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  1. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    For those wondering, why raise your arm, this is part of water safety taught to people here in OZ. Having been involved in rescuing a MOB many years ago, it still amazes me at how little of the person is visible, you are literally looking for an object smaller than a basket ball, a wet head kinda blends in nicely with its surrounds, and with no hi vis gear, it comes down to luck... Maybe they need to issue caps, like they use in surf life saving, or hi vis peak caps for daylight.
  2. http://www.smh.com.au/environment/weather/sydney-clocks-the-hottest-place-on-earth-as-hot-weather-continues-20180107-h0etl6.html
  3. We are going into the export business... Fair trade 'n all.. https://www.sbs.com.au/news/australia-expected-to-become-world-s-top-medicinal-cannabis-supplier-health-minister
  4. justice

    S.S. I appreciate the fact that as a journalist, you want to deal in facts. Here are some facts, R.R.S. R.13 does NOT contain the following points; Distance that KEEP CLEAR is judged by. Time that KEEP CLEAR is judged by. Speed of boats involved in the incident. Length of boats involved in incident. Value of boats involved in incident. Fear factor of people involved. Safety of manoeuvre. It states in fact: she shall keep clear of other boats until she is on a close-hauled course. It doesnt even state the boat needs to be trimmed up on that course... In Aus, many of our sports are judged down to a single frame from video footage, this may capture an event at .1/sec. and that is good enough for the pros that play Rugby League, Union, Cricket, Tennis, Horse racing, there are probably more. With the availability and popularity of drones, will more sailing events use the technology to adjudicate on manoeuvres / mark roundings? This jury reviewed video of the event, before facts were found, I wonder how in-depth that review was conducted. In the future, if someone yells out protest, and you comply by doing a 720, will you be allowed redress for time lost if video / stills, show that you had in fact complied with the rules. Please note, I do not have a foot in either camp, just wondering what the future holds now that video has been used to adjudicate such a public moment as this. Here are 2 screen shots from Ch7 heli video of the incident:
  5. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    I cant get the "current" button to work on the volvo gis.ee site, but the hobart gis.ee tracker which is still online and giving current info. For around Aus, there is SST-IMOS. https://gis.ee/sh/ http://oceancurrent.imos.org.au/sst.php#
  6. Doing turns on a Long Distance Race

    This whole incident shows that the comittee only review incidents in normal speed, and do not use freeze frame for review. This is inconsistent with other sports, so that even if you think you are in the right, you will still need to do your turns, review the video, to a freeze frame level, and if you believe that you have complied with the rules, then seek redress. World Sailing. will need to add to 62.1 something along the lines of "a boat which complies with rule 44, and is later found to not have broken a rule of Part 2, shall be given redress equal to the time taken to comply with R44" They will also need to address people who will use this to throw the red flag at every close incident, to help clear a lane for themselves, with something along the lines of "a boat that initiates 2 protests, that were later found to be incorrect, shall be subject to a time / scoring penalty for a 3rd. wrong call, and possible D.S.Q. from series for a subsequent wrong call" This still from the video of W.O. and Com, clearly shows Oats on a close hauled course while Com, is still bow down. The pro crew on both boats probably face incidents like this as an every day matter of sailing in different events. The only amateurs involved were the Cooney family, I wonder if the protest would have gone ahead if he was not onboard.
  7. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    S.I.'s : 20. ALTERNATIVE PENALTIES (Amends RRS 44, 63.1 and 64) 20.1 BEFORE CLEARING TURNING MARKS Z/Y. (a) For an infringement of Part 2 of the RRS that occurs after the Preparatory Signal and prior to the boat clearing the relevant seamark (Mark Z/ Mark Y), the Two Turns Penalty under RRS 44.2 shall apply. RRS: 44 PENALTIES AT THE TIME OF AN INCIDENT 44.1 Taking a Penalty A boat may take a Two-Turns Penalty when she may have broken one or more rules of Part 2 in an incident while racing. I agree, it does say the Two Turn Penalty SHALL apply, RRS 44.1 states that a boat MAY take a 2 turn penalty. As M.R. didn't believe that he fouled C, and don't forget he was closer to the incident than the helm / afterguard on C, then he apparently chose not to do the turns.. I hope you understand that SHALL & MAY have 2 seperate meanings.
  8. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Most people here don't get it but the rules ARE different, although I don't go near the cesspool that is the A.C. these rules that use multiple starting lines, and seperate rounding marks, have written into the S.I.'s, starting at S.I. 20, a set of rules pertaining to what happens between the prep signal and the 2 offshore rounding marks. They amend the following rules:(Amends RRS 44, 63.1 and 64).
  9. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    If you think the foul to Comanche, really cost her 1 hour then your accreditation as a journalist should be revoked, you are a journo aren't you? I am not a woxi fan or a comanche fan, but the facts stand, the fastest boat to hobart is now second, and the winner was the first loser.. Richards did not believe at the time he had broken any rules, and unlike most people here, has probably read the S.I. more than most, so by not doing turns he was willing to go to the room and take the jury's finding of a time penalty. That penalty does not reflect the REAL time loss to Com. in the incident and certainly didn't hinder them in getting at least a 10 mile lead on the run down the coast, and then losing out in the Derwent due to boat design. This whole episode reeks of Sagacious / Drakes Prayer protest in '85, when the h'cap winner was protested out of an overall hobart victory for a bowman touching another boat in the pre-start. I think its the only race where first place on h'cap was not awarded.
  10. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Oats given 1 hr penalty, second fastest boat wins hollow victory.
  11. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    When Wizard gets back to U.S. will she own the east coast races now that Comanche is staying down here? Pretty impressive outing for their first race on the boat
  12. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Tenpin Bollen is the perfect example of why the ABC needs more funding.... Wheel him back into a cupboard with a bottle of anything, I'm sick of yelling "shut the fuck up" at my t.v.
  13. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Just saw on A.B.C. 24 news, both boats just passed the ironpot and about 100 / 200 meters apart and stopped.
  14. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    “It is important that we work together on this issue to ensure our sport retains the good reputation as an ethical and honourable sport. To that end, if we can provide any additional guidance on this issue, please don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks in advance for your support on this matter.” Interesting last sentence from that letter. A.S. being part of W.S. may like to open a can of worms and answer some questions posed here as to anti corruption in OUR sport! https://isafcorruption.wordpress.com/ Meanwhile using your/our, Appendix 5. Betting and anti corruption code, http://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/2017AntiBettingCorruptionCodeRegulation37-[21730].pdf I would like to draw your attention to rule 37.1 If you found the need to send out this letter, then are you aware of any “infringements”, as betting has been allowed on the S to H for a number of years. Have you informed the C.E.O. of W.S. of any violation as per 37.5 or do you believe that this year will be a cheat free race, do you believe that previous races have been subject to cheating for gambling gain? If yes, then why haven't members been informed of any investigations / results. Full disclosure, we, (naughty, naughty gambling syndicate of 4 with a $50 buy in), won on Loyal last year. Anthony Bell was rumoured to have told his crew to “Drive it like you stole it”, was this bad... We will be placing a bet this year, because you extensive list in 37.2.2 does not mention “mates”. I am however concerned that 37.2.4 may make redundant, the speculator of a jug or 10 of bundy or beer, obsolete, THANKS FOR TAKING THAT FUN OUT OF THE SPORT!! Oh, against the spirit of xmas, I will not infringe 37.4.4 b, by asking any of my friends competing “HOW ARE YOU?” because if they say something to the words of “fine”, then that could be reason to back them.. Good luck to all competitors in all races everywhere this holiday period!! But think twice before you have that jug bet..
  15. It a pity about your draft, probably wont even get in on xmas king tides, but with an opening bridge, mast height is no problem. But if you did get in you would be stuck in gods' country...