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  1. I could not see that much change in the Second pic!
  2. ORC inclining test method

    The logic is also why there must be a unmeasured but calculated waterline beam measurement in IRC worked out in reverse so to speak.
  3. ORC inclining test method

    Dd that was my understanding but I wanted to see if Zonker had a different view.
  4. ORC inclining test method

    Z Where are getting your displacement from!
  5. ORC inclining test method

    Any chance of a pic of your pendulum set up. Cheers
  6. No not ok racing here. Not apples and apples. Just a Sydney 38 FFS. One is a boat from this century and one is a boat from last century!
  7. Yeah, but your berth only go dredged to that to allow the garden ornament (aka the Gome) to get to the travel lift!
  8. Our racers don't drink enough

    I used to try to support the club by shopping there but no more! Now I go up the road 5 minutes to the local hotel.
  9. It gets better, because of nowhere to put the dredge spoil, for years berths were only dredged if you asked so powerboaters would not bother. As a result one berth might be 2.0m lat and the one right next door is 1.0m lat.
  10. Shit 2.5 that is a luxury in Moreton Bay. Most of the 40s sit in 2.0m LAT which the dredge limit for the harbour.
  11. Our racers don't drink enough

    The opposite is the Lota East Fishing and Fighting Club LB refers to where if you buy a cartoon of beer to have after racing on the boat you are charged full bar rate on each bottle in the cartoon.
  12. Our racers don't drink enough

    So here is story to make those of us trying to keep small clubs going cry!. A small but old yacht club had an ageing lady member and the little club had been a big part of her and her late husbands life for over 50 years. Their kids must have treated them both badly because she left this little club a bequest rumoured to be about $1.0 mil. in her will. Smart and wise heads have prevailed and no big ideas adopted and apart from a new wharf, the funds are applied each week by selling beers and barbeque food at a slight loss after racing. So a can of beer was $2.00. and a steak burger $2.00. Popular place!