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  1. Quagers

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    Urm....not it can't. Except perhaps in some fairly limited circumstances (not sailing into a mark trap in front). It definitely does not include hitting back. From the rest of your post I think you have perhaps done fleet racing with rule 17 turned off. Because what you describe bears little relation to how R17 is applied in team racing (hint: There is no changes to R17, or alternative definitions of Proper Course, in Appendix D) No you can't. Not unless you have sailed past the layline for the windward mark. It doesn't in team racing either. This is not a common move, because it breaks rule 17. Covering, establishing an overlap, double gybing, and then sailing someone off, is a common move. But there is a reason you need the double gybe. In this scenario they start behind you, so rule 17 never comes into it. You absolutely can do this in fleet racing if you feel so inclined (other than due to Rule 18.4). But unless its a handicap fleet in which you are the fasted boat, or your competitors are idiots, when you luff the first guy the whole rest of the fleet will sail away from you into the distance. And you will finish second last. If its a handicap race, you might end up first on the water. Then you will finish last on handicap. Boat speed makes you a tactical genius, even in fleet racing. Someone pulling bozo moves like the above will finish far far behind the guy focusing on the shifts and sailing their own race in a fleet race.
  2. Quagers

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    This all sounds horribly complicated. Just delete the rule.
  3. Quagers

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    We would still have R16.1, it sounds like the sort of thing you are suggesting would break that. But it has to be given time and space to do so under R16.1. So in practice any sharp quick luff which requires the downwind sails to be dropped will break it. Are we really expecting an outbreak of slow ponderous luffs which pause while windward drops its spinnaker in Fleet races if R17 is deleted? I'm not convinced.
  4. Quagers

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    I'm not sure I understand your point here. If the idiot doesn't understand the rules, then the idiot doesn't know about R17, and so keeping R17 doesn't stop the idiot doing anything.
  5. Quagers

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    But....why would anyone do this in a fleet race? As I said to Brass, all it does is guarantee you second last. Turning off R17 isn't suddenly going to make fleet race downwind legs like match races because the aims are completely different.
  6. Quagers

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    Sure and I'm not saying it doesn't happen. But I'm not sure we need to keep the rule just to accommodate this idiot. Plenty of people likely to do this sort of nonsense won't even know about R17 anyway.
  7. Quagers

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    Its also deleted for a lot of 2 boat team racing. However that is mostly done without kites. It makes no difference upwind. Downwind it very much changes the (team racing) game, gives the boat astern much more power and keeps races alive much longer than they would otherwise be. Personally I'd be in favour of binning it for fleet racing. No one knows the rule properly anyway, no one ever protests it successfully, and no one really uses it aggressively so I don't think it would make any difference. But why would you do that in a fleet race? It would just guarantee you second last.
  8. Quagers

    Beer can racing - When to protest or not

    Sure yes, but the reference to forcing someone into the C boat suggests they are committed and tacking away isn't an option. In which case, you are only in the right if you don't alter course, and even then, you shouldn't force the collision.
  9. I sailed on a boat with a similar set up about 5 years ago, predominately Sym but we had a large A1 for light winds which we ran off the Sym pole set just above pulpit height, i was an absolute weapon and being able to pole it back gave us a lot of options. We were lucky to also have a short fixed sprit (for Code Zeros) so to gybe we: 1) eased off the guy and grind on the tack line to the fixed sprit 2) trip the pole and take the butt off the last (overlength pole) 3) gybe as normal Asym. 4) reattach pole to new guy, ease tackline to transfer over. Not the quickest routine but with a practised full crew we got pretty slick at it and as an A1 it was always light winds anyway.
  10. Quagers

    Beer can racing - When to protest or not

    I mean....in quite a few situations (most perhaps) you actually can't....... And in those that you can, you shouldn't. You should protest rather than force a collision.
  11. Their lawyers will probably tell them that since the race hasn't been run under the terms of the deed of gift for decades they have granted an implicit licence and RORC owe them butkiss. Also, licence what? My understanding is rorc own the rights to the name. And I doubt 99% of competitors care about a trophy they arent going to win anyway.
  12. I mean...they already have. This press release couldn't be more deferential to RORC if it tried.
  13. No evidence the new course will provide any worse racing than the old one. In fact, I'd say that as boats get faster lengthening the course is in keeping with the spirit of challenge of the original race. So if you can improve the onshore side that's obviously a good thing. I'd have thought that was obvious, but maybe I didnt make enough allowance for age.
  14. Have you asked all of them? Plenty I know think its a good change. Thats why it was imposed, it has remained because of space in Plymouth. Plymouth has been a shit place to finish for years. If it cared so much about the race it should have put more effort in. The world moves on, the French are a massive part of offshore sailing and I think having the Northern hemisphere's premier mass participation offshore race start in the UK and finish in France is very fitting. Plus, Cherbourg will put on a much much better show.
  15. Quagers

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Fastnet starts on a Sunday lunchtime...... The problem is it doesn't start in a major city and it finishes in the middle of nowhere (although not next time).