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  1. Here is Shangs contribution re: W.S. spec regs. I see you have got your broom out and deleted your post re telling Frant to look up power loss / ariel position. Above is a post you forgot to clean.. You somehow seem to think rule 3.29.13 (a&b) is important to your argument... By the way, there is no R 3.29.xx in Australian Spec. Regs.. Another classic Jack quote: "Are you on some sort of get dumber by the minute plan? 5 minutes ago you didn't know 3.29.13 existed, then you get enlightened and you still keep banging on about what?? Clearly you still haven't read the the SI's despite being urged to do so. Do you need a reference for them, the RRS also to tie them all together ? Fuck..I'm now calling you Cliff.. also in the hope you drive over one." If you read the section below you will not find any mention of power loss, only output, you were quoting the reg that Shang has mistakenly quoted. Why dont you tell us who you are Jack and where you live, the town will do, just so I know which way to place my prayer mat, sea rug, Great circle route obviously, so that I can proselytize in your direction, and worship the guy who confuses Flinders and Tasman Islands... but is the self assesed guru of all things yachting. This from Australian sailing Spec regs. 3.25 MARINE RADIO Satcom C equipment forms part of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System and is carried aboard all commercial shipping as well as by shore based rescue coordination centres. This technology is well established and is an option available to yachts participating internationally under the World Sailing Special Regulations. Owners and race organisers may consider phasing in this equipment as a prelude to its potential introduction into future versions of these Special Regulations. 3.25.1 The following waterproof or marine standard communication equipment shall be provided: 1 2 3 4 5 (a) (i) Permanently installed HF transceiver. (ii) All new HF transceivers shall be DSC capable. 1 2 SECTION 3 – PART 2 FIXED EQUIPMENT 41 (i) It is recommended that all HF transceivers be DSC capable. (ii) Where shore based VHF facilities exist for the entire length of the course, the organising authority may permit an installed VHF transceiver only and this shall be included in the notice of race. 2 (b) (i) Permanently installed VHF transceiver 1 2 3 4 (ii) A permanently installed, DSC capable VHF transceiver is recommended 5 (iii) All new permanently installed VHF transceivers shall be DSC capable. (iv) It is recommended that all permanently installed VHF transceivers be DSC capable. 1 2 3 4 (c) A satellite phone is recommended. The satellite phone should have coverage of the race area, and be connected to the main power or have a spare battery. 1 2 3.25.2 A waterproof handheld VHF transceiver. 1 2 3 Specifications and Testing 3.25.3 Permanently installed HF transceivers shall be: 1 2 (a) Able to transmit and receive on the standard distress frequencies of 4125, 6215, 8291 kHz. (b) Tested in accordance with the notice of race. 3.25.4 Permanently installed VHF transceivers shall: 1 2 3 4 5 (a) Have a maximum rated output power of not less than 25W. (b) Have a mast head antenna. 1 2 3 (c) Have transmission and reception with a base station at least 8 nautical miles distant. 1 2 3 (d) Be tested in accordance with the notice of race. 1 2 3 4 5 3.25.5 The following emergency antenna shall be provided: (a) An emergency antenna for each required radio. 1 2 3 (b) An emergency antenna where the regular antenna depends upon the mast. 4 SECTION 3 – PART 2 FIXED EQUIPMENT 42 3.25.6 Handheld VHF transceivers shall: 1 2 3 4 5 (a) Have a maximum rated output power of not less than 5W. (b) Be tested in accordance with the notice of race. 3.25.7 At least two means of receiving weather bulletins shall be provided.
  2. Here you go Hoppy: https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/farr-mumm-30/168069 Not too small for ocean racing, as people take mini transats across the Atlantic. Maybe too small for what you have in mind though... Will easily make AVS, but to quote a guy who has done a transpac and a hobart in one "Great boat, just small and wet." His quote is probably applicable to what most people think regarding boats under 40' these days. You would own the small end of the fleet. “Tow Truck has competed in most offshore races pointing north over the last four years, so we feel this year is as good as any for a shot at the great race south,” says owner/skipper Anthony Paterson. He admits that the boat is not overly suited to extended offshore racing but points that it has twice won the 469nm Sydney Mooloolaba Yacht Race and he, Paul Williams and Brett Filby all sailed on a Mumm 30 in the 2200nm TransPac race from California to Hawaii. Tow Truck is one of the smallest boats in the fleet. Certifiable?? No, just blokes that sailed small boats HARD.
  3. What Jack and Shang seem to be using as qualifying evidence per special regs, are from World Sailing. A mistake easily made as the W.S. online front page shows a picture of Alive. The Special Regs as used in the Hobart race are issued by Australian Sailing and contain some noticeable differences from that used by the overseas contributors to this thread. Sydney to Hobart Sailing Instructions: http://www.rolexsydneyhobart.com/media/3438679/rshyr-si-final.pdf World Sailing Offshore special regs: https://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/WorldSailingOffshoreSpecialRegulations20182019180104-[23449].pdf Australian Sailing Special regs:https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/piano.revolutionise.com.au/site/dmmqegh5tpkojlb4.pdf A quick check of the S.I.'s, 11.4 Changes to Special Regs. Special Regulation 3.24.5 (c): in world sailing relates to 3.24 Compass; in Aust vers. 3.24.5 relates to fuel carried. 3.25 World sailing = Halyards; 3.25. Australian sailing = Marine radio. More differences but you get the jist, need to quote from Australian Special Regs, to tar, feather and hang people on Australian boats in Australia. ,Time for overseas contributors, (and some aussie ones that are jumping on the lynch mob bus), to do some of your own research.
  4. HILLY

    Graphics on sails?

    You could try theses guys. https://www.facebook.com/imagesails/
  5. That boat has been to Cat. 1 before. It started life as Dictator from Lake Macquarie. Its done Hobarts, Southports, Coffs, Hammo, etc. Still the fastest boat I have been on, we hit 24.2knots in the '97 Southport, with full main and 1.5oz frac in 30 +. The boat is best with full main and #3, it really comes alive, but didn't like sub 8 -10. Hurry up and buy it, cause if our syndicate wins this weeks powerball, I'm getting it for 75th Hobart!
  6. G'day Francis, I always enjoy reading your posts, even the tech ones that go way over my head, you bring an honest, erudite, educational balance to what can be full blown un-hinged threads. Having said that, there are probably many people who dismiss or support Nic as a "bubbly blonde", but are unaware of her C.V. I wonder how many of the contrarians are world champions in there chosen sport... I am posting a link here to Nics C.V. available to anyone who is willing to find it; http://www.nicdouglass.org/biography/ Disclaimer: I have only ever briefly met Nic once, but she comes from a place I have close family ties to, there aren't many world champions coming out of the Milton / Ulladulla area. Maybe the detractors on here or elsewhere can post their sailing resume' next time..
  7. HILLY

    Pittwater to Paradise 2019

    194 tacks overall / boat; probably get close to it, this was just to pass 2 headlands............ Yellow boat Ocean Gem, a Bene 445.
  8. HILLY

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Launceston to Hobart is cat.3. + liferaft. Category 3 Races: ORCi stability index of 103 or greater, or ISO 12217-2 Design Category or IRC Category A or B, or IRC SSS Base Value of 16 or greater, or SV of 10 or less subject to B.5.1, or RMI of 1.4 or greater.
  9. HILLY

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Stock Mumm 30.
  10. HILLY

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    G'day Lydia, what about an old Farr 1104??
  11. The Illingworth trophy, has been sadly denigrated over the years, and is only a reality for a small percentage of the fleet any given year. At least they didn't win the Tattersalls trophy, a true representation of who were the best sailors that year. I would like to suggest that the 100'ers start 1/2 an hour earlier, have only one rule, Port / Starboard, and go hell for leather at each other in the time it takes to eat 2 lunches, 1 dinner, and maybe a light breakfast, all while pushing buttons to make the fuckers go. (except for bowcrew, they earn their meals!). This will give the choppers time to come back and cover the start of the real race. If you play this sport long enough, (40 odd years), you will come to realise that certain clubs, officials, seem to favour particular boats / persons. I'm still involved because its been a lifelong passion, and there are still fantastic people in all facets of the sport, you may not know who you are, but Thanks anyway.
  12. Of course it's up to you. Just as M.R. is captain of WOXI, you are captain of the good ship Pitchforks on Parade. You also seem, by your constant anonomyous whinging, to be the person who has been the worst done, out of this whole shemozzle, you've probably used up a whole dole cheque worth of bunched up, LANDT filled disposable adult diapers since boxing day, so unfair, being an aggrevied superstar of sailing (r.c. div), doesn't come cheap.
  13. HILLY

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Is the Armoured part referring to flares, or are the crew carrying?? Call:Starboard!! Reply: Loaded...
  14. Go on Random, you can bring an aggrieved 3rd party complaint to the CYC re a R69 hearing against Mark Richards. All you need to do is follow these guidelines: 12 Who may make a report? 12.1 A report alleging misconduct can be lodged by any person (who need not be a competitor). This can include: 12.1.1 the race committee, or one of its members; 12.1.2 the protest committee, or one of its members; 12.1.3 spectators; 12.1.4 passing cruising boats; 12.1.5 local residents; or 12.1.6 the host club (if not already the organizing authority). 13 Form of report 13.1 There is no definition of what a report is. It may be a written or oral complaint. However, it is preferable that the report is put into writing. If a report is made orally, then the recipient should make a full written note of it as soon as possible and then sign and date/time the note. You will of course use your real name! Then you can go through all your ranting posts re; Mark Richards and carefully read this while doing so: https://www.guidethroughthelegaljungleblog.com/2016/01/online-snarking-is-it-libel-or-free-speech-some-libel-dos-and-donts-for-online-speech.html Notice it is a U.S. guideline, we are on a U.S. site. None of this will change the results of the race. Not a WOXI / M.R. sychophant or fan boy, just want to see if you have the balls to back up your online anonymous bravado. Added bonus, RSPCA gets to find out who is killing kangaroos with fence palings. YCMTSU!!
  15. But you would be leaving the biggest Greek community outside of Athens and maybe Thessalonika.. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/avykdz/the-worlds-biggest-greek-community-outside-greece-is-preparing-to-get-bigger Should be easy to organise a house swap..