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  1. Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Couta, flattering but credit where credit is due, I would have to displace Duncan here first. Although he had the benefit the odd blow home in other races.
  2. "Sssc training for atleast 30% of the crew etc all of which is a lot of extra shit and is a huge cost and time hurdle, and a major put off," Funnily enough my own personal requirement as master (note not owner) is that every one on the boat has done SSSC, Radio ct and a marine first aid not a pretend one. No one has every refused! But that is my choice as master. So maybe my guys take training more seriously! Here is a little test, quickly grab the EPRIB or PLB you carry on the boat, and with out looking at it, put is behind your back and try to activate it. You won't need the AMSA number as no one every gets it first time. (I said without looking at it first) But I agree that in one regards SSSC could be improved greatly by having a boat specific module. You might be the one with the beacon and you don't have a torch.
  3. From memory there are 12 points of difference between cat 2 and 3 but the biggest is proof of stability and ISO/ABS. So for instance, you could take your jeanneau relying on the CE Cat A or B plate (by sending pics of it) as opposed to ORCi inclination and calculated AVS. So zero cost vs. about $ 3k. and all the hassle of inclination. That would deal with structural rules as well. Also, no ISO or ABS structural requirements. With this local fleet quite a few boats where never built to ABS after 1987. So no costs of this compliance if you have an older boat.
  4. AIS (personal or otherwise) is the best bit of new kit in my lifetime.
  5. My hope when taking on Sailing Australia about the safety issues was to get from 22 entries to 50 on entries in three years. So we are a year and 20 entries ahead. There will a drop off next year so we will see. Of course the race which should every year have over 100 entries is Brisbane to Keppel, given on my rough count last year 220 boats sailed to course in the weeks leading up to Hammo but very few were full Cat 2 compliant. But of course "safety will not be compromised" for that race. Of course no one suggesting safety should be compromised just made more affordable.
  6. I recall seeing it was lift keel in 2012 so can be a good range of things.
  7. Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Scanas, you are only new to this I know, but Teasing Machine got out to a 13 hour lead at one point only to loose the lot after Tasman with the JPK suffering a similar fate.
  8. I have a recollection Finisterre had a lifting keel.
  9. Sydney To Hobart 2018

    BTW Limit RP 63 is one of the better buys floating around at the moment. Now on West Coast of States for sale.
  10. Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Going with a 30 footer that rates 0.8500 IRC because after last year we are due for the mother of all blow homes!
  11. Australian Yachting Championship 2019

    That is a big price to pay to get him out of head office though!
  12. Australian Yachting Championship 2019

    Are you shitting me! Perfect, I am a member of 3 Tasmanian clubs. Who's your daddy!
  13. The cricket tragic in the house wants to know how to get watch the IPL in Australia. (legally or otherwise) Not on Fox or any other service. Any ideas?
  14. And don't get down if you test it in the marina and it is crap, get clear of the rigs of other boats and away from things like microwaves, cd players etc. You are only punching out a weak signal on a good day. also punters mainly so called electronic technician tend to test during the middle of the day. The machine does not work like that. Make sure the station you are testing with is run by people use HF regularly. a good signal to a regular HF user will sound like shit to a dickhead who only uses short range VHF and they will telling you the signal is crap.
  15. More art than science. Depends on boat. Starting point is ground plane, make it long and keep it clean (and on keel boats can be great or crap) Put the auto tuner at the very base of the antenna not near the set (very important with ICOM) Many high quality whips work better than backstay. For no good reason don't have lifelines around boat than don't have a lanyard termination. Run separate power cable straight to battery not through any switch board. (ones with inbuilt fuse work best) Keep the batteries really high. Understand propagation and solar conduction. good luck
  16. JS There were different rules for ORC as opposed the AYF special prescriptions. Nokia had come from Europe and was ORC compliant but not AYF compliant. Can't help you with what year the rest of the world changed.
  17. Was never part of the ORC regs. Nokia was bitching in 1999 Hobart that they had to install a front hatch.
  18. Nortruss, just another sad story. Guy, newish to sailing, wants to upgrade, get convinced to buy the Inglis which was a boarder originally. Next thing you know, new keel, new rig, new sails. Get line honours in one of the last Sydney Mooloolaba's. Nortruss, the company wound up not long afterwards. All tears. Another owner burnt.
  19. It is no accident that the two states that told Sailing Australia to fuck off are the ones growing their offshore fleets.
  20. "The original authors of these proposals to downgrade safety requirements (Lydia being one of them) never intended nor recommended that the SSSC requirement be down graded, only some equipment and stability requirements be more realistic. " The real emphasis was to move away from the gadgets and bright shinny things and move to better training. The stability issues were based on voodoo physics and "we will never compromise safety" attitude of some yacht club flag officers missed the point and showed their ignorance. No one was saying compromise safety just that there was far cheaper and equal alternatives. Lastly, if nothing changed there would be no offshore fleets mainly due to cost. So 60 entries is a great result as the aim from were I sat at the time was to get 50. But I still have grave concerns about training and experience. Maybe 5% of the boats and even less of the crews have ever put up storm sails in anger ever in their lives. That is a real problem
  21. On the best "That's ocean racing" shots ever. So this is how everyone looks in the last 15 miles of a Gladstone sailing up the creek against a spring ebb tide knowing that your IRC lead over the 100 footers and the canters you had at the mouth of the harbour has now gone out with the tide. From about 2011, I think.
  22. Scanas if LB in the Syd 41 beats you over the line tell Blake I am coming around to take the boat back because clearly you guys don't deserve it.
  23. Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania

    Think he is referring to the previous position that you can't have fish farms because on the one day of the year when some rich person's race boat goes past it might run into one. Which the previous broadcast position.
  24. So the RYCT has formally objected to the establishment of a new salmon farm off Wedge Island in Storm Bay because, what for it, it will be a hazard to yachts in the Hobart Race. At best it is 7 miles off the rhumb line and what, all those experienced navigators can't miss a well lit fish farm. And because of those two days a year there will be no fish farm. Really! Sounds like someone has another agenda. www.abc.net.au/2016-07-17/news/salmon-farm-expansion-river-derwent-could-interrupt-yacht-race/7635948
  25. is the S2H too short for a modern maxi ?

    In any event you would want the 100 footers to go up the West coast not down.