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  1. US Watercraft receivership ? (Alerion etc)

    Same goes for bidding in person. Buyers premium (18%) + plus sales tax (7%) = 25% added on top of any winning bid. Your $400 winning bid will require $500 to take it home. I think 18% is high for a auction like this but no one cares what I think. I've been watching a major railroad machinery auction in NJ and it's currently only 12% plus tx.
  2. what is it?

    That is TF10 hull #1's mainsail and bottom portion of the dismasted rig and it's base in the water.
  3. caption contest

    "I really wanna be part of Game of Thrones Iron fleet. Hold on, I'm coming! "
  4. Live Racing Thread

    I will agree NZL's VMG is very good and noticeably better against ART
  5. Live Racing Thread

    Ok, If I don't know shit then tell me how many starts & 1st mark roundings did NZL win against ART in this round? How many breakdowns and unforced errors did ART have in this round? You better hope ORCL has the same speed as Soft Bank. Yes NZL won 5-2 and now in the AC but that does not show how close it really was when ART was actually competitive without failures and unforced errors. Cant realistically think a series against ORCL will give NZL the same chances of winning, no way. Then add ORCL's extra win point in the next round gives heavy odds that kiwi's will be watching the next cup in the same red eye tv time schedules. Sorry you muppets, but no sleep for you.
  6. Live Racing Thread

    I think NZL should be the ones to keep guessing about their future. Granted NZL won this round but how well? They barely won there races and most were won because there competitor (ART) kept breaking down and had unforced errors. There was more than a good chance ART would have won if they didn't have so many break downs and losing a man. They killed ART in the last race but the race course was heavily skewed and ART lost. ORCL already has one extra point because they already beaten everyone including NZL and I seriously doubt ORCL will have the same mechanical issues so yeah its a very solid chance you will be watching the next AC in the same time TV schedule.
  7. Live Racing Thread

    Agreed but I guess we'll be seeing Bermuda as a host in the next AC in the coming years.
  8. Live Racing Thread

    Should not have had that last race today in those fluky conditions, Not the fairest racetrack. It is what is but would have been better for the RC to have a better race track for race #7 considering the stakes.
  9. Live Racing Thread

    Game over. Too bad
  10. Live Racing Thread

    Not today
  11. Live Racing Thread

    Agreed, Great to see Andrew and he's doing a great job. "Where is KR?" Who cares, I'm preferring to listen to Andrew and insight way more than the time filling noise KR makes. Too bad that this maybe the last day we'll hear him and back to KR after that.
  12. Sure they are blazing fast and really cool but in regards to match racing it's like watching big block drag racers trying to survive on a road track. How many dial ups has there been? Has there been one situation yet in this AC where one team is penalized in the pre start then attempts successfully or even try whole heartily to draw a penalty from the other boat to neutralize there own penalty? All the teams appear to be afraid of any classic match racing in fear of damaging or parking their drag racer which is a bit of yawn after several days of watching them zip around . We're witnessing some truly amazing and powerful new technology being applied & tested in this regatta but I not witnessing much match racing. I have to agree with others, it's coming across more like a Red Bull show event than the pinnacle of match racing. Who cares if the teams train with other, hopefully they can get the kinks worked out and more figured out in hopes of seeing better match racing.
  13. Live Racing Thread

    Yawn, rather watch F1 qualifying which is now on live.
  14. Live Racing Thread

    Really sucks they don't show VMG
  15. Live Racing Thread

    ART is done in this race with Bad stack and Penalty