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  1. Another Day, Another Home Depot Shooting

    You didn't fix anything and you know it. You merely tried to divert a conversation that you are uncomfortable with. Fail. I'm completely comfortable discussing whatever conversation you want. My fix just happens to accurately portray the issue. Yours does nothing but stick your head in the sand. What's uncomfortable is that you absolutely don't want to face the hard work that it would take to actually address the real problem that I Identified in my fix and you instead want the qucik emotional fix that will end up doing nothing in the end.
  2. Just Another Restaurant Mass Murder By Gun

    Sure. Why then is all your focus on the 2% and not on the 75%??? You're not very good at this, are you joe?
  3. Just Another Restaurant Mass Murder By Gun

    Good morning, Jeffie. I won't bother answering for the tenth time, but yes, I would like a decent discussion of the citizens who pack heat to dispense justice. They are vigilantes, mental midgits, according to Wiki. Ok. Please let the record show that jocal thinks that if an armed, legally licensed CCW patron had been in the waffle house and had used his legal weapon to stop the threat and save lives, he or she would be a vigilante and a mental midget - worthy of scorn and derision. YCMTSU! Thanks joe.
  4. Censoring T-Bizzle

    Yes, send me a recipe too! Fortunately I can get pork over here. I just need the right kind!
  5. New chemical attack in Syria

    I guess our difference is on whether the people of Kuwait or some "royals" and US politicians should decide who goes back in the house. I don't recognize the "rights" of royalty. Well, given they were in the house before and the Kuwait people didn't seem to mind, that's not my business. If the Royals want to go back in the house and their own people want to keep them out, that's up to them. But your next door neighbor doesn't have the right to toss you out of your house. Kicking out Saddam is still not "re-regiming" Kuwait.
  6. Censoring T-Bizzle

    Oh DUDE!!! I'm am now craving an authentic cuban sandwich from South FL! Fuck, damn you!
  7. Anyone who drives a Trans Am is gay by default. NTTAWWT.
  8. Joke

  9. New chemical attack in Syria

    No. When you are just allowing the original regime to go back after kicking out saddam, that's not really re-regiming. It would be like you fleeing your house because burglers invaded you and you ran out the back door...... and then when the Po-Leece arrived and finally arrested the home invaders after a few hours of them lounging on your sofa, eating your food and drinking your beer and then you re-occupied your house after they were gone.... you haven't really "re-regimed" your own home.
  10. irresponsible gun owners?

    Hey, I've 5 of them downstairs..mind the clock. Gamers or shotguns?
  11. Censoring T-Bizzle

    Hey Tom, I get your libertarian streak and concept of anything goes. But I'm a bit on the fence about this one. I'm a staunch supporter of ALL rights, but like gunz - there has to be a limit where "anything goes" does impede on public safety. So I'm torn. We all agree that yelling "FIRE!" in a crowded movie theater is a limit to free speech because it endangers public safety. I think there comes a point in free speech such as the lyrics above where there is a case to be made that it might go too far and incite violence. I continually make the case all the time in the gun threadz that the main difference between our fairly violent society and the one we had a few decades ago is not the prevalence or access to gunz, but rather the massive increase in violent imagery and violent media. TV, music, movies, video games, 24/7 violence on the cable news, etc. Is there not a point where it might be OK for society to say enough? At a minimum, I would say some of this stuff should be totally off-limits to kids, and not just as a recommendation. As I said, I struggle with where the line is, if there is one. For those of you who might say there is no line when it comes to censorship of media, as in no censorship at all - just remember you are choosing the right to free speech over the right for kids not to be murdered. Because like it or not, this violent stuff IS contributing to the violence in our society. The amount is certainly up for debate, but IMHO violent media does contribute to violence, if not in some ways being causal.
  12. Censoring T-Bizzle

    Ankle monitoring???? How does that stop someone from posting on the internet? What does monitoring her movements have to do with her offense?? Pussification of England, indeed.
  13. irresponsible gun owners?

    See BL..... this is what I'm talking about wrt to violent media and the first amendment.
  14. irresponsible gun owners?