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  1. Only when you knock their fillings out with your... imagination.
  2. Varan

    John Prine Critically Ill

    I'll be there too, with perhaps a bit of Steve Goodman, for old time sakes.
  3. Varan

    John Prine critical with Covid19 :(

    John with Chicago buddy Steve...
  4. Varan

    John Prine Critically Ill

    Friday, 4:20, let's all put on an illegal smile for John.
  5. Varan

    John Prine Critically Ill

    Keb Mo's tribute to John sure was heart felt (same link). John is scheduled to perform in our area in August. I am counting on it. Go John Prine. We love you and our hearts are with you. He has gone through soooo much, yet has given sooooooo much more. I cried last night when I read the news.
  6. How has it affected your life? Having telecommunicated for many years, maybe its the stress or self sanitization, but I find myself (and SOs) drinking way more than before. It's not the self isolation, maybe more about worrying about friends. Whatever, it is not good and we need to learn a better way to deal with it. Sure wish I was better with music. Need a better diversion. Hope y'all are dealing with this better than us.
  7. Varan

    Farr 30 revisited

    I too thought the outriggers were interesting, in a VO65 sort of way,, but it will be a tough sell with the 3300 and JPK boats. JBoats have the marketing, but I sure like the 33OO from the very little I have read (have not actually seen a J/99 yet, so really too soon to judge).
  8. For gasoline powered, the little honda 2.3 is hard to beat.
  9. Varan

    Farr 30 revisited

    From sail-world. Always liked the Mumm/Farr 3O. This one seems to have Vo65 influence.
  10. Very sad news... John Prine critically ill with Covid-19
  11. Varan

    Good News Thread

    Even more good news