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  1. The son of a friend (who posts here) was her captain for several years. She's quite a boat. Is that a Cambria in the foreground?
  2. We'd love that. We know a few places....
  3. Kris, No pics of Hound?? Headed your way the end of next week. Going to do the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta on a Brooklin custom, but bringing Sparky for cruising and accomodations.
  4. K, Because as you and I both know, the SW-42 is a nicer boat, especially for a couple. It's smaller, but has a much brighter, cheerier interior, isn't so much of a cave below, pretty to look at, built like a tank and sails like a dream. I've met several owners of the 43's, including the extended one that was built as a yawl, and they love their boats, but I ain't offering to trade. IB, Describes us. The only marina we have tied to for a period of time is in Bermuda. We tend to get on the boat for 2-3 weeks at a time. After 2 weeks we may look for a place to pick up some water, maybe fuel if we've had to motor a lot. Taking off next week to do exactly that with Beth for a few weeks.
  5. I know you don't like older, but this is close and has been updated. 4'6" board up draft, private cabin for the parents, 4 singles for the kids without using the settees. Will easily seat everyone at the table below. Main cabin can be partitioned with a curtain. Has reverse cycle AC for comfort at the dock. This is the 2 quarterberth, 2 pilot berth version. You'd need to replace the cushions on the quarterberths and probably do some interior varnish. It's in Virginia. John Lennon sailed to Bermuda on a sistership with a guy I know. http://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/65452 http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:cFsrhNrOqecJ:www.hinckleyyachts.com/brokerage/incorrigible-3053754/+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
  6. True words. Planing boats have flat bottoms. Flat bottoms might just pound a little in a seaway. Wives tend to value seakindliness, especially offshore. Are you getting a boat for you or your family? Serious question. I had this discussion with a broker, repeatedly, when I was shopping. He was looking at my 8 year old son, and my wife from New Mexico, while I was talking about 3 spreader rigs with fully battened mains and slab reefing. I ended up with a 31.5' waterline, 24,000# wave crusher, with 5' board up draft and electric in-mast furling. Not at ALL what I started out looking for, but in hindsight the perfect boat for the way we actually ended up using it. My wife still doesn't know the first thing about sail trim, but it doesn't matter, the boat is cake to singlehand, and because she's comfy offshore, the bride has done two Bermuda-Newport trips on her. To your wife, water capacity for hot showers will be more important than top speed, as will a comfy place to read and a rock solid Bimini so she and the kids can avoid skin cancer. A boat that doesn't slam and pitch a kid headfirst down the companionway the first time it gets rough might be nice as well.
  7. Is that the one built by Ballantine's?
  8. I think that big Little Harbor was probably built in Asia, maybe Lien Hwa yard. They moved production to RI around 1985 for better quality control. Are you a camping family? We got our boat (a very small 42'er) when the kids were little, they had no problem with pilot berths and quarter berths, they could sleep underway because we had lee cloths. Rather than think of it as a third home, we thought of it as the most glorious camping, and at only 42' with electric inmast main, electric primary winches and electric windlass, she was a piece of cake to singlehand. She's also proven big enough to do Bermuda 4 times under our ownership. We parked next to a Catalina 42 Mk II a few weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure that boat was twice our size. If she (the Catalina) punches all of your buttons, it a good boat. Several wise people have advised to get the smallest boat that will suit your needs, you'll probably sail it more. We thought from time to time of getting a 50-52'er, but really it was too much boat for when the wife and I just want to go sailing. Most 3 stateroom boats have 3 couples in mind, not kids. They have double berths, where uppers and lowers would be better for you. If you get something with a pair of quartercabins, you can have split mattresses and rig a lee cloth up the middle. Still, a dedicated single berth almost gives more privacy. The best cockpit tables I've seen are on the Little Harbors 46' or over, easily seating 6 for dinner. The compromise is that they are fixed, impeding movement across the cockpit. Cruising has changed, and cruising boats have changed, too. Old school boats had a lot of single berths, because they were meant to sail, and sleeping underway was important. In my opinion, these boats make great family boats, because everyone gets their own bunk, you don't have to eat where someone sleeps, the parents get a private cabin at anchor, and you don't end up with a giant boat by giving everyone a "bedroom". A lot of cruising boats these day simply don't have well thought out sea berths. We bought our boat for family adventure, essentially glorified camping, and she's served us well for that, but we understood the mission from the outset.
  9. There used to be a poster here, Joli, who has a sistership. Maybe you know him?
  10. You should note that sail69 transits both the canal and Wood's Hole celestially, frequently tying off to a buoy for a quick noon sight to confirm position. If you see him and misunderstand, and pull alongside to offer assistance, he'll drink all of your rum.
  11. In case others hadn't figured it out, these pics were taken at the start of this years Marion-Bermuda Race. Oh, and Anarchists bmiller, Slick470, and D'Ranger sailed the return to Newport from Bermuda. Sparky is Hull#23 of the SW-42's, launched 1985. I think KDH's is maybe #77 (?) launched 20 years later. If you take care of them, these boats have very good bones and hold up nicely. They also sail very, very well, with no bad habits.
  12. I'm not sure you can tell in that picture. Timfordi550 is aboard, as is the Former Anarchist Formerly Known as MoeAlfa.
  13. Very cool. We were on Sparky, bmiller did the return with us.
  14. I guess if KDH is showing his, I'll show mine. Older, but we love her.
  15. What boat were you on?