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  1. jacrider

    Boat BBQ Feedback?

    Guys: Many thanks for the feedback. I have been away (sailing thankfully) and back in town now. I salvaged a part or two off one of the Force 10's to get the other one running. Barely. I also picked up a new burner and diffuser plate for the Magma and it is up and running. At the store picking up the Magma parts, the retailer basically said if you want good cooking and long-term parts availability, get the Dickinson Sea-BQ. I think Kuuma is the successor to Force 10, but so far, no one has been able to get me any parts for the old log style Force 10's. Long term, I want to keep the Magma off my boat ... its too big to leave on a rail mount full time. We also like it on trips in our VW Westy. So, I will start looking for the right sized Dickinson. The small looks a bit too small... The large is actually huge... Will take my personal Commodore over to check out which one she wants. Thanks again.
  2. jacrider

    Trailer-able performance cruisers under 5k?

    Google the C&C Mega 30. Might have been ahead of it's time, but about your price range and can trailer.
  3. jacrider

    Boat BBQ Feedback?

    Sorry for a rather pedestrian topic, but we have been using a pair of Force 10 BBQ's on our boat for the past 20 years. We have replaced most parts several times over the years. Burners, grills, regulators, etc. Was happy to do another round of maintenance this spring, but all my suppliers don't have parts and can't seem to get any. Pisses me off... I think we are almost forced to have to replace with a new BBQ. I have a Magma on our back deck that we throw in our VW Westy for camping trips as well, but it is bigger than the Force 10's, so we haven't tried it on the boat. Bigger, but the grill surface wouldn't be much different. I have also done a bunch of maintenance on this unit. I think it is called the Catalina. Pals have had the Dickinson Sea-BQ or something. Also like it. A bit pricey, but he says the parts are all available. Any recommendations? Many thanks.
  4. jacrider

    what is it?

    Looks like foil retrofitted on a lifting keel sport boat. I don't think it is that boat in the video which is flying. Wrong colours.
  5. jacrider

    Trying to Buy a Boat

    Lots of boats on the market. I would move on. An indication of how closing a sale could prove difficult and frustrating.
  6. jacrider

    Solar Systems

    Three of us all installed Solbian panels about 5 years ago. Each boat has 2 panels, so as of last fall when we put the boats away, all 6 panels are working as when we installed them. Expensive, but seem to be worth it. In terms of a solar system, you really need to be aware of the 24 hour draw you anticipate. Then assume you have 8 hours of sun (or change as you feel comfortable) and figure out how many watts of solar needed to satisfy that demand in the number of hours of sun. Then add a safety factor for cloudy/rainy days. Your battery choice will not impact this math. It will dictate how many amp-hrs of capacity you require. Lead acid will need at least double your 24 hour draw if you want to be fossil fuel free, less if you have other charging sources. We have found it easier/cheaper to really focus on reducing power draw in these equations.
  7. jacrider

    I have a question for those with boom furling

    We drop our mast every 4 or 5 years for the winter. Check halyards, standing rigging, etc. I think it is a couple of hours work to unrig it. And two beefy guys with a lift to get it off the boat. Not a job for the skipper and his commodore.
  8. jacrider

    I have a question for those with boom furling

    We have a Leisure Furl on our First 47.7 Love it. Makes it so easy for two of us to sail this boat. When on the water, we sail virtually all the time as we only need 6 or 7 knots to get similar speeds. Raising the main requires an electric winch as the sail is a bit heavy and there is some friction in the system. Boom is all aluminium, and fairly heavy. My wife and I couldn't lift it together, and we are active fit folks. Is this what you need?
  9. jacrider

    Etchells or Star for single handed cruising?

    To the OP, given you are on Lake Ontario, have a look at a Shark. If you rig the blade it would be managable. Many have furlers. Decent cabin for an overnight. Lots available and fairly cheap. Can be trailed to a destination to cruise.
  10. jacrider

    3Di Nordac

    I ended up ordering the 3Di Endurance, which is a more "technical" sail than the Nordac. Premium over the Nordac was 25% - will be lighter and hold shape better. There was a bit of concern about fitting either the 3Di Nordac or the tri-radial in my Leisurefurl boom. I am replacing a 3DL that was thinner than either of these. Interesting, the 3Di Nordac was cheaper than a dacron tri-radial sail...
  11. I tend to agree, however, working with Bruce Schwab, he says it is better to have a bimini and velcro the panels there. Less shading. We ended up doing this and most people don't know we have solar.
  12. jacrider

    3Di Nordac

    Many thanks for the feedback.
  13. jacrider

    3Di Nordac

    Great topic. Two seasons ago, we blew up our #2 which was a Doyle Stratis membrane sail that came with the boat. We were sailing along in 12 knots, and in less than 5 minutes a squall came through with 50+ knots... North built us a beautiful tri-radial out of a dacron with dyneema threads. It is grey in colour and a beautiful sail. Have used it for two seasons and the shape is great. I think it was a Norlam Xi09. This season, our main (also a Doyle stratus membrane sail) ended the season delaminating badly and starting to mildew. Time to replace. I have a quote from North for the same Norlam radial design and a 3Di Nordac. Virtually the same price, so not a factor. My questions: 1. Has anyone had any experience with 3Di Nordac on larger boats? We are 48' and earlier in this thread it was suggested these were for smaller boats. #2 anyone have one in a boom furler? We have a Leisurefurl. My personal commodore likes the idea of the grey sail to match the headsail. She is also really happy with the headsail ... no issues, no mildew, great shape... Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. jacrider

    Scanmar 33 - rebuild after dismasting

    Good thread. Good discussion on long-term maintenance. As you are replacing the mast, hopefully you have spent some time on choosing halyards. New high-tech lines are much stronger, lighter, thinner than when your original spar was built. Much easier to handle without wire spliced into rope. Less friction. A real improvement.
  15. jacrider

    Making the perfect cockpit table - or not

    Have you drugged your Jack Russel? Our JRT would be on the table if he could get that close to our food! To the original question, I believe the 36.7 doesn't have much of a pedestal, so that limits most of the traditional designs. We have a 47.7 and ended up with two simple folding tables that we store in the locker when not in use. The big traveller means we can't really use them underway so only on anchor. Also means we don't need fiddles or glass holders. I even found a photo ... where I am beating one of my daughters at backgammon.