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    6 Meters, Santana 20's, sailing eh?
  1. Is this a beautiful boat or what?

    This is the mother ship http://www.charterworld.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Lady-Christine-view1.jpg
  2. I'm considering buying ONE new sail ...

    Genoa. Mains can be re-cut battens added etc etc . But new Genoas are the cats meow. I'm buying at least one this year as well .
  3. RRS 20 hail when no Obstruction

    I am not seeing anything on the drawing that would lead me to believe there is an obstruction ( no details about reefs etc etc or other traffic) , the drawing looks like there is not enough room for red to clear a tack so if I'm yellow I'm going to tell red to piss off for now and try again next lap. If there were an obstruction put it on the fucking drawing.
  4. Jules Verne Trophy 2016

    The primary issue is a carrier never goes anywhere alone so therein lies its limiting speed and range. The (surface ) Escort group needs fuel.
  5. Best sailboat to sail the Atlantic to Europe next May/June 2017

    this http://www.cruisemapper.com/images/news/content/Cunard-QM2.jpg
  6. Spyglass catalog

    Any six meters in those copies? St Francis V. ?
  7. Return of the One Ton Cup.

    You clearly don't know the history of this Cup which is surprising for someone with a Half Tonner! I get what you`re saying, but I don`t think too many people look at a 6 metre and think One Tonner. Most think of the heydays of the OTC (70`s and 80`s). For them, One Tonner usually means 27.5 IOR or maybe 30.5 IOR. No I look at my six meter and think 100+ years of yachting history. Also about five tons of very interesting sailing.
  8. Electrical Sounds From The Mast

    spectra topping lift /backstay humming?
  9. Are genoa's a thing of the past?

    On six meters the LP is J+ 3 Meters.....
  10. what was it?

    nope transom too skinny , see answers above...
  11. Probability of making it to Hawaii and back

    I think he was talking about Nolan Bushnell's Charley. That was Chuck Hawley that got Charley back to Honolulu after the keel fell off. There might have been some lead in the bilges of that one..
  12. Dear Newport Bermuda Organizing Authority...

    The sole reason the 1-2 exists is for exactly this reason.
  13. Macerator for bilge pump

    The only one I can think of that would be good as a bilge pump is the Vac-U-flush but why bother when an actual Bilge pup version is available? Oily water typically is what does in Non-bilge bilge pumps.
  14. Time for a Class 40 Proto Division?

    huey 2, what the hell is another sportboat doing in this thread? at least post a link so we can see wtf it is. but it aint a class 40.
  15. Cutting new mast tube

    Dingy mast? Alu? Chop saw. The blade needs to be new and or very sharp. Wax the hell out of it , rub a piece of paraffin or cutting wax if you can find it. Block up the end so its nice and level and try a test cut first and check that its square....go slow and easy it's not a two by four.