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  1. what is it?

    looks like if X-Yachts were to build a small sport boat...
  2. Tool kit must Haves

    What's in your on board tool kit? for reference i have a C&C 37, 80's cruising boat... I have 2 crescent wrenches 2 channel locks 2 vice grips (large and small) 3 pliers (2 standard, 2 NN) 3/8,1/2,1/4 wrenchs wire cutters Hacksaw 2 multi drivers volt meter 2 multi tools razor knife hammer mallet emergency tape (self bonding, waterproof) E-tape zip ties lighter graphite spray Allen Set What else?
  3. Samurai (former Mari Cha IV)

    Another question is how many miles will Comanche go in 24h when she is up on foils... I don't think Samurai will be able to get it up....
  4. 1985 C&C 37 CB

    I have an 1982 C&C 37, and love it. Sailing performance is OK, very manageable for 2 (with a toddler). Upwind it will do very nicely against anything in it's era and will still outperform most modern cruising boats. A folding propeller makes all the difference if you want some extra speed but hurts a little in motoring performance. The rudder is HUGE so turning the boat when you want is generally not a problem. The full keel version draws almost 7' so it can be a bit tricky visiting some places, but if you do your homework you should be fine. It has a BIG genoa, so make sure your primary's are decent. the Main is a little small in my opinion but it is very nice having it sheeted from the cabin top (for cruising) and keep all of the main sheet stuff out of the cockpit. The Interior is a good design. With a decent sized V-birth (That's where my son sleeps as we can shut the door at night and still have dinner/drinks without keeping the volume down to much) and a 1/4 birth with over 6'4 of length. The Fridge is massive and can easily keep a weeks worth of food. Some keep the table in some take it out... either way there is lots of room below if you need to spend any time there. Bang for the buck it's hard to go wrong. Boats generally sell for the 35000 - 50000 and its tough to find a better boat for less money.