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  1. Livia

    Hobart Scene

    That was not aimed at you pirate cheers
  2. Livia

    Hobart Scene

    I am going with the people who always push windward leeward racing in clubs are usually selfish fuckwits that other people can't be bothered sailing against. Not saying I agree but just an observation. Boom racing events in this part of the world is passage racing. The tribe have voted.
  3. Just a failed institution that has had to declare war on parts of it membership to try to survive Not worth my time or interest
  4. Well, they did try to throw the only owner hailing from the sub continent out.
  5. I thought it was because of the selective breeding programme in that part of the world. Obviously I was wrong
  6. Livia

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Just a reminder, not your normal November in these southern parts. Being out for three days, and even the Ab lads have been towing the tinnies south and diving from those instead of running the big boats out. Days of gentle sea breezes you get in March and certainly not November which usually just a shitty month of little fronts and westerly air steam.
  7. Livia

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    That was the point, just had a run of cracker days when it should be capricious as this time of year is crap.
  8. The club rule that says new boats to the fleet cannot win trophies. That one! Not that I care about this.
  9. The old chestnut of engaging in Facebook posts about handicaps! and there was the deletion of posts by the administrator over on Sure it will be all be fixed tomorrow
  10. Livia

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Don't say you were not warned but just watching about 45 knots roll through Maatsukyer right now but after the last few days out with 30 degree temps this is not early November normal from the last few years. Looks like a good westerly stream for the next few days so a few days out in the Channel for me.
  11. What do you mean, the club has an alternative income stream. It is called the 592 members who have long term leases in Marina 1. They would be the members paying about $3000.00 this year to be members and subsidize all the others. Of course it no surprise that all but maybe two of these members race their keelboats at other clubs now. But that might be also because only club members are allowed to crew on the boats of club member owners. So everyone has gone elsewhere. Great way to marginalize your long terms owners. Even the Etchells barely get 5 boats for a club race now. Of course the Finn fleet seems to be thriving. Reap what you sew!
  12. Livia

    Australian Sailing

    Looks like every former IRC boat in our evening series is racing under AMS starting tomorrow. No money for the fuckwits then. The tribe has spoken, let the retribution begin.
  13. Livia

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    You mean when they turned of the AIS and went left around the boats ahead
  14. In Qld, , it is pretty simple, Australian Sailing have been cunts and pretty much everyone outside one club are going elsewhere. As are the owners, with the other clubs getting 50 plus boats to events. The tribe has voted. Expect the next Gladstone overall prize to be AMS.
  15. Another success for Australian Sailing in Queensland. Seems every keelboat club except one is going with AMS. Already more AMS applications than IRC issued. And the odd one out has the smallest keelboat fleet anyway. So sad.