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  1. Double-handed medium performance dinghys for adults

    Thanks for all the replies and PM's so far. I'm working with our fleet captain and dockmaster to compile a list of boats to demo next season. Keep the suggestions coming.
  2. What's the status of double-handed dinghys in North America in 2016? In particular, I belong to a community sailing club that is looking to replace our double-handed fleet in the next couple of years and am trying to get a sense of what's out there today. We have a big commitment to our adult learn-to-sail program, so we need something that's not too overwhelming for the raw beginners, OTOH, we'd like to get something that provides some level of performance, ideally something that has about the same handicap rating as the Laser so that we can race it head -to-head without worrying too much about handicap. And we'd like to stick with the ~15' ~ 300lbs range (Flying Scots, RS Fevas etc are not really what we're looking for.) So what's out there that fits that description that's actually still in production? Some background: we were a 470 club for a long time, using "club 470s" from Vanguard which had simplified rigging and beefed up glass to take abuse. These worked well, but aren't available anymore (or 470s at all for that matter). We're now on our second fleet of JY-15s, which is just a poor compromise all-around IMHO, plus the main selling point for that boat - it's made out of plastic - is gone since they're made out of fiberglass now. The V15 would be a nice choice, but that's not made anymore either. We just demoed an RS Quest, which would make for a nice beginner/teaching boat, but it has all the excitement of a tricycle and couldn't keep up with the Lasers. What else is there? The Snipe is a bit cramped in the cockpit, Fireballs don't seem to be made anymore (and is probably too much boat anyway), 505s are definitely too much.boat. We'll probably take another look at the Mutineer, but my recollection is a heavy sluggish boat. Albacores don't seem to be available in a simplified/less-expensive version. RS Vision is a possibility. Maybe an RS200 if they're available in the states. Anybody have anything to say about the Laser Bahia? Other boats I'm not aware of? Thanks.
  3. Long/Short lived sailboat models?

    A very American-looking list. A British list would include designs by Uffa Fox, Ian Proctor, Jack Holt, etc. Mirror Dinghy, GP-14, 404, Enterprise, etc, etc. Well, yes, that's where I live, so that's what I know. I understand that this is the internet and I'm supposed to spout off about things I know nothing about, but I haven't quite gotten the hang of that yet. BTW, there's at least one Uffa Fox design on that list.
  4. Long/Short lived sailboat models?

    Some dinghys that have been around for decades and are still actively raced: Albacore Wayfarer / CL-16 Snipe Butterfly Sunfish Lightning Thistle Laser 505 M/MC/A/E Scows (can't seem to keep my scows straight) Boats that seem to be on the way out: 470 JY-15 Fireball Y-Flyer