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  1. "I'd rather sail than varnish!", who says that?

    I've always felt there's a certain moral high ground that goes with the owner maintained boats. Especially with older boats, I like when they look sailed, and not too prissy. That was actually one of the reasons I ended up with Restive. The man who had her built, a very good friend, was determined that she not become a dock queen under her next owner. He wanted to be sure that she would be sailed and, rightly or wrongly, he decided I was the one person he trusted to take care of her in the winters, then sail her hard in the summers. I've always made it clear to guests that stuff happens. Nicks and scratches in the varnish are part of the experience. We had an adventure with our previous boat, which involved pulling 5 guys out of a life raft, 150 miles offshore in complete snot conditions. We ended up sailing home with 10 on our smallish 42' boat, the first night of which was still breezy, with steady 30+ and gusts to 40. When the wife and I were going over the boat that fall with the yard manager there was a small chunk of wood missing from the fiddle on the nav table. The manager asked if we wanted it repaired, Beth asked how it happened. When I told her "during the rescue" she said simply - "Leave it, it's a battle scar won on a field of honor."
  2. "I'd rather sail than varnish!", who says that?

    Did that happen off Newport? What's the story? Did it just buff out?
  3. "I'd rather sail than varnish!", who says that?

    Ahhhhh. That feels good. Thanks Paps. My very favorite people call me up and call me asshole, shitmitten, twatwaffle, fucknuckle, or queefbubble. My mother, 89 years old, bless her, not long ago accused me of being "one of the very first Zika babies". Paps, of course you have a ride, but you have to SHOW UP! Oddly, just the other day I had a cancellation, and have an opening for 2 for this years "World's Most Beautiful Sailboat Race", the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta. August 4. We may do the feeder races, and will definitely cruise for a week or so after, for all of which you are cordially invited, so long as you agree to address me as "hey, asshole", or something more creative. You fartblossom.
  4. "I'd rather sail than varnish!", who says that?

    Gimme a minute, I'm just going to bask in this for a while.
  5. "I'd rather sail than varnish!", who says that?

    Money doesn't change people, it amplifies them. If a person tends to be an egotistical prick, make them a billionaire and they're insufferable. If a person tends to be kind and generous, money will turn them into a philanthropist. Money doesn't make you a better person. Getting up in the morning and trying to be a better person might, though.
  6. "I'd rather sail than varnish!", who says that?

    We LOVED that tub. Sail69 at the helm.
  7. "I'd rather sail than varnish!", who says that?

    I kept a SW-42 at Hinckley's for some years. Indoor heated storage, varnish done every winter on toerail, grabrails, dorades, hatches, companionway, instrument pod, cockpit table, coaming (fully lined with varnished teak), and lazarette hatch. Unlike most Concordia's, she was systems rich, with diesel heat, full electronics, reefer, electric winches, electric in-mast, autopilot, etc. . Over the course of time I replaced the motor, reefer, holding tank, electronics, did a bunch of rewiring. She was maintained to very high Hinckley standards. When I moved her to Cape Cod it was for better, not cheaper service, she also had indoor heated storage there. She was also kept in compliance for offshore Cat 1 racing, as she did Bermuda every other year. That safety shit ain't cheap. We would pick up the boat each year in pristine condition, and return her with a season's wear and tear. They had the winter to set her back to right. The wife's cosmetic standards are higher than mine. My standards for mechanical and sailing function are very high, as we had a demanding sailing schedule. The person who said $40-60K/yr is right in the ballpark. Before you say "what an asshole", consider that I live 500 miles from the coast of Texas, 2000 miles from the boat. I didn't inherit my money, I'm the president and CEO of a business which I started, and wouldn't have time to varnish even if I lived nearby. My wife and I love to sail, this is how we manage. The kids were little when we got the Hinckley, summer on a sailboat on the coast of Maine is pretty magical for an 8 year old. Also, there are at least a few people whom I met through this website who got their first offshore rides on my boat. For those with long memories, MoeAlfa is one, timFordi550, Slick470, D'ranger, Bmiller. I still owe PY a ride. The new boat is wood, larger, more varnish, will have, if anything, a more demanding schedule, and is being kept at Brooklin Boat Yard, who know their stuff but again, ain't cheap. OK, now you can say "what an asshole".
  8. A friend once went to Bermuda, on a particularly rough race, on a friends big Nordhavn. Said it was boring beyond words. We are planning on the 2019 Transatlantic race.
  9. She's a 48' Alden, the last entry in the Hart MIT database of Alden designs, Design #1250. Cold moulded wood by Brooklin Boatyard, deep fin keel, 8' draft, carbon rudder, carbon mast. http://restive-alden-48.blogspot.com/ Blog courtesy of our friend Salazar.
  10. The boom is, admittedly, a less than ideal size and shape, but for short handed sailing is a better solution than in-mast. It is less glaring when the sails are up, and, as I said, we have the important piece. If anyone admires the boat, they are likely to be invited aboard. I think most people, once they are below, glass in hand warming by the fireplace, are willing to forgive the boom. The wife and I are Texas friendly, we've never met a stranger. We are small town, not big city, people.
  11. When/If we do the trip, which seems increasingly likely given the wife's enthusiasm for the project, this will be what we bring. Too long and too deep, with no pilothouse, a completely wrong boat, but she's ours, she's fast, and she's seaworthy. If the locals don't like her, that's beyond our control. Edit to add: She does have a fireplace, which seems a good idea for these waters.
  12. Fareast Sails

    I bought a spare cruising asym for my Hinckley from Bacons. Cost about 10-15% of, and was indistinguishable from, new.
  13. Anyone have backyard chickens?

    My daughter recently started feeding Rosemary to some of hers. Just testing.
  14. That's not significantly different than our use pattern living in Texas with the boat in Maine. The only years we've used the boat in June were Bermuda race years. Usually done a week or two after Labor Day. Yet somehow it's worth it. Edit to add: The locals have always been incredibly nice to us in Maine.