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  1. Countryclub

    Engine off at start?

    Only in beer cans and no air do we run it up to the line at warp and pull the stop at the start horn ....... but jeez if you miss the timing on that the committee just laughs at you and gives your sticker to the next boat , also it took a couple tries to get it right this year......! Someone here (maybe Poncho?) knows the story of Sorcery using their engine pretty aggressively at a Big Boat Series back in the 80's...
  2. Countryclub

    what are you?

    There are girth restrictions in the Class 40's to limit scows from being built , but they still get pretty full up there.
  3. Countryclub

    what are you?

    most likely, Bob Perry already did a container boat ....
  4. Countryclub

    Spyglass catalog

    If you could scan the Six Meter stuff that would be great for our archives . Thanks
  5. Countryclub

    Best Race Committee Boats

    CYC Seattle Nearly 50 years old and still Getting it done.
  6. Countryclub

    Best Race Committee Boats

  7. Countryclub

    caption contest

    "thank you for sailing with me today, would you like to drive now?"
  8. Countryclub

    Santana 30/30 weatherhelm

    ease vang ease sheet repeat....
  9. Countryclub

    ton fun

    Sloop you Dumb ass you need to go read up on the Drum inquiry then come back and comment after you have done your reading. Also those Peterson Serendipity era boats are pretty much bombproof offshore. Wngs has always been a favorite also La Pantera / Chimera.
  10. Countryclub

    Grey / Gray Dacron?...full Battens?

    Look at pictures of Minis to see all the non-overlapping Jib options for boats (jibs) about that size. As for color if Doyle is doing grey there ya go ! any mainstream sailmaker can get you any color you want if you wish to pay for it! again look at the mini's or Class 40"s for graphics etc... but it was pointed out used Etchells jibs are so cheap I have one rolled up under the sofa in my living room .
  11. Countryclub

    East Coast version of a Moore 24

    The Moore is the bomb. I've done a hawaii race on a J27 (it was a great trip!) O-30 as well . Nobody mentioned a Pogo!? see if there is one near you as well. Pogo's are small un-sinkable etc etc..cross oceans in their sleep.
  12. Countryclub

    Is this a beautiful boat or what?

    This is the mother ship
  13. Countryclub

    I'm considering buying ONE new sail ...

    Genoa. Mains can be re-cut battens added etc etc . But new Genoas are the cats meow. I'm buying at least one this year as well .
  14. Countryclub

    RRS 20 hail when no Obstruction

    I am not seeing anything on the drawing that would lead me to believe there is an obstruction ( no details about reefs etc etc or other traffic) , the drawing looks like there is not enough room for red to clear a tack so if I'm yellow I'm going to tell red to piss off for now and try again next lap. If there were an obstruction put it on the fucking drawing.
  15. Countryclub

    Jules Verne Trophy 2016

    The primary issue is a carrier never goes anywhere alone so therein lies its limiting speed and range. The (surface ) Escort group needs fuel.