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  1. Just pm me I rebuilt it and put in the vetus in about 1995.
  2. Would love to see those "two pics of a half tonner (Woodyard) surfing down some waves in a windy Pittwater Coffs". please Lydia.

  3. Pulled it off and sailed the next race
  4. Got the wording, The outcome?
  5. This is silly, most multis are just wave piercing barges. They sail like a wave piercing barge and motor like one. At best they are average motor sailers so just buy a good displacement cruiser which will be heaps cheaper to run.
  6. Cruising cats are actually very slow on most coastal passages.
  7. Well, someone has a sense of humour, I just got a newsletter on my email telling how I should North Sails for my IRC maxi!
  8. So name a class where rules say one sailmaker only where the sails don't look like crap or all look different. Laser No 49er No Besides, as someone looking for a new fast 40 footer I am really going to buy a boat where I have to buy sails from an organization whose representatives that seems to treat you like shit unless you are about to buy a super maxi!
  9. Least we were trimmed better than the guys in the video, but Shaggy next time we do that can you let me know about the 200kg of chain and anchor in the bow locker. I was having trouble keeping the bow up!
  10. Sydney 41 have about the softest mast section ever put in a 40 footer so it is all about trying to stop compression to get rig tension.
  11. You can't that. Sailing Arsehats will have to step in and stop it. And more entries, we can't have common people sailing in races, we need to make it more expensive, right!
  12. Why is that interesting. I can sail up the coast with a lot less than Cat 3 if I am not in a race!
  13. not sure if no1 of The business was no 1. either way accept it is a most used model and there are newer ones around some put away wet some not. Was just making the point is not what you pay but what you need to spend to get it up to date that is the question.
  14. Not if the sail card is up to date with fresh class gear. Or the standing rigging has already been replaced. Or the rudder bearings done, or the back engine mounts... Nice fresh full sail card is worth plenty given the sail restrictions and the cost.