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  1. Entry for 2018 Brisbane keppel race. Playing for keeps.
  2. This is starting to be an annual event. Another race boat on the beach in August. Sad nevertheless. Or is it the Hobart Race winner curse. Another one gone!
  3. The old bumblebee maybe.
  4. Looks like a to or bigger on the beach at Byron bay
  5. Guess everyone is reviewing the video replay before declaring the winner! News at Eleven!
  6. That was also almost 2 hours ago!
  7. Not even to the first mark and wind has gone. They will be back in the bar by dark!
  8. Just got the phone call, some message about eligibility of Shaggy to start this morning. Guess someone from the Organising Authority thinks this thread brings the race into disrepute. Who would of thought!
  9. The new 30 foot one design proto-type that Team New Zealand are using for the next Americas Cup for racing in the Southern Ocean in winter. Nationality rules apply.... of course.
  10. Dick, I would said the 41 rig was more work given the check stays control everything. The mast sections are very soft so the checks control compression which controls rig tension.
  11. I own a 38 and have sailed a fair bit on 41s. What do mean "offshore"? For Hobart, optimise a 41, get the IRc ct for the one in Scotland. Make sure you buy one with the big rudder but. Rates it's head off so you are done. As for a 38, do nothing really well but nothing really badly. Still a great boat and still the best speed/ dollar / upkeep / etc equation there is. So if you want to be a long term owner there is your answer. We race the heavily optimized M36s regularly, so like the other two say Some 38s have been a looked after a lot better after than others. So try to get one that has been raced inshore only and well maintained.
  12. It is a 36 footer why peel at all. Not worth moving the crew weight. Just drop on foredeck and set. Only 2 guys have to move and only for a short time.
  13. They have not sailed an Etchell maybe, not a well set up one anyway.
  14. A properly set up Etchell is overpowered in 8 knots.