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  1. wpbeardsley

    What kind of boat is this?

    Looks like we have a winner - thanks very much.
  2. wpbeardsley

    What kind of boat is this?

    Photo attached. Seen in Zurich. Can't find it on Google.
  3. There's a post on the US F-18 Class Facebook page about this, including the name of the victim.
  4. There's more information about this, including the identity of the woman, on the US F-18 class's Facebook page.
  5. wpbeardsley

    Talk to me about melges 20s?

    Ben, I sailed the Melges 20 at a couple of regattas and am otherwise a Viper guy as you know. Pretty sure you can ramp launch a M20 with the right vehicle and ramp. Seemed like a decent all-up weight was around 530-560 lbs but singlehanded would otherwise be a bit challenging since the cockpit layout is really awkward compared to other boats you've sailed. That said, I know other people who would say that you can't singlehand a Vector either, so anyone posting here should bear in mind that Ben is an independent thinker who doesn't mind sailing shorthanded. :-) Anyway, it could be done if you had a long enough tiller extension and could run around a bit, but racing singlehanded your performance would suffer. The boats were otherwise a lot slower than I expected and the rig tune is a lot more technical than a Viper but there are a lot of options to depower, and it's otherwise not a super physical boat.
  6. wpbeardsley

    Surveyor recommendations in Westchester NY

    Dave McClay is on Long Island and travels to Westchester - one of the best in the business. http://www.longislandmarinesurveys.com/
  7. To confirm: this is the May 10-12 event?
  8. wpbeardsley

    RS 21 in PHRF

    I say zero chance of sailing to that rating. If they prove me wrong, good for them. That said, it's a real mix of boats in that division, and I don't know any of the players in the other boats.
  9. wpbeardsley

    Calling Raritan or Larchmont(Storm Trisail) members

    I am a Larchmont YC member. Can definitely help with gigs on J105s and J109s. Hard to find sprit boat one design racing among J Boats in a larger size than that. There are still J44s racing in WLIS and I know of one that could use crew for some spring events that I'd be happy to introduce you to as well. PM me for more info.
  10. wpbeardsley

    marine surveyor east Long Island?

    Definitely on LI and very skilled is Dave McClay. The URL says it all, but he's also legitimately good. http://www.longislandmarinesurveys.com/
  11. wpbeardsley

    Good Post-College Boat?

    There are a lot of good options out there. I am biased toward one of them as many know, but I'm not even going to name it since the bigger issue will be where you end up and how much traveling you want to do. If there are local fleets of a certain type of boat around, that's always a bonus, but if you have a job and money to travel (and a proper tow vehicle - some of the boats tagged above will require significantly more horsepower than others), that factor goes down a tiny bit and you can optimize toward the boat you like to sail the most. Always fun to think about but it's all just viperware...errr...vaporware for a couple more years. Go crush it in school first so that you can get the best job that you can and the rest will figure itself out.
  12. wpbeardsley

    Hank Buchanan, R.I.P.

    I remember that day when your rudder popped off. It was one of the increasingly rare times that season that we were ahead of you - we had a loose cover on, and my job was to keep tabs on the competition from the rail and report back to Dad. Suddenly I saw your bow pop 5 feet in the year and then slam down and the boat stopped, and I told the team we didn't need to keep a cover on anymore. We didn't know the rudder had fallen off until we saw Hank towing you back in. Must have been 1990 or so.
  13. wpbeardsley

    Eight Bells

    That is too bad. I always admired the mirrored hull graphics (an inspiration for the mirrored bow numbers I put on my IC dinghy). Hank built me a CR914 for model boat racing at LYC a number of years ago to help get me into the Class and was a pleasure to race with an against. Great guy.
  14. wpbeardsley

    Wanted - Viper 640

    Yes. Send me a PM.
  15. wpbeardsley

    HPDO- Why cancelled?

    Back to the HPDO, all good regattas take active event chairs, and for many years AYC had that in regatta founder John Wyles and then Carina, both of whom would post on SA about the event, email every class they knew about to attend, follow up early and often, etc. I sailed 505s with John for a few years and did the first HPDO with him, and several others. In recent years, I've done the event in Viper 640s. It's a good regatta but some things about the event had gotten a bit over the top for a dinghy event (i.e., for folks who go every year, we don't all need the same regatta shirt that we've gotten, or a fancy dinner at AYC). Regatta costs for what was originally a dinghy regatta had gotten pretty high. I don't want YCs to take losses on their events, but a lot of sailors would be thrilled with no shirts (or optional shirts / hats to purchase), kegs and hamburgers if it meant entry fees were a lot lower. Volunteer housing also became a thing. And for the several Canadian entries across a few classes (49ers, Fireballs, Vipers), that weekend is always Canadian Thanksgiving. Plus Annapolis Boat Show, plus holiday weekend, plus the huge growth of the Storm Trysail Intercollegiate Regatta pulling away some folks locally (even non college sailors get roped in as boat reps, etc.). Vipers have almost always been the largest class at the HPDO since 2008, but our turnout was dropping a bit due to regatta fatigue. When Noroton YC approached the Vipers to ask if we would do our New England Champs there Columbus Day weekend 2018, we opted to bail on HPDO for 2018 and do something different (though NEs ended up being moved back a weekend by Noroton after it was on our calendar, and we added a new YRA Fall Finale at Larchmont YC Sept. 29-30 with a $0 entry fee) - our Noroton turnout is looking strong with low entry fee event that includes a sliding scale bar tab based on distance traveled, generously sponsored by the Noroton Viper fleet. Running a multiclass regatta is hard. Fleet captains and event chairs are crucial to drumming up turnout. John and Carina made it look very easy over the years, but the loudest applause at the awards was always reserved for them since every competitor knew them from their personal outreach. For fleets that hoped to attend, it doesn't all fall on AYC - each fleet is responsible for rallying its own people, esp. the local sailors in that fleet if they want folks to travel. You can't take turnout for granted - there is constant entropy as folks have kids, move away, have other conflicts a given weekend, etc. - you have to keep trying to grow your event (and fleet) if you even want to keep it the same size. Hopefully it'll just be a one-year hiccup for AYC and a chance to retool into something else that will attract high performance sailors.