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  1. I don't run a commercial sailing enterprise. I do try to promote small local club based sailing when ever I can. Scot has never failed to put these stories on the front page. "Poles on Parade" a few days ago was the latest. I don't get paid to do it. Scot gets some free media and I get incredible exposure for a small cause. A whole heap of little guys get a huge kick of seeing themselves on the front page. Fair Trade! Just make sure the story is focussed, concise and well written. But that might just be the attention span of people around here! If I ran a commercial enterprise the approach would be completely different. I would expect to buy exposure and I would be getting paid. For me, I have given up looking at Sail-World as it just a place were press releases of commercial enterprises get displayed. So the criticism is completely unjustified.
  2. Poles on Parade - Front Page

    We got that covered, as given the Ed's undoubted expertise he will keep winning on the big days and his handicap will keep going skyward about 5% a month until he has to give Farr40OD time. Simple
  3. Poles on Parade - Front Page

    Scanas, I thought mobile phones had made it as far the Sandgate but obviously I was wrong. Must be something to do with the mud!
  4. Anyone want more info on how it works and how it different ask it here or pm. Be warned that if you are just another World Sailing global domination zealot you are likely to be offended.
  5. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    You are exactly correct it was just after Easter, arvo or aviu someone understood what I meant.
  6. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Can someone please post a pic of the guys wearing safety harnesses clipping to the bar at Hammo race week about a million year ago when cyclone Arvo went through. See very safety conscious sport!
  7. Club racer electronics

    Hoppy don't replace anything just go sailing and in a bit buy new sails. Much greater performance improvement.
  8. That is police car.
  9. Common wisdom is wrong, depends on the boat.
  10. In Over Our Head

    Simple, just put a sign across the front of the cockpit that says this "This is a Mumm 36 class Sailboat If you are not on the side of the yacht, what the F%$# are you doing" That will fix most problems.
  11. So did the Qld Irish Club! Try 2 CBD buildings no debt to everything sold and a small surplus. inslovency is not a balance sheet test.
  12. Faaaarck I just agreed with us. lb will along shortly
  13. Jack, almost $ 5 million in hard core debt and a 54k accounting profit hiding a real loss in trading of between $250k and $500k and the answer is to put on concerts. It is not long for this world. Pity it was something once.
  14. Wasted your time contacting RQYS, not a sailing club anymore. No one wo0uld even know the boat.
  15. Just pm me I rebuilt it and put in the vetus in about 1995.