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  1. The latest picture of Rimas.....
  2. IF he does get ashore safely, he could claim Innocent Passage, and Force Majeure as the reason for being in country without correct paperwork. It will be interesting to see if this is applied, I think some of his enablers read this thread for ideas on how to keep the show on the road....
  3. O.K. some of you guys need to put yourselves to work to find Schroedengers Grifter.. This is a site that was used to TRY and find the missing schooner Nina. http://www.tomnod.com/ Maybe you could get them to display the latest sat. photos of the area where you think he is ,and play WHERE'S RIMAS.
  4. Without the Delorme, this is just a case of Schrödinger's Grifter.
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ You do realise they were "allegedly" in a T.S.S. not in some harbour, or river or channel where one or BOTH of these vessels could be "Restricted in ability to manoeuvre" The fact that ACX was able to complete various turns after the crash shows that she had plenty of ability to manoeuvre. The size of the vessel is not important when it comes down to right of way, we should wait for the FACTS to be released, and THEN jump to conclusions. Your description of the accident seems to suggest that the boats were on opposite tacks.... Do you know which one had luffing rights?
  6. In '06, the C.Y.C.A. ran a race to Mooloolaba, that also went onto Mackay, the boats in the Mackay race, crossed the finish line off Mooloolaba and kept going to Mackay. I think that race(s), only happened once, but it has been tried. Big difference in distances 486n.m. v 930n.m.
  7. Carcrash is right, if your Etchells doesn't look like this when you have finished turbo'ing it, Then EPIC FAIL...
  8. Yeah, probably in Brazil, but I thought you wanted adventure, they have an Atlantic crossing "planned", but whatever happens, this is a way to find out if you can handle this boating life, the work involved, the sweat equity/ enjoyment ratio, without having to buy a boat first.
  9. Hi Alpinist, you have had a bunch of ideas thrown at you in this thread, BUT you need to read the thread that I have linked to, get in touch with them, go use your mechanical skills and help them put a new motor in, and learn heaps, and enjoy yourself!!
  10. I think it allows heaps of "creative Interpretation". Don't we all " Wish" we had a better h'cap. It also doesn't state that the boat "Shall then compete without a spinnaker" Maybe Brass can confirm that "wish" is in the R.R.S.
  11. Our yacht club has this in its S.I.'s regarding Non-Spinnaker: 8.0 Racing Equipment & Conditions Non-Spinnaker Races 8.1 The following applies to all races designated non-spinnaker or where a boat notifies that it will race not using a spinnaker; a) Only 1 working headsail (Changes RRS 50.1) and 1 mainsail and 1 mizzen shall be set at any given time except when changing sails. b ) The headsail shall be attached to a fixed forestay. c) The headsail when poled out shall be by a pole attached to the main mast; and d) Fixed or retractable bow poles and outriggers shall not be used to set headsails; Refer RRS 50.3(a) e) Retractable bow poles shall be retracted. 8.2 Refer to SI 10.3 for changes from non-spinnaker to spinnaker usage. Rule 10.3 is: 10.3 A boat which is allocated to a Division on the basis that it will not use a spinnaker and subsequently notifies that it will change to using a spinnaker may, at the discretion of the RC, be allocated to a different Division. Check your S.I.'s to see if you have a similar rule. If not then you are inviting boats to apply for a NON-SPINNAKER credit without rules on how they should be applied.