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  1. Countryclub

    Sail or Bail 2?

    Best guess, Laurie Davidson one-tonner. Vintage early 80's , decent boats and better if you fair in the bustle.....
  2. Countryclub

    help identifying this boat

    What a Rozinante would look like with a transom.
  3. Countryclub

    Trying To Move A Boat - Canada to US

    Whats it Rate ?
  4. Countryclub

    Gary W Mull

  5. Countryclub

    what is it?

  6. Countryclub

    Six meter European Championship, The King wins again !

    We’ve had all kinds of stuff on sixes over the years starting with trim tabs in the 70’s like my boat (US 100) and all kinds of wings on our keels since Australia 2. The winner of the European regatta this year has a rudder and a canard as it’s two allowed appendages. You can see the Canard here on EC 18 winner Nivola.
  8. "There will be minimal electronics included in the package, just boatspeed, depth, GPS and a compass, but no wind data, which is another link with dinghies. The boat will be delivered in her one-design version as a Category 4, but an option is available to upgrade for Category 3 with even the potential to sail double-handed.’" Right from the Seahorse article.
  9. read the class spec on the swan website. the info is all there.
  10. Countryclub

    Were masts on classic cruisers too short?

    Like it was said twenty postes ago, just ask Bob.
  11. Countryclub

    Engine off at start?

    Only in beer cans and no air do we run it up to the line at warp and pull the stop at the start horn ....... but jeez if you miss the timing on that the committee just laughs at you and gives your sticker to the next boat , also it took a couple tries to get it right this year......! Someone here (maybe Poncho?) knows the story of Sorcery using their engine pretty aggressively at a Big Boat Series back in the 80's...
  12. Countryclub

    what are you?

    There are girth restrictions in the Class 40's to limit scows from being built , but they still get pretty full up there.
  13. Countryclub

    what are you?

    most likely, Bob Perry already did a container boat ....
  14. Countryclub

    Spyglass catalog

    If you could scan the Six Meter stuff that would be great for our archives . Thanks
  15. Countryclub

    Best Race Committee Boats

    CYC Seattle Nearly 50 years old and still Getting it done.