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  1. spectator

    "fu ws" (from the front page)

    Maybe explain? You must be happy about WS’s vote since you’ve already heard so much of this bullshit?
  2. spectator

    "fu ws" (from the front page)

    Laser as a company (its owners) and manufactures are greatly responsible for this. Look into all the bickering among the builders, lack of inventory and stupid high prices they have been charging. Read about the inner fighting between Laser USA, Laser AUS, Laser UK and other suppliers and licensing payee's. It's a total cluster F@#k and no one wants to be involved with that. The writing was on wall and has been going on for years. The class and sailors should come first before the owners of the company. The owners of Laser are welcome to do what they want with there own company but the sailors will find a better solution if theres reason to. well, there's good reason to and now WS got involved. Dont harp of World Sailing for this, I'm not a fan of WS but look into the all BS thats been going on with LASER and it's infrastructure. Laser sailors has been suffering a lot because of it. As a sailing coach, it was sad to see. No, the Laser is not the greatest boat but it had a very solid platform and association for youth sailing to help develop, race and allowed youth and seniors to become good sailors, it had a massive audience world wide with an almost guaranteed success but money, greed and selfishness greatly got in the way. Ask any Laser dealer or parent who has kids trying to compete nationally or internationally in a Laser about the problems working with Laser. You then won't be surprised to hear why WS did what they did,
  3. spectator

    what is happening?

    Have to concur, Looks like they have a feeler tip to zero out the CNC mill to coordinate the mill to the piece (the deck upside down) to continue being milled accurately after a tooling change or after possibly repositioning the deck (flipped it?). Hopefully its all under .0100" (.25mm) ?
  4. Just wanted to add that the stern wake looks beautiful and clean off the back with very little disturbance. Very graceful!
  5. spectator


    Sunglasses on pole tip
  6. spectator

    What was it?

    A Gary Mull ? IOR boat from late 70's.
  7. spectator

    Which yacht is this?

    Hey Leo, I miss your mini transit website and news. Thanks for all the years of doing it,
  8. spectator

    double trouble

    Actually, pro's have protectors towing them out to race courses. That motor is for the weekend dude.
  9. spectator


    I think the root of the matter on how the jury ruled is that two rules were broken, one being more severe than the other. I think the majority of people who know the rules can overwhelming agree that WO tacked too close fouling Comanche, by looking at the video it was pretty flagrant and not much there to give doubt. This happens in racing all the time and it's not a major deal when the skipper at fault clears himself and absolves his boat of penalty by doing their turns without any more penalty to be given and continues on but when the skipper decides to not acknowledge fault is when he enters himself into the territory of penalty two which can accrue much larger punishment when found at fault. We as skippers all know this. Sailboat racing rules are to pretty much based on having to be self regulated to keep oneself honest and keep the racing true. When a skipper decides not to self regulate his own faults he then forces a ruling committee to step in and in sailboat racing you become the mercy of them and their harsh penalties regardless if your a faster boat or not. Experienced skippers know this and this is exactly what happened to WO. I know the WO cheerleaders are crying foul about what they think is severe but at looking modern history of sailboat racing, WO got off very easy based on the very rules published and well known by the WO skipper and it's crew, they made there decision at that very moment and rolled the dice. Gold medals and many world championships have been lost by the very same decision that the WO skipper made. It's pretty sad to read people calling bullshit and outrage because of there favoritism. Unfortunately this is exact reason why these rules were created in the first place because people can't act honestly when they have self interest.
  10. spectator

    US Watercraft receivership ? (Alerion etc)

    Same goes for bidding in person. Buyers premium (18%) + plus sales tax (7%) = 25% added on top of any winning bid. Your $400 winning bid will require $500 to take it home. I think 18% is high for a auction like this but no one cares what I think. I've been watching a major railroad machinery auction in NJ and it's currently only 12% plus tx.
  11. spectator

    what is it?

    That is TF10 hull #1's mainsail and bottom portion of the dismasted rig and it's base in the water.
  12. spectator

    caption contest

    "I really wanna be part of Game of Thrones Iron fleet. Hold on, I'm coming! "
  13. spectator

    Live Racing Thread

    I will agree NZL's VMG is very good and noticeably better against ART
  14. spectator

    Live Racing Thread

    Ok, If I don't know shit then tell me how many starts & 1st mark roundings did NZL win against ART in this round? How many breakdowns and unforced errors did ART have in this round? You better hope ORCL has the same speed as Soft Bank. Yes NZL won 5-2 and now in the AC but that does not show how close it really was when ART was actually competitive without failures and unforced errors. Cant realistically think a series against ORCL will give NZL the same chances of winning, no way. Then add ORCL's extra win point in the next round gives heavy odds that kiwi's will be watching the next cup in the same red eye tv time schedules. Sorry you muppets, but no sleep for you.
  15. spectator

    Live Racing Thread

    I think NZL should be the ones to keep guessing about their future. Granted NZL won this round but how well? They barely won there races and most were won because there competitor (ART) kept breaking down and had unforced errors. There was more than a good chance ART would have won if they didn't have so many break downs and losing a man. They killed ART in the last race but the race course was heavily skewed and ART lost. ORCL already has one extra point because they already beaten everyone including NZL and I seriously doubt ORCL will have the same mechanical issues so yeah its a very solid chance you will be watching the next AC in the same time TV schedule.