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  1. And Hoppy never say the boat might be a bit much the current owner is 85 and has been bouncing it around the ocean all year. And you only want to sail in the bay.
  2. Mate, the owner is Harry Smith. You might want to google him. He used to kick my arse when I was a teenager for been a surfer slacker. I did not know who he was back then.
  3. lydia

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Mate, LB 15, he only has to get to Bondi before a big dirty low forms off Gabo. Years ago we joked that we should pay him not to go!
  4. IOR rating band for 1 ton went from 27,5 to 30 feet hence we went from 36 foot to 40 foot one tonners
  5. lydia

    More FP stuff - Olympic Offshore?

    DD they would sure a hell notice, all of sudden the treasurer would have to explain why there was all this money in the bank account. Sa have just about perfectled the flow of money upwards and nothing coming back down. But their real speciality is claiming events as their own when they are financed and run by other people and volunteers.
  6. lydia

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Phil. Crane booked for next week getting an all new one.
  7. lydia

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Unfortunately we are overdue for a reality check so a low like last week forming on Xmas day would be good similar to say 1970 ,1983 and 1994. as for me I am delivering a an old 30 footer from Brisbane to Hobart for the shinny shitter show and leaving about 13 December so I could slip out of Sydney few days behind the low as it moves south east selfish I know!
  8. lydia

    Which TP52 would you buy?

    I did not think you sailed them , I thought they were just garden ornaments. Must just be my part of the world!
  9. lydia

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    What does it rate!!!!!
  10. lydia

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Sorry, I just can't anyone seriously who says they are promoting an environmental cause in a all carbon epoxy boat with a carbon rig with carbon sails. I could not calculate it but how much energy does it take to make 1 kg of epoxy or 1m2 of mainsail. And that is before cubic metres of landfill on disposal. At least the Plastiki guy had some serious commitment and that was 10 years ago.
  11. lydia

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    DD. Yep I was been a bit hard there. Sorry
  12. lydia

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Nothing like a poor HF transmission to transmit the fear in someone’s voice! Sorry had to be said. Like 98 just as most emergencies, all semblance of radio discipline just disappeared.
  13. lydia

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Young Scanas, one day soon if you are really unlucky you will really be getting the shit kicked out of you miles from nowhere. Like really bad. That old Codan 8525 on the Rumcar will be quite important to you. If for no other reason you will hear the reassuring sound of other people getting the shit kicked out of them. Youngsters today Jack!
  14. lydia

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Sorry mate but there you go, the art and science of HF installation. The energy sucker argument was the one first explain to me btw. This thread is why I really get the shits big time when some fucker race committee says I need a Radio Certificate from some dum ass electrician who charges me $100.00 but knows nothing about HF. I had one fucker come down to the boat, try to transmit 20 miles up the coast to a coast guard station that did not monitor 4 MHz HF, got no response and said "I seems Ok" gave me the certificate and took my money. Race Committee happy. Race Committee could no understand why I was pissed.
  15. lydia

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Agree in that the first place I look for problems is ground plane followed by power supply. It is rarely equipment and when it is it usually the auto tuner has got wet. For those who don’t get what the tuner does, it changes the antenna length to suit frequency as a frequency has a optimum antenna length. In olden days you had manual tuners. Also ideally I use a cable (can't think of name right now) but the fuse is an integral part of the cable so no connections at all in the hard wired power cable. Also wire brush every connection and use conductive paste you can buy from the electronics store. Attention to detail is everything for getting the power out as in the scheme of things you are sending out a very tiny signal with a very small power supply. Some say connect to start battery not the house as house will be deep cycle so better immediate power supply. Helped a bloke one who kept saying the set did not transmit when he held the mic key down as the transmission led did not come on. Had to tell him nothing wrong but he did have to speak Also some boats are just better than others, don;t ask me why. Young Scanas is doing Hobart on the Rumcar and right from minute one that set up was a cracker. Relayed transmissions from hundred of mile away, acted a back up radio vessel for yacht races when we where miles way.. Did an informal sked for boats returning from Osaka from in the marina. Here is another Hobart radio tip. If you still have to call Newcastle radio as a radio test don;t try to do it from the inside berths at the CYCA. The signal will not get out through all the rigs around you. Be on an end finger or go for steam in the harbour to do it and try it very late at night or very early morning.