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  1. spectator

    Musto Sucks

    The problem is finding alternative non sailing clothing shells to save money is that it's not as durable as good Musto/Gill level sailing gear. I do a lot of climbing and long distance mountain running in bad weather and constantly searching for good gear. Even my really good and expensive mountain climbing shells are no where near as durable or as tough as my sailing gear nor do they have the seals to prevent water ingress, they would get trashed if worn while racing. You can use them but there's no way they will last as long especially in a racing environment or while working around the boat fixing things while sailing offshore. And this is the problem with the list above, almost all of them are going after the outdoor retail market and do not offer the thicker and much more durable breathable fabrics that you need in sailing gear. Also need to take into account, the much thicker and more friction resistant shell fabrics needed in sailing are exponentially more expensive than the lightweight Gore-tex fabric you see in a Arc'Teryx jacket. Friction wear on shell fabrics is a big deal in sailing and when adding that feature to a fabric that also has to be breathable & waterproof cranks up the price considerably which then effects how much they can spend making the jacket. The one alternative clothing that can be relevant for sailing is kayaking gear. You can find some really good breathable smocks for super cheap prices on Amazon and eBay but far from perfect and you will need to do a lot of hunting for the right features. I have a custom made team issue Musto MPX racing smock with thick gucci Gore 3 layer stretchable fabric (I love it) that's very similar to a Kayak top. I guess the issue with OP is that the general sailing public have not been willing to pay the super high prices for good & tough sailing gear with good long warranty's so companies stopped offering it to keep profits up even though it still seems expensive but it would probably cost around 50% more for a real warranty and everything they would need to do to that item in order to last the length of the warranty. I have no idea what the answer is but it totally sucks using gear that quickly fails and super short & bad warranty's are the worst especially when you think you paid a lot. Voicing your opinion and letting the companies know publicly that they need to do much better and that they are failing does help, especially when many others (public) see it and respond as well.
  2. spectator

    Musto Sucks

    You've nailed it, the problem with the retail market is they're really struggling to stay profitable and it's easy to embrace the same attitude of there competitors and that helps dictate what the warranty and quality will be (Product obsolescence), that's not a good feeling when taking that type of gear offshore wondering if it will hold up? It's almost like they've forgotten the ones who really need the gear and not have it fail. Almost all sailing gear and fabrics are now made in Asia. The OP write up is what is needed to help these companies stay honest with there quality and warranty. They're just trying to get away with what the retail market will bear instead of making gear they can confidential stand behind for many years and hence give it a long warranty. That kind of quality and attitude is what makes the gear shine 2000 miles offshore but that would be way more expensive to produce. I had some issues with my very favorite & very expensive Dubarry gore-tex leather sailing boots, to my surprise they said I'm out of warranty but they'll give me a 20% discount for a new pair which is useless as you can buy them for less everywhere else, I asked what the warranty is and they said it's now for only 1 year! How could I possibly trust a company selling $400 sailing boots but will only stand behind them for 1 year warranty ? It's not the same Dubarry and doesn't give me too much confidence buying a new pair, taking them offshore wondering how long will these last? Will they even last 2 yrs? Maybe There are some truly amazing new fabrics by Gore and by other similar companies that are very robust and exceptional compared to previous generations but you won't see them in the retail market; there're way too expensive so Gore supplies there retail clients much cheaper fabric to help them stay competitive/profitable. If you want the very best & durable Gore-Tex gear, just look at the private military clothing lines. Even Patagonia (Lost Arrow Project) and Arc'Teryx (Leaf) produce usa made lines for this very private & lucrative market, the prices are crazy, crazy high and heavily in demand, they make Musto foulie prices look cheap. This also applies to some pro sailing teams sponsored by foulie companies, they get the gucci robust Gore fabrics, all handmade and double checked (I've been lucky race with it and still have) but you won't find it in the retail models sold in stores even though they look the same.
  3. spectator

    what is it?

    You're right, I was way off,
  4. spectator

    what is it?

    Flo1 by Aeronamics
  5. spectator

    TP 52 Deal?

    You need a boat power for that.
  6. spectator

    which one?

    My Bad and makes sense for the sound
  7. spectator

    which one?

    Actually the legal and proper thing to do is man up and store it below while racing just aft of the mast. Stardancer was a weapon in 6 kts of wind and overpowered in 10+ kts of wind. It had a light keel. Good for Seatte/San Diego not so good for Hood River, SF or Key West.....etc
  8. spectator

    which one?

    That was quick, nice job on the pics. Looks like S>dancer was in very nice shape down below in those pics.
  9. spectator

    which one?

    I spent a lot of time sailing Stardancer in it's first couple of years and had always lusted over it. You should see the clear coated wood framing in the interior, it was beautifully made in NZ and had a beautiful orig. blue hull paint job, the 1st original Stardancer (not this one) was made in CA by Steve Austin and that one was quietly burned/trashed (ask Kimo) so this one was built in NZ to replace that one but I think I would pick Wolfpack, It was built by Larry Tuttle who is a legend located in Davenport Landing, CA and extremely well respected, he makes some truly beautiful gear. Ask any 505 sailor, it would be an honor to have anything he made. It would be helpful for buyers if both sellers posted a lot more detailed photo's Stardancer is also far from being a stable downwind boat, it loves to round up. Plus Stardancer has seen many miles and owners, it was a fragile boat to begin with and the wood framing for that boat needed looking after which John MacLaurin. always made sure it was being properly cared for and always had a dehumidifier on down below but did the later owners do the same? Don't get me wrong Stardancer is an awesome boat. Cheers to John for commissioning that boat! Both boats are very nice especially in the details unlike most other boats. Great to see to that there still getting mentioned.
  10. spectator

    "fu ws" (from the front page)

    Maybe explain? You must be happy about WS’s vote since you’ve already heard so much of this bullshit?
  11. spectator

    "fu ws" (from the front page)

    Laser as a company (its owners) and manufactures are greatly responsible for this. Look into all the bickering among the builders, lack of inventory and stupid high prices they have been charging. Read about the inner fighting between Laser USA, Laser AUS, Laser UK and other suppliers and licensing payee's. It's a total cluster F@#k and no one wants to be involved with that. The writing was on wall and has been going on for years. The class and sailors should come first before the owners of the company. The owners of Laser are welcome to do what they want with there own company but the sailors will find a better solution if theres reason to. well, there's good reason to and now WS got involved. Dont harp of World Sailing for this, I'm not a fan of WS but look into the all BS thats been going on with LASER and it's infrastructure. Laser sailors has been suffering a lot because of it. As a sailing coach, it was sad to see. No, the Laser is not the greatest boat but it had a very solid platform and association for youth sailing to help develop, race and allowed youth and seniors to become good sailors, it had a massive audience world wide with an almost guaranteed success but money, greed and selfishness greatly got in the way. Ask any Laser dealer or parent who has kids trying to compete nationally or internationally in a Laser about the problems working with Laser. You then won't be surprised to hear why WS did what they did,
  12. spectator

    what is happening?

    Have to concur, Looks like they have a feeler tip to zero out the CNC mill to coordinate the mill to the piece (the deck upside down) to continue being milled accurately after a tooling change or after possibly repositioning the deck (flipped it?). Hopefully its all under .0100" (.25mm) ?
  13. Just wanted to add that the stern wake looks beautiful and clean off the back with very little disturbance. Very graceful!
  14. spectator


    Sunglasses on pole tip
  15. spectator

    What was it?

    A Gary Mull ? IOR boat from late 70's.