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  1. Cruisin Loser

    No getting the band back together

    RIP. The last guy standing from that era of blues is Buddy Guy. I saw him a few weeks ago, at age 81 still in fine form.
  2. Cruisin Loser

    and soon california is to be fucked...

    Whose side are you on?
  3. Cruisin Loser

    Bode Miller / Tragic

    We didn't get a house with a pool until our kids were past toddler stage and were both strong swimmers. Whenever we had a party though, the wife would hire lifeguards. As the host, you simply cannot trust parents to watch their own kids. We also hired a kid from the local climbing gym to supervise our indoor rock climbing wall. My longtime climbing partner was a fire captain in Odessa, TX. He met his wife, chief nurse at the local ER, because he kept bringing her customers.
  4. Cruisin Loser

    and soon california is to be fucked...

    A trenchant observation. If I know a person to be cheating on his wife, I will absolutely not do business with him. When a man marries, he stands in front of his family, her family, and God, and promises to forsake all others. Are you a man of your word or not? In the words of my wife, the "till death do we part" is an enforceable clause. I'm allowed to stray once, after which my future will consist of staring up from a pool of my own blood, while she sweetly asks "Honey, how do I reload this thing?" Congress will never accede to this proposal.
  5. Cruisin Loser

    Weed or Hash ?

    Not in the case of the guys in question. Their timing and ability to keep track of anything other than simple 1-4-5 chord changes diminishes noticeably. I probably wouldn't care if I were high as well. I know that there is a long tradition of great musicians doing tons of drugs. I'm of the opinion that they made/make great music in spite of, not because of the drug use. YMMV.
  6. Cruisin Loser

    Weed or Hash ?

    That's a valid point Tom. If that's how you have fun, have at it. I disagree, however, with those who believe that it makes you creative or gives you special insight. I play blues several nights a week, a couple of the guys think smoking a little weed makes them better musicians. They're wrong. Very wrong. Listening to music and trying to play it are two very different things. I don't think that pot or alcohol have any business around drilling rigs, heavy equipment, the bridges of large ships, or my office. I think it should be legal, because I don't think it's any business of the Government how people choose to spend their money and time. I would still choose to not use it, but don't think less, in general, of those who do.
  7. Cruisin Loser

    Coolboats to admire

    English was Conrad's second language, yet I've never read another writer with Conrad's vocabulary and command of the language.
  8. Cruisin Loser

    Jeremy Spencer - RIP

    OH fuck, and Danny Kirwan just died the other day. Jeremy Spencer did Elmore James better than Elmore James.
  9. Cruisin Loser

    Protection or pressure - kid decisions

    I'm not sure you can really push a kid to be someone they're not. A lot of kids seem to be programmed from the womb. Our daughter tested very bright, but as she once said, "I know I have talent in math and science, I just choose not to use it." She's an artist, which is all she ever wanted to be, from pretty much day one. Pushing would have been futile, and would only have created discord. Our son came out programmed to blow the curve in every class he ever took. He took the SAT in 8th grade and scored in the 99th percentile. If we had locked up the books, he would have gone to the the library, gotten a book on lock picking, and gotten to the books. At 17 he got an internship in Paris, France doing "algorithmic analysis of cryptographic systems to ensure transactional security for transnational banks". He's now 21, and dating, seriously, a beautiful girl who is a member of the Chinese Communist Party. As parents we gave unconditional love and support, and let them choose their own paths. Ya can't shove a square peg in a round hole.
  10. Cruisin Loser

    Weed or Hash ?

    That's my point. Pot and hash dull the brain. As my son has said, it's so much fun to be smart, why would you make yourself stupid on purpose? BTW, he was accepted to college after the 9th grade, until they saw how small he was. He went to college after 10th grade. He enough smarter than me that he should walk me on a leash like a pet.
  11. Cruisin Loser

    Cruising Instruments

    Marion-Bermuda has a celestial division, we use one of those (I own 2) because the little paddle wheels are just not that good over 600 miles. Taffrail logs kick ass. Yestertech, pure analog.
  12. Cruisin Loser

    Weed or Hash ?

    Choose the one that makes you smarter and more ambitious.
  13. Cruisin Loser

    Coolboats to admire

    Because it's not a Crocker. The photo is of Fortune, I've sailed on her. She's a much older idea of a long, low, skinny boat to fly upwind, 50' LOA, under 10' beam. In southern NE she kills any schooner race that goes upwind. Long, low, skinny, fun to sail. Who'd a thunk it?
  14. Cruisin Loser

    Coolboats to admire

    Doubtful that the sheer would hog that much on a well maintained boat. b. crowninshield fortune&f=false
  15. Cruisin Loser

    Coolboats to admire

    Are you sure that's not a B.B. Crowninshield? Looks a lot like the late Don Glassie's "Fortune". Don was a good friend, I used to sail with him on the "S" boat quite a bit, on Fortune a couple of times.