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  1. Shootist Jeff

    I Took a Shit Again

    It would resemble more of a 12 ga #7 birdshot blast. I think there is something in the water here that prevents good, solid, American double wrap logs. My norm for the last 7 Years is ass explosion that looks like a rhoarshack (sp?) test on the back of the bowl walls. When im back in the US, by about the end of the first week - I’ve reverted to traditional US brown anacondas circling the bowl. Weird, innit?
  2. Shootist Jeff

    I Took a Shit Again

    Its interesting.... my morning shits seem completely divorced of morning coffee. In fact, I usually set the coffee pot to brew and then go shit. By the time I'm I'n done the pot is ready. Win win.
  3. Shootist Jeff

    Nuclear Option

    I actually like all of them and had no issue when they split from party lines. The only one I really disagree with is Kennedy's vote on Citizens United. I hope that haunts him to the grave.
  4. Shootist Jeff

    Nuclear Option

    What I find interesting is that the charge of "partisan hack" only ever seems to get leveled at the other team. How many times has RBG, Elena Kagen or Steven Breyer ever voted anything but the party line? OTOH unlike you and your elk, I don't call their integrity into question just because they vote predictably for your team. They were chosen specifically for their judicial philosophy. OF COURSE Scalia, Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch and Kav were chosen for their judicial philosophy. Duh! The only wild card is when they end up being a bit of a rebel like Roberts, SDO'C, and Kennedy. I would add that if you look at a list of almost all of the swing votes in the SCOTUS in the last several decades have all been GOP appointed. Evidence would suggest that it is the D'Rats who are nominating the partisan hacks who toe the party line. The jury is still out on Sotomayor. She might be the new Kennedy. But its still early days for her......
  5. Shootist Jeff

    Nuclear Option

    And the body of his replies supports my assessment of him. Oh yeah, well you're a poopy face! I figured I'd better bring the comebacks down to a level you seem to understand.....
  6. Shootist Jeff

    College Football 2018

    THAT was fucking BRILLIANT!!!
  7. Shootist Jeff

    How Did You Pick Your Profession?

    Love it!
  8. Shootist Jeff

    How Did You Pick Your Profession?

    Yep, there is a growing (pun intended) % of really fat fucks here in the ME. I think Dubai has a higher ratio of McDondald's and KFC fast food chains per capita here than in the US. They just put in a Buffalo Wild Wings in just across the street from the YC. My only saving grace to keep me from going there 3x per week is you can't get a beer with your wings.
  9. Shootist Jeff

    Jib up with assym on sportboat?

    This is the biggest issue with taking the jib down for me in our sportboat class. We've experimented with taking it down in really light air when sailing hotter angles doesn't really help the VMG and its better to just sail really deep. Having the jib down on the deck does seem to improve the kites air flow a bit, but not significantly so. However, it seems the kite tends to wrap itself around the forestay really easily during a gybe without the jib up. What is your technique for gybing with the jib down to avoid this problem? Thanks!
  10. Shootist Jeff

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    They are simultaneously Cool and Homo.
  11. I was pondering this thought the other day on my commute while listening to podcast news about the CA wildfires and especially the destruction of whole communities. How hard would it be for terrorists to deliberately start forest fires in a coordinated effort to burn out some at risk cities? Especially if a small group could get several big fires going simultaneously in strategic areas across the US and Canadian West - it would quickly overwhelm resources, cause massive destruction, loss of life and cost literally billions of dollars in economic damage. Seems far more effective as a weapon of terror that a couple of guys with AK-47s shooting up a mall. Something like this could easily surpass a 9/11 type event in terms of scale. I would imagine DHS has already "war-gamed" this scenario. I'm curious what measures are in place to address this threat. Europe has got to be thinking about this as well as GW continues to dry out forests and fires get bigger and more dangerous. Just saying.....
  12. Shootist Jeff


    I'm actually OK with an FBI or state investigation. But there comes a time when the moment has passed. The Dems had the ability to quietly do an investigation months ago to see if there was any "there" there. I strongly suspect they don't want an FBI investigation anymore than the GOP does. Opens up cans of worms that may not go their way. I think they are bluffing only trying to make the GOP look bad if they refuse. I think the main reason the FBI should NOT do an investigation is that this is not a criminal case - it is a political case. And to use the FBI for political purposes goes against everything they stand for. It sets really bad precedence and they are supposed to be firewalled against being used for political purposes UNLESS the political case also involves potential criminal issues - as in the case of Hillary's emails. Using the FBI now to investigate a HS incident from 35 years ago is blatantly and unequivocally a political act and one the FBI should stay away from. The Senate has their own investigative powers and infrastructure - THEY should be the one doing any politically based investigation. And the dems had their chance to do so as early as July.
  13. Shootist Jeff

    Mitch McConnell being a cunt on gun control

    I don't advocate suicide, but I do respect your right to have that choice.
  14. Shootist Jeff

    Prayers and thoughts for the Carolinas.

    Jesus, there outta be a law against that shit!
  15. Shootist Jeff


    You assume that I bother to read every post in every thread. By that standard then, how is your's and your elk's comments here not just parroting the dem talking points??