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  1. Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    What do you mean Scanas, you could put it on the floor plan finance at the car yard. You are not thinking this through young lad! Just get a new website for "Fast40 Mega Centre" and you are good to go.
  2. The RQYS Sailing Academy are looking for a Keelboat instructor. Could this be you or someone you know? Sailing Instructor - Keelboat Job in Brisbane Newly Created Role. Use your keelboat instructor skills with one of Australia's premier sailing clubs. Friendly team and quality fleet. Salary Neg seek.com.au So this went up this afternoon apparently. Should We have a poll to select the winner 1. LB 15 2. Port Phillip sailor 3. Random FEEL FREE TO ADD TO THE LIST. WORTHY APPLICANTS CAN PUT THIER BEST CASE FORWARD ON THE FORUM.
  3. Job Opportunity - Best Talent

    I am going with GRS, the Tasmanians have it worked out already!
  4. Job Opportunity - Best Talent

    Selection panel - as it is am important job
  5. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    So a whole lot a people ( save for two all unpaid and volunteer) try to save a 70 year old race where numbers have dwindled to less than 25 entries. The race is about to die completely after 68 years. There are fights with the arsehats, issues with Maritime Safety and the Port authorities. The city that hosts the finish is coming out of hard times and really embraces the event. Two years later there is close to 70 entries. Just saying
  6. Job Opportunity - Best Talent

    So lets work through this. Ideally you will be very much "hands on- meaning , well don't have to explain that one. You will be a good communicator - meaning you are good at listening not actually doing anything. practical - meaning implimenting the manifesto without question to the detriment of ordinary members a multi tasker - meaning I am not going near that one! with a background in Keelboat Instruction from beginner to performance level - meaning we have already picked the successful applicant A knowledge of the entire pathway of sailing from a junior level would be well regarded - we have done a deal to get someone out of the AS head office. It is preferable that you are a certified AS Keelboat Senior Instructor or hold similar qualifications as well as a Recreational Marine Drivers Licence or higher, First Aid + CPR meaning we have no idea what the job actually entails yet. A current Working with Children Blue Card meaning it can't be anyone who posts here!. Mind you, I would peg the salary to a KPI of growing fleet numbers when there are only 17 boats entered for season points and only 5 have sailed most of the races.
  7. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    One that you are not going to see on the start line next year, if the Race Committee muscle up and do the right and proper thing and not accept the entry for next year!
  8. Job Opportunity - Best Talent

    On second thoughts, Last Post and Dick Darstardly should job share with Bob Perry and Presuming Ed! That will really fuck the students up, there might learn something!
  9. Job Opportunity - Best Talent

    So we could select the best candidate from here and sent their resume in for them. From the ad The Applicant: Ideally you will be very much "hands on". You will be a good communicator, practical, a multi tasker with a background in Keelboat Instruction from beginner to performance level. A knowledge of the entire pathway of sailing from a junior level would be well regarded. It is preferable that you are a certified AS Keelboat Senior Instructor or hold similar qualifications as well as a Recreational Marine Drivers Licence or higher, First Aid + CPR. The position requires you to hold a current Working with Children Blue Card. Or we could just have a poll 1 LB15 2. Random 3. Port Phillip Sailor (current favourite) 4. Lord Dubbin 5. Snagglepuss 6,. That kiwi who stalks LB Play through everyone!
  10. Anybody repower with a Torqueedo Pod here

    That is bullshit, you driving Oceans in a Gladstone when you chinesed with the 1.5 asso on just near Lady Elliot on about 2003. actually now I think about that is LB's boat now and he still has the asso.
  11. Anybody repower with a Torqueedo Pod here

    Just helping!
  12. Actually pretty cheap DD when compared to buying cheaper and doing the replacements and upgrades that boats of the age need. Lift rig and replace standing rigging and turnbuckles and foil about 11k. Replace engine mounts and mechanicals about 4k Few new halyards, steering strops and deck gear about 4k Rudder bearings about 2k with lift out etc That is before you get to good sails so add another 40k for a inshore main. 2 headsails and 2 kites. So even if you buy under 90k you are still well behind a well maintained one with a full new sail card. And this one has not gone offshore and will be factory delivery trim (ie no extra weight) Just need to get past the sticker shock. There is one I know for sale at present that even if you paid 60k for it you would still be behind a long way given the maintenance programme. Hoppy, race in and buy that one and then call me is 6 months to see how you are going with it!
  13. That is good value, as all the expensive bits have already been replaced and sails are good. Standing rigging replaced, running rigging in good nick and only sailed inshore.
  14. Exactly what he said! Even 40 footers that weigh about the same now have very different performance characteristics across wind angles and range (take a Sydney 38 and a J 111, First 40 and a J 133) for example) so weather determines most outcomes now days.
  15. That is not from the multi hulls, that looks a lot like the guy from one of the vintage boats. Sorry mate!
  16. Lb you could post a pic of Black Jack picking up their prize at the presentation but the forum does not let you post a blank page I guess.
  17. Obviously, a different Gladstone the the one I have been to about 20 times. Even with the rum effect!
  18. Morning Cloud III

    Now days, the converse is true unfortunately, especially in Family Law disputes. Empowerment by any means hey!
  19. Morning Cloud III

    DD, some interior shots of Doug's work
  20. Morning Cloud III

    And yes it is going back to Defiance blue of course!