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  1. hhn92

    Looking for ideas for a YC mast crane

    I think we are talking about masts in the J24 range here, not 50-60's here. This computer does not want to post pics, but a wood telephone pole that has been there for years I think proves the concept. We're only talking a 100lbs. or so to hoist.
  2. hhn92

    Which Team can beat OR-USA

    My money would be on BAR or ETNZ. BAR because of BA and they appear to have it together, ETNA because they are creative, figuring out the foiling last time way ahead of the others. OR caught-up due to LE's bucks to throw at it with RC & JS going to school on it at the last minute, just short of too late.
  3. hhn92

    Looking for ideas for a YC mast crane

    The pole RKoch described has been used for numerous J24, etc. midwinters for years with no issues. I can post a pic later if you like. Just find who has the latest broken mast, ours is off an old Farr 36 upper section. I think the jumpers are still on for support.
  4. ^^ Ya meet all kinds at Fiddlers, huh?
  5. A front is heading to FLA for New Years...might need one of those.
  6. hhn92

    Yet Another Craigslist WTF

    When there is no air, and everybody is stuck to the water, you can look back and see a slight wake coming from the transom. Never have seen another boat do that.
  7. hhn92

    J35 Anarchist

    Our boat has a new assym. as we do a number of point to point races down and back on Tampa bay. We also have acquired an old staysail to set under it to help keep-up with the bow-pole boats on long reaching legs. Any advice on set-ups, etc.? I think we have the basics as we have used a borrowed one before and seen it used on another 35 here.
  8. hhn92

    J/11s - Nothin'?

    Should clean the bottom before a video shoot. Nice looking set-up, wonder if you could order a 111 carbon rig?
  9. ^^ I am not even sure the light is on...
  10. hhn92

    Oracle Team USA

    ^^ and 1970, '74, '77, '80, '83, '88, '92, '95, '00, '03, '07. Some have even appreciated them, even this past week I had a request to borrow one. Your point? Just because I am a low-tech person and do not have to have the latest gadgets (even if money was no object) does not diminish the point that ACEA is making this way harder than it should be. With all the modern tech available, as it appears from those that do have all the high-tech gadgets, it is still a PITA. Are you also ridiculing the circumstances that I have found myself in, due to no fault of my own? (as well as millions of others out there)
  11. hhn92

    Oracle Team USA

    I have an HDMI cable that is hooked-up to my desktop, my laptop is so old it does not have that type of port. So having an iPad or a Roku unit, etc. is not in the budget with a kid in college, post apocalypse of being out of work for 1 1/2 years, which killed all the savings that was being worked-on towards college, retirement plans, boat partnership, etc. If not for a pre-paid plan she would not even be in school now. I am still viewing on an old projection TV, and bought an adaptor to hook the HDMI to it. ($15 at Radio Shack) I spend any extra I have on sailing, buying stuff I would not necessarily use on a daily basis just to watch the ACWS is not going to happen.
  12. hhn92

    Oracle Team USA

    ^^ What about poor SOB's that do not have all this fancy tech gear? I aint going-out to buy a bunch of this stuff just to watch something and pad somebody's pocket over some pretend AC races... Especially ones that are not DoG legal anyway.
  13. hhn92

    Oracle Team USA

    We started our Labor Day Night race in those kind of conditions last week, we did not even need a bar of soap, we were power-washed. The RC boat was not visible until you got within a few boatlengths of it.
  14. She was brought back from England by an owner from the South as a blockade runner, then run up (down) the St. Johns river here in FL and scuttled in Dunn's Creek. (not far above current day Orlando) She was raised by the Union, repaired and used as a blockade boat off Charleston with 3 guns on her. She found one of the South's top runners and fired warning rockets, alerting the fleet which came and sank it. She then was a training vessel for the Navy, raced by them in the first Cup fleet challenge, and then sold to Col. Benjamin Butler (a Civil War veteran, 'Colonel' by political donations) and raced by he and his family for years. After being re-donated to the Navy she fell into disrepair until the storm in 1942.
  15. I am taking a wait and see attitude: if it works, great, if not, oh well they tried. I think potentially the racing could be interesting. edit: and a great many of the J's sailing are not class boats either.