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  1. I've had it with Rhode Island - Where to go?

    The tar balls were described in the journals of Cabeza De Baca. The Arawaks used the tar to seal their canoes. Offshore platforms are not allowed to wash their decks without capturing and cleaning water, and are required to capture and clean rain runoff. You know nothing rather aggressively.
  2. I've had it with Rhode Island - Where to go?

    I've always wondered why anyone would run for office in RI. I thought everything had already been stolen.
  3. Shithole Countries

    I addressed the issue of low unemployment with stagnant wages here: Yes, we had relatively full employment, but low labor force participation and low productivity gains, hence slow wage growth. I've never said anything about your worth, indeed, I know nothing about you. I would never wish anyone ill just because of political differences, and I will not start now. Your last comment is simply sad.
  4. Shithole Countries

    Pretty well, thanks for asking. I skippered my boat to Bermuda 3 times, received a couple awards for seamanship for a rescue at sea we performed, did a lot of heli skiing, took the high school robotics team I used to sponsor and coach to World's twice, did a bunch of adventure travel with my family, sailed a LOT, had fun, ended up with my marriage stronger and more fun than ever, gave away a lot of money to very good causes. Overall it was a good 8 years for me. Again, thanks for asking.
  5. Shithole Countries

    The stagnant wages are the Obama Economy. The bonuses and pay hikes are the Anybody But Obama Economy.
  6. Hard vs soft dinghy

    Nice work. Take it on the boat, not as your workhorse, but as your fun dink. I have an inflatable for chores - getting provisions, laundry, ferrying, all that shit. I also tow a Trinka 10 with the sailing rig for rowing and sailing fun. Guess which gets more use? Hint: it ain't made of hypalon. Where's the big boat live?
  7. A Magical Anchorage - Things That Shouldn’t Be Seen

    Whew! That really had all the potential in the world to head off down a really strange rabbit hole. I'm glad the OP didn't start this as a piece of self-promotion. That might have been awkward. Speaking of things that shouldn't be seen. I'm totally against sex in the museum, at least when the school kids are there. If you can sneak me and my wife, MoVelda Ray, in after hours, that's a different story. Of course, you have to leave, and lock the door behind you. We're from Texas, and we're old, and ain't havn' none 'o that fancy Yankee museum public sex stuff y'all do. We're strictly he'in and a she'in. No other couples with he'in and a he'in, or she'in and a she'in, or your he with my she, or stuff like that. No offense, but we're particular that way. Hell, we got a bumper sticker on our Concordia yawl sayin' "If The Yawls a Rockin', Don't Come Knockin'"
  8. Going Aloft

    OK. I've worked derricks on drilling rigs, we use similar stuff.
  9. Going Aloft

    What do you mean by lanyard? By recovery I assume you mean someone who is past rescue. When trad climbing on overhangs you should always carry prusiks so you can climb your own rope if you must. There's a super classic at Hueco Tanks called Indecent Exposure. The start of the second pitch you're about 200' off the deck. Feels airier than some 1000' faces I've done. For the person seconding, you're cleaning gear off a hand traverse as you go, at a certain point if you come off you will be dangling in air far from the rock. Your only choice is climbing your rope. Never did ugly there, but saw it several times.
  10. Shithole Countries

    Here’s a comprehensive list of companies and what they’re offering employees, post-tax cut, courtesy of Strategas Partners and original reporting. Industries range from airlines to wineries, promising everything from $1,000 bonuses to planting more vines. AT&T: $1k bonuses for 200,000 U.S. employees AAON: $1k bonuses for 2,000 employees AccuWeather: Year-end bonuses for 450-500 employees Aflac: Increase 401(k) match from 50% to 100% on the first 4% of compensation plus a one-time $500 contribution to every employee’s 401(k) American Airlines: $1k bonuses for ~127,600 employees American Bank: $1k bonuses for 60 employees American Savings Bank: $1k bonuses for 1,150 employees Americacollect: $300-$500 bonuses for 250 employees Aquesta Financial Holdings: $1k bonuses for 95 employees Associated Bank: $500 bonuses for all hourly employees BB&T: $1,200 bonuses for 27,000 employees Ball Ventures: $100 bonuses for each year worked for all employees Bank of America: $1k bonuses for 145,000 U.S. employees Bank of Hawaii: $1k bonuses for 2,074 employees Bank of the James: Increase base wage to $15 per hour for employees serving more than 1 year; increased employee vacation days Bank of the Ozarks: Incentive bonus plan for 2,300 employees of up to $1,200 Boeing: $300 million for “workplace of the future” facilities, infrastructure, workforce development, charitable giving Canary LLC: Hire more employees Capital One: Raising minimum wage to $15 Carl Black Automotive Group: Bonuses for 500 employees based on years of service Central Pacific Bank: $1k bonuses for 850 employees Citizens Bank: $1k bonuses for 12,500 employees Clayton Distillery: Upgrade facilities Comcast: $1k bonuses for 100,000 employees Comerica: $1k bonuses for 4,500 employees Commerce Bancshares: $1k bonuses for 3,450 full-time employees; $250 bonuses for eligible part-time employees Community Trust Bancorp: $1k bonuses for full-time employees; $500 bonuses for part-time employees Copperleaf Assisted Living: $200-$600 bonuses for 175 employees Dayton T. Brown: $400 bonuses for 210 employees Delaware Supermarkets: $150 extra bonuses for 1,000 non-management personnel Denizens Brewing Company: Reinvest tax savings into the business Emkay: $1k bonuses for full-time employees Ennis: $500 bonuses for 2,200 employees Express Employment Professionals: $2k bonuses for more than 200 non-executive employees Fifth Third Bancorp: $1k bonuses for 13,500 employees FirstCapital Bank of Texas: $500 bonuses for 197 employees First Farmers Bank and Trust: $750 bonuses for full-time employees First Financial Northwest: $1k bonuses for non-executive employees First Hawaiian Bank: $1,500 bonuses for 2,264 employees First Horizon National Corp.: $1k bonuses for 4,000 employees Gate City Bank: $1k bonuses for 538 non-management personnel Gulf Coast Bank & Trust: Increase base wage to $12 per hour HarborOne Bank: $500 bonuses for 600 employees IAT Insurance Group: $3k bonuses for 700 employees Inland Northwest Bank: $500 bonuses for 200 employees Kansas City Southern: $1k bonuses Melaleuca: $100 bonuses for each year worked for 2,000 employees National Bank Holdings Corporation: $1k bonuses for employees earning <$50k Nationwide: $1k bonuses for 29,000 employees Navient: $1k bonuses for ~6,566 employees Nelnet: $1k bonuses for 4,100 employees Nephron: 5% raise for 640 employees OceanFirst Bank: Increase base wage to $15 per hour Ohnward Bancshares: $1k bonuses for 260 employees Pinnacle Bank: $1k bonuses for 1,007 employees Pioneer Credit Recovery: $1k bonuses PNC Financial Services Group: $1k bonuses for 47,500 employees Regions Financial Corporation: Increase base wage to $15 per hour Royal Hawaiian Heritage Jewelry: Open more stores, hire more employees Rush Enterprises: $1k bonuses for 6,600 employees Sinclair Broadcast Group: $1k bonuses for 9,000 employees Southwest Airlines: $1k bonuses for 55,000 employees Stifel Financial: $1,500 bonuses for 7,000 employees Summit State Bank: $2k bonuses for 78 employees SunTrust: $1k incentive for employees that complete company’s financial fitness program TCF Financial: $1k bonuses for full-time employees; $500 bonuses for part-time employees earning less than $100k Territorial Savings Bank: $1k bonuses for 247 employees Texas Capital Bank: $1k bonuses Total System Services: $1k bonuses for 11,500 employees Travelers: $1k bonuses for 14,000 employees Turning Point Brands: $1k bonuses for 107 employees US Bancorp: $1k bonuses for 60,000 employees Unity Bancorp: $750 bonuses for all employees except executive management Walmart: Increase starting wage to $11; expand maternity and paternal leave benefits; one-time cash bonus for eligible associates of up to $1k Washington Federal: Provide 5% increase in addition to normal merit increase for employees earning <$100k; invest in employee training programs Waste Management: $2k bonuses to 34,000 eligible employees Wells Fargo: Increase base wage from $13.50 to $15 per hour Western Alliance: Increase wages 7.5% for the lowest-paid 50% of employees White Pine Winery: Planting more vines Windsor Federal: $250 bonuses for employees except senior management Yancey Bros.: $500 bonuses for all employees Zions Bancorp: $1k bonuses for 80% of employees Real money for real people. More than the Democrats have ever done for them. Typical of the elitists here - liberals sneering at working people. At my company Christmas bonuses went up from $1,000-5,000 to $5,000-10,000. Our base wage is $20/hour for answering the phone and filing.
  11. Going Aloft

    Beth and I did that one year at Thanksgiving, took fly gear. Fishing at the bottom was amazing.
  12. A whiner whining about other whiners whining? Whatever y'all want to talk about, it bothers me not a whit. If it doesn't interest you, don't read it or watch it. Except politics, please keep that under the "Q" flag in PA. I never watch those videos. Frankly, I find most young people lack the knowledge and historical perspective to be very interesting, and bikinis are not enough to get me to waste time.
  13. I've had it with Rhode Island - Where to go?

    Take it to PA.
  14. Shithole Countries

    Preserved for posterity. BJP thinks the economy doesn't matter. Like Nancy Pelosi, who thinks a $1000 bonus and a pay raise is "pathetic crumbs". How utterly disconnected with the reality of working people. Of course you think the economy doesn't matter. You're one of the idle rich, living on a yacht. To working people it matters, a lot