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  1. Thanks all. Much appreciated. And yes, liking the thought of practical gifts such as sunglasses and other swag.
  2. It's Awards season again and we are looking to diversify our sources, but finding that a lot of online trophy houses focus mostly on cheesy kids sport and corporate trophies. Looking for more traditional pewter dishes and nautical stuff. Any ideas? Club is located on Long Island, NY, in case there are local references. Thanks!
  3. Dreadlocks needs a new home

    If ye knew The Dread... it's not a boat for a young family. I know from my own experience that, once land-based sports and kids activities take off, it's very hard to get the kids back on the water under sail.
  4. Dreadlocks needs a new home

    Great idea... is Carla on SA?
  5. Mark Inflators

    That is awesome... Thanks for sharing.
  6. Mark Inflators

    Yes, but there is a different RC crew every Weds. And I'm looking for fewer devices bouncing around, not more... Thanks, CJV
  7. Mark Inflators

    Thanks all. The idea is to have a bulkhead-mounted air hose, flip a switch and let the screaming pump do its thing below decks. Similarly for deflation. All the portable pumps we have are noisy and in the end wind up getting nasty, rusty and "losty"... so I'm looking to solve that problem, as well as accelerate inflation. This puppy does a great job, so I thought I would just fasten it to a bracket, but then I went shopping for proper blower motors and the options widened beyond my attention or budget. Thanks again,
  8. Mark Inflators

    Looking to permanently mount a high-CFM blower & hose to rapidly inflate & deflate marks. Has anyone done such a project?
  9. Jeff Hammer Celebration of Life

    So we have been using the LHYC club cannon quite a bit, first to salute Jeff on Friday night, and then to finish the winners of this weekend's divisions. So on the heels of this event, I'm going to name the cannon The LHYC Hammer and give it a number. 23733. Peace out, Jeff...
  10. Jeff Hammer Celebration of Life

    Sweet evening with cannon salute, reggae jazz, cigars, libation, and eight bells from a ship's bell trophy never actually rung as such. Happy to pass it along to Jeff's successor in campaigning the Mighty Dread. And really great to see her on the water today at the LHYC Race for the Case. Day two is tomorrow!
  11. Jeff Hammer R. I. P.

    So I bought this donated T10 from SUNY Maritime at Fort Schulyer in 2004. It had a compromised hull so I got it for a low price, but my insurer (ahem) said that because of the delam'd hull they would not cover it. So I put it on my back yard and began ripping out the hull core without a real plan to actually race it. I was racing on OPBs at the time and I really didn't need to rush that project. Besides, all that fiberglass in my skin sucked. So one Spring I was out in Huntington Harbor and paddled over to see this guy in a T10 puttering about. We talked a bit and then he asked for a hand installing his vang. So I hopped aboard, we talked, and then he asked if I was around the following Saturday and wanted to race. I said "sure!" since I'd never actually crewed on a T10. On race day a bunch of guys are on the dock, the most wildly differing appearances. One guy was in flannel pajama pants. As the new guy I kept my mouth shut, did my job on foredeck and kept telling myself not to fuck it up. There wasn't much talk and the driver did these amazing starts with hardly any effort, and expressionless but for this little smile on his face. Well the boat did really well and we proceeded to the post-race party at the club. The pre-party was on the boat, with cold Heineys and great sandwiches and reggae and the flag of Grenada flying high. So I got asked back. And the next time out I didn't not fuck up. But the guys on that boat were really cool. Even if I had slipped completely off the damn foredeck. And then, over the coming weeks the skipper started pushing me-- finish your boat, buy some sails, come out and race... So I did, splashing a couple of years later, and getting my ass totally whipped each time out. But what a great time it was racing against, partying with, sabering bottles of bubby, and simply being around the great Jeff Hammer. Always a smile and an encouraging word, ever a prince of this sport. Will miss him dearly. My heart goes out to the Hammers.
  12. Mother and Son to Pedal Across the Atlantic

    That's funny, Snags!
  13. Was gonna buy a new backpack to test a new angle on the whole "nobody makes a decent sailing backpack" theory. but that'll wait 'til Spring (in the NorthEast US). Then I was gonna get a Samsung flat screen to use as a PC monitor, but Costco is carrying a larger Visio for about the same bucks. Pretty much a dud Cyber day.
  14. Dude.. had no idea Amazon was in this kind of distribution...