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  2. So the RYCT has formally objected to the establishment of a new salmon farm off Wedge Island in Storm Bay because, what for it, it will be a hazard to yachts in the Hobart Race. At best it is 7 miles off the rhumb line and what, all those experienced navigators can't miss a well lit fish farm. And because of those two days a year there will be no fish farm. Really! Sounds like someone has another agenda. www.abc.net.au/2016-07-17/news/salmon-farm-expansion-river-derwent-could-interrupt-yacht-race/7635948
  3. Definitely Compass Yachts. Check out the cockpit detail aft. sorry
  4. Pity there is no video on the boat next door. Equally famous in it's own way. Did a cruise in company with Holger around Tasmania some years back. It was owned by Eric the German back then. It was fun.
  5. Don't anyone get ideas, New South Wales still has the old test for a AVO, that there was domestic violence and that it will happen again where as other Australian states have a new test of whether it is appropriate that an order be made. What ever that means.
  6. Should be on the front page! NAME THAT BOAT Win something from Teaky's desk Wanna Cry is a good start I am going first with "The Pram" as in Ed can throw his toys out if it!
  7. Greasy You miss the point, we don't play there, the boat is just kept there. We don't do club events and we don't go to the bar there. We might if the product was better but it is not. They have even withdrawn from the regular combined clubs events because they are so special.
  8. JS I have been a director of the major club entity (the one that makes all the money anyway) So settle down.
  9. Not so simple, that is what happens when clubs stop being clubs and just be boat storage facilities
  10. I would have thought "Downfall " would have been more appropriate.
  11. Hey i am the one that turns up and pays, end of story, they are guests on my boat. They are not racing their own boats in your precious club events. If they bludging off anyone it is me. And how exactly are they bludging off other members by walking from the gate to the marina, really. You also miss the point I am not talking about your club events because we don't play those but then again who does. We go and play in other people events because gee i don't know, they have a better products many of which we like to buy. Stop drinking the Koolaid.
  12. Not all states banded. How many members does Sandringham have?
  13. Nobody is bashing anyone here, I just want value for my money and right now i don't see i get it. And secondly i don't bullshit excuses like the insurance or whatever to conscript people to pay more than they should for very little benefit. Especially as I am a member of 4 clubs so get four times the cost and not four times the benefit.
  14. Members are not allowed at meetings, only the AGM which usually lasts about 10 minutes.
  15. Random, so what is the range or they all the same?
  16. What you really mean is that you are making 3 contributions to AS but only one set of benefits.
  17. Dunc, the range is now getting embarrassing.
  18. So on a different topic namely, your contribution to your State Association and then the Arsehats, anyone asked their club how much of your yearly fee is going to the peak bodies this year. Most clubs will not say what they are paying and say it is just part of your membership fee and you can't know, but very curious as to the range across the country.
  19. So at a club I sail we are headed to the situation where only club members can sail on the boats of club members. Of course no one has the guts to come out and say this but it is achieved by stealth. So as of 1 May all gate key tags are turned off. (It was not uncommon for people to have a keycard for each car so multiple key cards which I would otherwise lend to crew dropping gear at the boat for instance) You now only get access by a single membership card, no duplicates issued. No crew access or passes to get to the marina and to a members boat. We are not talking about bar rights here. After 3 club races a person sailing in a race must join the club. So only 2 of my 8 guys are club members and 6 are members at the club next do. (So no Arsehat issue and everyone has a AS membership nos.) Of the 8 we have a pathologist, a sail maker, a cabinet maker, lawyer, manager of a large printing company so not exactly drug fucked layabouts except the lawyer. But apparently these people cannot be trusted to pass through the gate and walk along the marina to my boat. I am now required to attend the front door pick everyone up in my car and drive through the grounds to the marina and to the boat or otherwise escort them through the grounds. So 2 trip for me sometimes 3 with gear in the truck. I would be hard to make it any more difficult to go sailing for a day. So the prohibition on entry is not far away, not withstanding I am the member and I pay my fees and these people are my guests. Of course requesting crew names has been tried in the past at this club with the response that most boats just sail at other clubs/events now and by-pass the place. Last weekend they had a whole 6 boats sail in a premier club event. You reap what you sow!
  20. Snoops, you might want to read the report and bit about the salmon farm vessels interacting with the Huon river fleets safely but not so much when they come up town. That is funny.
  21. Pity the official report got released this week. Harsh reading for spar-lash and his mates. Looks like SBSC has a bit of work to do.
  22. Funnily enough, I spend quite a bit of time on sailing administration each week, and most of it is dealing with issues AS do not want to touch or trying to get ordinary sailors value for their sailing dollar. As for standing for office you clearly do not understand One Sailing which of course carries with it the great irony that AS will now have to deal with all the state based issues it always ran a hundred miles from or not deal with them at all leaving no body representing sailors to deal with them.
  23. yep
  24. I should say that a few of us are getting things changed by making the Arsehats irrelevant and helping the clubs do their own thing for their own members. And top marks to the club administrators who have had the guts to do it.
  25. Well done Phil S, you are defending the Sailing Arsehats and you sail a class which in it's history has never affiliated and does not appear to done so even now according to the Arsehat website. As to the other stuff, we have a fragmented set of rules because of peak body inaction as each states has a different approach to the Col Regs and RRs problem. Let alone the states where the Col Regs breach is a criminal offence which voids insurance. RRs don't mean much. Government liason has worked well seeing you still can't legally trail a sports boat or an Etchell is three states. Again no insurance. Name one instance where our peak body has delivered on a national level in the past decade. And we don't get a keel boat measurement , we pay for that separately at up to 100% mark up compared to the UK. Next.