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  1. I tend to agree, however, working with Bruce Schwab, he says it is better to have a bimini and velcro the panels there. Less shading. We ended up doing this and most people don't know we have solar.
  2. 3Di Nordac

    Many thanks for the feedback.
  3. 3Di Nordac

    Great topic. Two seasons ago, we blew up our #2 which was a Doyle Stratis membrane sail that came with the boat. We were sailing along in 12 knots, and in less than 5 minutes a squall came through with 50+ knots... North built us a beautiful tri-radial out of a dacron with dyneema threads. It is grey in colour and a beautiful sail. Have used it for two seasons and the shape is great. I think it was a Norlam Xi09. This season, our main (also a Doyle stratus membrane sail) ended the season delaminating badly and starting to mildew. Time to replace. I have a quote from North for the same Norlam radial design and a 3Di Nordac. Virtually the same price, so not a factor. My questions: 1. Has anyone had any experience with 3Di Nordac on larger boats? We are 48' and earlier in this thread it was suggested these were for smaller boats. #2 anyone have one in a boom furler? We have a Leisurefurl. My personal commodore likes the idea of the grey sail to match the headsail. She is also really happy with the headsail ... no issues, no mildew, great shape... Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Scanmar 33 - rebuild after dismasting

    Good thread. Good discussion on long-term maintenance. As you are replacing the mast, hopefully you have spent some time on choosing halyards. New high-tech lines are much stronger, lighter, thinner than when your original spar was built. Much easier to handle without wire spliced into rope. Less friction. A real improvement.
  5. Mast or boom furling?

    Love the Leisure Furl. We sail a 50' boat, with a fully battened 3DL sail that is easy to manage. Great shape and control. Easy reefing. Sail cover is easy. We likely sail harder as a result. What's not to love? Oh, the cost is an issue...
  6. Making the perfect cockpit table - or not

    Have you drugged your Jack Russel? Our JRT would be on the table if he could get that close to our food! To the original question, I believe the 36.7 doesn't have much of a pedestal, so that limits most of the traditional designs. We have a 47.7 and ended up with two simple folding tables that we store in the locker when not in use. The big traveller means we can't really use them underway so only on anchor. Also means we don't need fiddles or glass holders. I even found a photo ... where I am beating one of my daughters at backgammon.
  7. Thoughts on Boom Tents

    Anyone with any experience with this product? http://www.shadetreefabricshelters.com/ I think it would work well for our boat. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thx.
  8. Race Replays

    Got it. Cheers.
  9. Race Replays

    Brilliant! Thanks Rudder.
  10. Aging Gracefully

    Some good ideas in this thread, but too much on how to take a leak. I would look at an electric halyard winch. Fairly easy to install, makes a huge difference getting sails hoisted. I am assuming you already have self-tailing primary winches, if not, add those as well. Then I would make sure you run a #2 (or #3) headsail. New sail materials are generally lighter, again making things easier. I would also look at running rigging. New modern lines are smaller and run better through blocks and sheaves reducing friction and making adjustments easier. Cleaning and lubricating blocks and sheaves also recommended. An electric windlass would also be a good change. I would also recommend regular exercise and yoga to stay strong, flexible and balanced.
  11. Escape summer heat

    You have some great suggestions here. Newfoundland is spectacular. Lake Superior is high on my list. However, what about The North Channel? Beautiful freshwater cruising. Good charter boats are available. Warm days, cool nights, perfect swimming water temperatures, blueberries, fishing, etc. If not looking for a sailing holiday. Check out Cape Breton in Nova Scotia.
  12. Bye Bye to AGM

  13. Fast, shoal draft cruising boat

    If we are talking about cool shoal draft boats with a tiller, I have to remind everyone of one of my favourites: the Presto 30. http://www.rodgermartindesign.com/portfolio/presto-30/ Light, simple, fast, aesthetically pleasing (at least to me). I think Rodger Martin drew some larger versions, but don't know if any were built.
  14. Single braid to double braid splice sizing

    Will: What are you trying to do? For a Shark, what about having only dyneema on the load bearing part of the halyard? Have a loop spliced on to tail of the halyard. The pick it up on a stainless hook with some purchase to adjust tension and cleat it. Many dinghy classes do this. This will never introduce any weakness into the system.
  15. Fast, shoal draft cruising boat

    How about a shoal draft Beneteau First 40.7 (or the First 405/425)? Nice sailing. Hits most of your check-boxes and its in the price range. Finding a shoal might be hard, but they are out there... Thought about a 40.7 and will look at the other two. The shoal draft version is 6' 2" btw, which according to some is not a shoal draft. Would be a push for us I guess. All the 40.7s I looked at all were three cabin layouts. Is there a two cabin version? Fairly or unfairly I wonder about the overall strength of these boats for doing the occasional offshore passage. Came on another possibility, the Sabre 402. Seems like a nice boat, not as fast as a J/42 but nicer accommodations. The 40.7 / 44.7 / 47.7 have all been successful in competing in Sydney-Hobart, Vic-Maui and Trans-Pac, etc. I think they can do the occasional offshore passage! Sabre not as fast as any of these or the J/42. Nice boats, but heavy compared to these.