienist that cleaned my teeth, and the doc who reviewed the xrays. And just like that, the hygienist escorted me out of the building, said they would contact me regarding insurance/billing as required, while another was waiting in her car for the call. Different times now, but it works.
  4. Varan

    Lock down madness

    Don't forget the antlers
  5. Back in the day, it was fun racing u20s against hotfoot 20s. Each had their sweet spots. Any given race, it was a toss up, who would beat who. Fun times.
  6. Varan

    Corona Virus

    Sorry, that is an impostor. No red maga hat and, more importantly, no guns. Fake news. Edit, but the tats and cigar are nice touches.
  7. Varan

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    Maybe, maybe not. The big event has always been about two teams, the challenger and defender. Challenger series are fun to watch (and defender too, back in the old days), but it boils down to two teams. Minor teams that lack funding in the challenger series, like team france last time, well... I love what Cammas has done, he is one of my heros, and he deserves better, ... but they were not really the ones that got the ratings. This game has always been about the money. If you can afford to play, cool. If not, go away. Whatever, begging is not part of the AC.
  8. I was thinking vx1, not m24. Two or three up boat. U20 is a good 3 up boat too, and even their aluminum masts are easy to put up and take down thanks to extra padeyes for the lower shrouds that keep it aligned during the process. RS21 and Viper 640 are also easy to rig, but the RS21 is best sailed with four in breeze. Depending on where you want to travel too, viper likely has the biggest fleets.
  9. Varan

    Lock down madness

    Madness, madness, madness. I am sick of it. Tonight, my family and I got high on our deck overlooking a lake, watched the full moon ignite the mountains in front of it, then in all her majesty rise above in overwhelming brilliance. Reminding us all that is right with the world. Please take a moment to stop, look about, and remember what you enjoy most on earth. This is a cool place. Please take a moment to enjoy it.
  10. Should have made it longer. Would have eliminated the need for outriggers when reaching with three headsails.
  11. You already know the boat. The van is more difficult. Perhaps a hybrid.
  12. Varan

    Team NYYC

    Modern fighter jets are astable machines that rely on sophisticated flight control systems for stable flight. In the case of the AC boats, I recall the fight controls, foil arms and foil arm control software, being one design parts, with the latter supplied by ETNL. Given the rash of breaches as of late, perhaps the latest release of their foil arm control software has a defect. Damn, that should have been a three, not a five. The software aspects of this get little attention in the press. Still, I bet considerable on-the-water time goes into validating the code and simulations, as well as learning how to adapt to it. (Think of the mayhem if someone hacked a backdoor in that allowed for remote control during the big event)