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  1. Search Mark Hallett - solicitor in Brisbane


  2. 2017 Rules Rule 69

    So what happens when the Protest Committee decide to investigate, appoint an investigator then all resign before deciding if a hearing should be held?
  3. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Tell him to move to Queensland, Lota Fishing and Fighting Club would bestow life time membership for an effort like that.
  4. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    What do you mean, in the news today there is a new casino on Keppel Island for the end of the Keppel Race. Bet you get free entry for fight night with your race entry!
  5. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    It is only floating because it is Waterloo bay and the mast is stuck in the mud holding it all up.
  6. Not seen everyday

    Just needs a decent yacht club and it would be sweet! And a few good referees so the fights go longer!
  7. Not seen everyday

    I figured forced to the right straight off the start line to get clear air and out into the tide on that track. That makes sense if the pic was taken from the start boat.
  8. Not seen everyday

    I thought there where rules about this place. And one rule was not Greasy Al on the front page! Faaarck, you get a 6 knot shitbox and this happens. What, is a Mac 26 next?
  9. Hoppy seriously check out the Edge.

    I have done a 27 hour Brisbane to Gladstone in it which is 315 miles and we ran out of kites with 100 miles to go.

    Pete the owner is a  retired pawn trawler driver and former boat builder

    Super good guy 


    1. hoppy


      I decided to contact the agent for more info. Got more photos but still no info on the sails or rigging. I did a bit of googling her and there are certainly some good results over the years. So she is now on my possible list.

      The thread has eased the "pain" of selling my beloved Jeanneau, but it also frustrates me as I am dependant on it's sale before progressing. Such is life... 

  10. AMS, anyone an expert?

    Horses for courses. What is actually the problem? IRC seems about right. In that range the more sail are you get off the boat the proportionally better the rating. I would check the input data for AMS especially the sail area. Square top mains might be treated very differently. Remember with AMS a 50m2 sail may be actually be put in the formula at 50m2. PM me if you need and I can consult the spreadsheet data I have which about an 80 boat comparison between the systems.
  11. I you can't afford a Sydney 38 just buy the Edge. The Y11 in Melbourne must be poorly sailed. It is only a bit slower that a 38 except downhill in pressure where it will smash them. That one has heaps of good sails as well. I can say this with some authority having sailed a few Gladstone's on it back years ago including one windy one where we ended up in the top 10 over line.
  12. Anyone else jumped today?

    Sail4 beer look on the bright side, you are all good for the 2018 Brisbane to Keppel Race, just don't overtrain between now and the start day!
  13. Brisbane to Keppel

    From what I hear Head Office has already put the fix in. Which was really the point of One Sailing!
  14. Brisbane to Keppel

    Is that 'I have a really small dick" division JS. I just want to help others find the right division for themselves.