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  1. jacrider

    Cockpit table design for 40.7?

    We have a 47.7 with essentially the same cockpit. We just have two small folding tables we can use for cocktails, but we tend not to eat meals in the cockpit. We eat dinner below for sure. That could be due to the fact that at dinner time here in Canada, if you aren't below, you are dinner for the mosquitoes. Post dinner, they tend to leave, and we can enjoy a cleansing ale or two in the cockpit. Those tables that fold into the floor look cool, but I bet cleaning everything that gets under there will grow old. That boat with the photo of the two pedestal table, again looks nice, but I bet many toes have been crunched on those raised fittings. I remember seeing a similar style of mounting, but they had the receivers mounted in the top of a foot-block that went the length of the cockpit with nice smooth edges.
  2. jacrider

    Asymetric or Code Zero for my Jeanneau 39i

    GMT Composites made the sprit for us. Fairly simple fixed sprit. It's permanently mounted and requires a bob stay. We have a Facnor furler on the Code 0 and a sock/snuffer on the assy. The luff of the Code 0 needs lots of tension, so we had to upgrade the halyard. Some boats run purchase on the luff, either at the top of the halyard or under the furler. We have a dyneema cored halyard and run it through 2 spinlock clutches to hold better. This bank of clutches has an electric winch, so we can create tension. We also use a barberhauler on the sheets and adjust it regularly as wind speed and angle changes.
  3. jacrider

    Asymetric or Code Zero for my Jeanneau 39i

    Gotta have a feathering or folding prop. We have both - asymmetric and code 0. We rarely use the assy. We do use and like the code 0. More wind angles generally. Easier to rig/hoist. Furling is a must. We like that if we use the code 0 on long sails, we can leave it up furled as we enter an anchorage, get settled then take it down and stow it away. Assy is pretty, and in the right conditions/wind angle fun to sail. We are a 49' boat. Nearly mast head rig and swept spreaders. Normally sailed double handed with a decent autopilot. We have a short (24" or so) bow sprit and tack both sails there.
  4. jacrider

    E-nav on the cheap

    Yes, I will be adding some ferrites on the cables. They are in the bag of parts... Just need more time!
  5. jacrider

    E-nav on the cheap

    I am working on a e-nav system based on a RasPi 3B. I have the following components: 1. RasPi 2. This 10.1" touchscreen: https://www.robotshop.com/ca/en/101-resistive-lcd-touch-screen-hdmi-interface.html 3. Logitech wireless keyboard/touchpad: K400 4. USB3 2TB hard drive (more on why later) 5. GPS/AIS Receiver: https://www.tindie.com/products/Quarkelec/qk-a026-wireless-aisgps-receiver/?pt=ac_prod_search 6. VHF Splitter: https://ca.binnacle.com/p8348/Glomex-RA201-VHF/AM-FM/AIS-Splitter/product_info.html 7. Power supply: https://www.creatroninc.com/product/15-35v-3a-adjustable-step-down-regulator-with-display/ So, the primary purpose is to run OpenPlotter/OpenCPN. All the data should move around properly with GPS/AIS data. I can also share NMEA/Raymarine data as well. The 2TB hard drive is so I can run a Plex server (www.plex.tv) to serve music all over the boat. So far it works with a USB GPS, Plex, etc. I haven't had the time to get the AIS/GPS installed yet, but next spring (our season is over) I will be working on it. The unit draws less than half an amp when running, including the screen. That's pretty good.
  6. jacrider

    Show your boat not sailing

    Here we are anchored in the Bustard Islands up in the northern part of Georgian Bay. One of my favourite anchorages. Good fishing. The plane is my dad and a pal who flew over to wave at us. No comments about the bikinis ... wife and teenaged daughters. Completely off limits.
  7. jacrider

    Amazing plastic polishing product

    What a great idea! I will use it on my hockey helmet visor. Here in the north, the end of sailing season always means the start of hockey season.
  8. jacrider

    Boat BBQ Feedback?

    So the search for Force 10 parts has officially been called off. Two decent BBQ's without burners are going into the dumpster. I spent about $150 to get our Magma back up and running with a new burner, regulator and heat difuser. So our backyard is up and running. The Commodore went to the local marine shop and after looking at all options and came home with the small sized Dickinson Sea-B-Q. She said she can get 3 big steaks on it, and that's what she wants for capacity. Need to figure out the mount as they don't have an option of putting the BBQ a bit outboard from the stern rail.
  9. jacrider

    Amazing plastic polishing product

    Thanks for all the feedback. I tend to agree, this isn't a permanent fix, but rather an annual maintenance item. I just picked up another bottle and while there grabbed a bottle of Novus #1 and a bottle of 303 Aerospace Protectant. I am going to try both - maybe I will even do a comparison and put each product on one panel and see how things go. I know all things wear, and those things in the sun wear faster. I am just hoping to slow the rate of decay! I also am impressed on how the Novus #2 cleaned up all sorts of things. Good to have a bottle or two on hand. I don't sit still very well, so when on anchor, the Commodore can give me a polishing task or two.
  10. In an effort to clean off some UV haze on our flexible solar panels, the manufacturer of the panels (Solbian) recommended using Novus Polish #2 to remove this UV haze and restore the surface to being smooth and clear. I contacted Novus and found a distributor nearby, picked up a bottle and headed to the boat. We took the solar panels down and in less than 30 minutes both panels looked like they were new. Hooking them back up, our solar output was back to when they were new 5 years ago. So, we tried this stuff on some other plastics - the dodger windows, the compass globe, a Lewmar port and all came up beautifully. Going back to get another bottle as we have 14 Lewmar ports to do. Highly recommended. https://www.novuspolish.com/index.html Anyone have any recommendations for a product to protect the now clean solar panels from further UV damage?
  11. jacrider

    Boat BBQ Feedback?

    Guys: Many thanks for the feedback. I have been away (sailing thankfully) and back in town now. I salvaged a part or two off one of the Force 10's to get the other one running. Barely. I also picked up a new burner and diffuser plate for the Magma and it is up and running. At the store picking up the Magma parts, the retailer basically said if you want good cooking and long-term parts availability, get the Dickinson Sea-BQ. I think Kuuma is the successor to Force 10, but so far, no one has been able to get me any parts for the old log style Force 10's. Long term, I want to keep the Magma off my boat ... its too big to leave on a rail mount full time. We also like it on trips in our VW Westy. So, I will start looking for the right sized Dickinson. The small looks a bit too small... The large is actually huge... Will take my personal Commodore over to check out which one she wants. Thanks again.
  12. jacrider

    Trailer-able performance cruisers under 5k?

    Google the C&C Mega 30. Might have been ahead of it's time, but about your price range and can trailer.
  13. jacrider

    Boat BBQ Feedback?

    Sorry for a rather pedestrian topic, but we have been using a pair of Force 10 BBQ's on our boat for the past 20 years. We have replaced most parts several times over the years. Burners, grills, regulators, etc. Was happy to do another round of maintenance this spring, but all my suppliers don't have parts and can't seem to get any. Pisses me off... I think we are almost forced to have to replace with a new BBQ. I have a Magma on our back deck that we throw in our VW Westy for camping trips as well, but it is bigger than the Force 10's, so we haven't tried it on the boat. Bigger, but the grill surface wouldn't be much different. I have also done a bunch of maintenance on this unit. I think it is called the Catalina. Pals have had the Dickinson Sea-BQ or something. Also like it. A bit pricey, but he says the parts are all available. Any recommendations? Many thanks.
  14. jacrider

    what is it?

    Looks like foil retrofitted on a lifting keel sport boat. I don't think it is that boat in the video which is flying. Wrong colours.
  15. jacrider

    Trying to Buy a Boat

    Lots of boats on the market. I would move on. An indication of how closing a sale could prove difficult and frustrating.