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  1. I feel bad for the Racoon.
  2. Not in Avila or pt San Luis either.
  3. Well he is not in SB. Flat as a lake out there, perfect for motoring around Pt C.
  4. Isn't there a storm in SF today ?
  5. Some interesting weather coming thru this week.
  6. Should be an interesting night on the FH.
  7. Big storm with south winds on the way.
  8. Cold and rainy up there in the bay this morning... Coming our way next ( finally some rain ).
  9. Meanwhile on the flyin Hawaiian...
  10. Really a bit sad that the 10k post had nothing to do with the FH.
  11. #9977 Coastal winds picking up, but nothing in the bay.
  12. Things are already moving around ( for a good reason). Time for another benchmark #9934
  13. Time for another benchmark since the weather is so boring (nice) #9907
  14. #9837 - benchmark for tracking the deletes
  15. so, another weak cold front coming thru today and it's gonna be windy for a while starting tonight... -jd