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  1. Zhik Jackets Advice

  2. Elevating the rig on a Laser

    You're right, I normally go to weather with the boom 2' above deck!!! But seriously, like someone else said, slide your bum back and knell on the cockpit floor while tacking.. I always wear 3/4 hiking pants when lasering because of this... Not sure how limber you still might be, but I use my MS hand to grab the hiking strap where it meets the MS block during roll tacks/gybes. Might be able to employ this technique... Of course, I'm 6'4 and 170 but these techniques should still work Is your tiller ext from this decade?
  3. Towing Nerdiness

    Gotta be a jeep GC. They made them (still make?) in diesel trim a few years back. Another option here is to buy a K2500 Suburban with a 6.5 detroit. Just put 4k on mine in two weeks towing a star, 17mpg vs the 9 we used to get with the E-150.. and she was the best handling, easiest towing "rig" I've ever driven. Years better than E-150,4runner, etc etc. Big ole' front seat means you can drive in any position you want, especially with the bench. Big ole' storage area means you'll never run out of space to dirty up.
  4. Tragic youth sailing accident

    Agreed, but prop guard or not, the FIRST thing one should do regardless of how fast they're going/direction, whatever, is to kill the motor if someone falls over/they are approaching someone in the water. Sadly, I think poor training on the instructors part is to blame here. Will be interesting (not in a good way) to see what happens in court...
  5. Tragic youth sailing accident

    Worst nightmare.... prayers and thought to the family
  6. Gary W Mull

    Checking in here with my 1981 Kalik 40 Red Dog. Boat gets a lot of compliments, and she did great in the delivery down from CT to Miami. If anyone has any info about this, please comment! I've got the original blue prints for the boat as well..
  7. Boots

    Have a few thousand miles on my Zhik's with gaitor so far this year... Love them. They fit me very well, (wide feet) grip amazingly and even after several days of wearing them non stop they were still comfortable. I love the gaitors and personally will not buy a boot without them again. I used to e-tape my sallopettes to the tops of my boots... Not anymore!!
  8. Car topping "heavier" boats

    Definitely not the hoist at Cryc or any other club But seriously, just lift the whole thing up like normal. They're mostly 2.5 ton hoists which are more than enough for the star+trailer. Pm sent ease!! Thank you
  9. Car topping "heavier" boats

    ^^^^ that's the Rick I'm talking about. Real rig. He's a star sailor. He's gone cross country with it multiple times. Star in tow and star on top. The scary part part is lifting the whole boat/trailer rig ontop of the truck!
  10. Car topping "heavier" boats

    SFB, that's another thought that crossed my mind. They do it all the time in Europe with VSR's on top of stars. The trailer only has surge brakes. Didn't think about renting one big trailer, liking that idea... would keep west and tear off as well. Going to look into it.
  11. Car topping "heavier" boats

    Rick's set up ^^^
  12. I've found myself in a bit of a dilemma, as I'm sailing star NA's and sandpiper nationals this year. Problem is they're both up in mass in September, and I'm in Miami. My question is this. The hitch is occupied with the star, which leaves the roof if I don't want to make two trips (I don't) The sandpiper is around 1100 lbs which means a hoist would be needed which is fine... recommended max roof weight is something like 200 lbs "rolls eyes" Would 4 cross bars and strapping it upside down 420 style be sufficient? Or do you think I should go the way of the Finn sailors and build a cradle for the boat... I know Rick who puts an entire trailer set up on his roof, but he has substantial bracing done to support this vehicle in question is a 96 suburban 2500 6.5
  13. 3rd for trinka. USA built as well!!
  14. Need new/used mast for j 24 1978

    I'm making the trip from miami to CT at the end of may with my truck if you need transport for above.
  15. that time of the month

    "penalty turns and why you shouldn't bother"