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  1. Bowchow


    stand on the railings. Isn't that what they're there for????????
  2. Hey shoot me a email and let me see if I can help you

  3. geronimo's cadillac
  4. Buddy just bought a 24, no rudder or deck hardware really. Help keep a J24 alive and get another sailor out on the water!! If anyone has anything local in the miami area, please let me know. Doesn't have to be race ready as he is just learning how to sail. Thanks! Parts needed Entire traveler set up (bar, track, blocks etc) Cockpit winches Sails (again, mediocre is fine.)
  5. Bowchow

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Man almost a 200$ price drop. Better snap that thing up before someone else beats you to it. It won't last long at this price!!
  6. Bowchow

    SSL Finals

    Go get em boys!!!! After many trying years glad to see the duo at the finals finally. About time the SSL let them in!!!
  7. Bowchow

    “Among the most prestigious awards in sailing.”

    As a youth star sailor who has been in the class for several years, I was recently emailed by the class secretary asking if I would be attending the worlds in Nassau. "My 4 other junior skipper friends and myself would absolutely love to! The $5,000 minimum cost of getting over there and lodging is a bit tough to manage for someone under 30.." She said "she will see what she can do" I really appreciate the effort and we will see where it leads, but when I see them piss away tens (probably hundreds) of thousands of dollars on 20 year old RC44's for the SSL Gold Cup, this irks me a good bit.. As a youth who has spent thousands of dollars per year sailing in your fleet for the past 8 years or so, there is little support for the youth (who are not cat 3) who are trying to keep the boat alive. They cut the price of entry for most regattas in half for juniors which helps out a lot and allows me to sail them, but as we know the entry fee is only 1/10th of the cost of participation.. Maybe I'll start a go fund me for bowchows star campaign
  8. Bowchow

    anybody board the First 53 at the Annapolis Show?

    The lack of traveler is a good director of what this thing is meant for. Sadly. Because she looks awesome. Good hull shape. Under powered and over weight, with no way to get more power into the rig.
  9. Bowchow

    composite floor boards?

    Quick update, the owner gave the go ahead for the project. I'll be ordering materials next week and keep you guys updated on the progress.
  10. Bowchow

    Need new lifelines

    Where are you located?
  11. Bowchow

    composite floor boards?

    Ohhhh I like this. Think I found my material!! Thank you all!
  12. Bowchow

    composite floor boards?

    Would like to rid of the wood all together.
  13. Bowchow

    composite floor boards?

    Looking for a solution to re make an existing floorboard set up on a 38' racer cruiser (mostly racer). Floorboards are typical teak/holly at the moment and have seen better days. About 1/2" thick, so we have some room to play with. Was debating starboard, but another boat I work on has this and there is a decent amount of flex. Just seeing if anyone else has done anything similar that isn't crazy expensive (time and cost wise) IMG_4672.jp2
  14. Bowchow

    Geezer-friendly One Designs

    Second stars. Great fleet presence in MI, lots of racing down here in Miami in the winter, and MANY skippers north of 65 in the fleet.
  15. Bowchow

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Aspen YC has one of these as their RC boat. Name is Waterbed. Complete with original inboard. I'm not sure if I have ever felt more character on a boat than Waterbed. I'll grab some pics next time I'm there.