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  1. I have not been on SA, due the fact that I don't find it all that productive for the i550 itself. After I address the question at hand, I won't be back on. I am very close to having the first ordered boat ready to go. Do to an unforseen issue with my Chondrosarcoma Cancer, to which I had previously lost my femur, hip, hip socket & most of pelvis on my right side just 4 years ago, this cancer has metastasis to my lungs, which unfortunately took me away from the construction of the production i550 SportBoat for a period of time. A person was hired to take my place, but later was found to not be as experienced as he said he was, which ended up causing further delays. I am now back and very soon the 1st Production i550 will be finished, with others to follow after that. I post to our Velocity BoatWorks page on Facebook. Our website is www.velocityboatworks.com My email is geoff@velocityboatworks.com If anyone has any questions, please email me. I hope this clears up things. Cheers Geoff
  2. Thanks Couch. The past is the past. I thank you for your comments. The real life issues I have quietly faced, I would not wish those on anyone, not even my worst enemy. But I will say, having those issues are what gave me the drive to carry on. If I hadn't, they surely would have swallowed me up a and I would not be here. I wish I could say that all is fine, but I can't. These issues will be with me till my end of days. I also chose to carry on, to show others that may end up in a condition like mine that there is no reason to give. Just keep going and you can do more than you ever thought you could. If I would have just said "ok" to my doctors, I probably wouldn't be a alive to write this and if I was lucky enough to live, I would be amputated fully across at my waist, being confined to a chair for the rest of my life. The i550, has given me my life. There is no way I would stop doing this. Looking forward to an awesome year. Cheers. Geoff.
  3. Yes, $18,000.00 U.S. Dollars. And you get a complete i550. This includes the following. Foam Cored Hull & Deck Carbon keel box and keel strut / with lead bulb. Carbon rudder. Carbon articulating bow sprit. Aluminum Spar. Running and Standing rigging. Neil Pryde Race sails, Fat Head Main, Furling Battened Head Sail, Asymmetrical Spinnaker. Raptor Decking on Cockpit floor Ronstan Hardware throughout. Interior consisting of a V Berth and two Side bunks. Electrical Panel. Trailer with custom bunks. All you need to add is water and an outboard. Cheers. VELOCITY BoatWorks.
  4. It's just the beginning. We are not going anywhere. I've not read or even concerned myself with anything that has been said in other threads. I've battled my way through alot the past two years. Infact, I'm not even supposed to be alive. I have a ton of fight in me. It's just the beginning. We are not going anywhere. I've not read or even concerned myself with anything that has been said in other threads. I've battled my way through alot the past two years. Infact, I'm not even supposed to be alive. I have a ton of fight in me.
  5. Great Question Dawg ... Hull #1 is staying in Ontario. Hull #2 is going to Vancouver. Hull #3 possible demo boat, but we do have interest from Quebec and Nova Scotia. So we are hoping for hull #4 & #5. Would be great to get into the USA. You can buy a complete i550 for $18,000.00 U.S. all you need to do is add an outboard and water and you are ready to go. Great Question Dawg ... Hull #1 is staying in Ontario. Hull #2 is going to Vancouver. Hull #3 possible demo boat, but we do have interest from Quebec and Nova Scotia. So we are hoping for hull #4 & #5. Would be great to get into the USA. You can buy a complete i550 for $18,000.00 U.S. all you need to do is add an outboard and water and you are ready to go.
  6. Here are some photos of the 1st production i550 hull. Since she was popped out of the mould on Christmas Eve. We figure a fitting name might be.... Sleigh Ride. Merry Christmas to all. Cheers. VELOCITY BoatWorks.
  7. Thanks Couch. We will be starting prep for the next hull, next week as well as finishing off the first hull. Cheers.
  8. Our 1st production i550 out of the mould. Merry Christmas From VELOCITY BoatWorks.
  9. Things are progressing well. Been very busy getting all plugs built, faired, primed etc for all the required moulds. As well all the other custom and smaller items that seem to take up a lot of time. It won't be long before we start production of the first hull that is staying in Ontario and then the second that is going to Vancouver. We have lots of inquiries and people that are interested, but they would like to see the first production boat before they decide on where they will spend their money. I am very happy with how everything is moving along for the production i550 and Velocity BoatWorks. Cheers Geoff. www.velocityboatworks.com Info geoff@velocityboatworks.com orders@velocityboatworks.com
  10. Unfortunately, I was into much bigger boats. But I'm here now, and if you think there is a Holy Crap associated with just the hull and deck, wait till you see the pricing for a turn key package. Geoff.
  11. Regarding cores, we have tried plywood, coremat, Divinycell and others. We have made up quite a few panels for testing using different gel coats, glass weights, cores and resins and have come up with a layup schedule that is light, durable and very impact resistant. We will be strictly adhering to this layup in every boat. No deviations from it. The goal is to build it to the tolerance in weight of the woodies. Our price for a HULL, DECK AND KEEL BOX / GRID SYSTEM finished in high gloss white gel coat is $ 6,950.00 plus applicable taxes. The deck will be unattached from the hull for owner finishing. The hull will include the keel box / grid system attaced in place. If a kit boat is what you are after, we will offer deep discounts on all required items that are needed. Hardware, rigging, sails etc. as we are an agent for many companies. Pricing for a complete turn key i550 will be coming shortly. Our goal is to produce a quality, durable product. Only the best materials, and the best components will be used. For more info, email Geoff. geoff@velocityboatworks.com Sail fast. Geoff.
  12. This Hydro Turf looks like a very good product. Will need to see how it compares to the Raptor Deck for pricing. Going by what their background is with waverunners, it should be very durable.
  13. I think the melges use a little thicker material for more cushion. Not sure a thick cushion surface is needed.
  14. Prduction i550 will be coming to Lake Ontario this spring. Things are underway, and the trailer wheels are in motion. Jus.
  15. Nope, not bothered. Since I actually commended you for your work in the unification process. You only repeat the things you wish too. There's always more to the story. And yet again. I commend you for the work you have done. And also to the others that ave as well. I will wait for the reply that twists this all around.