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  1. Its such BS! It was pilot error. Plain and simple. Yet these asshats lawyers are suing everyone in sight in the hopes for a settlement from the deep pockets just so they don't have to go through a lawsuit. There's a special place in hell for lawyers like this, and I say that comfortably since my father was a litigation attorney. And FTR, The airline SHOULD get sued because they had a pilot who F'd up. But I suspect the reason Boeing is getting sued is because Emirates is pretty much immune given the local laws here.
  2. Yeah, rich!
  3. This is really the major problem in Dubai. The locals are asshole drivers in their E63 AMG Mercedes, Land Rovers and Bentlys. But at least they are a somewhat know quantity. Its the fucking Indians and other S asian "drivers" who have literally just learned to drive at age 35 and are so scared shitless of going more than 35 mph on a 8 lane highway that are the problem. Its the speed differential that is killing everyone here. The number of horrific accidents I see here are amazing, and almost on a daily basis. And 100.3% of the time, it involves a "driver" from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh. And I'm positive fatigue is a huge factor as well. These guys get worked like dogs - 14-16 hrs per day, 6 days a week and they are falling asleep at the wheel constantly. I recall driving to work really early one morning, just before sun up around 5 am and this 6 lane (each way) superhighway was empty. There was maybe a mile gap between cars going the same way. Totally empty. About half way I saw some blinking hazard lights up ahead so I slowed down. Somehow, 3 cars on this empty expanse of road had all come together in twisted metal and one car was upside down still slowly spinning on its roof like a wine bottle winding down in a game of drunken spin the bottle. And these three Pakistani guys in their ali pajamas are all standing in the middle of the road scratching their heads going WTF just happened???
  4. Dude! The whole zombie dragon thing is brilliance. The 7 kingdoms are fucted. My issue is when John was at DS, why the F he didn't mine some of that glass shit to take with him on that snatch and grab expedition north???? I woulda thought that stuff might come in handy. Me thinks the MoD needs to install some RWR devices on her steeds so they don't keep getting shot down. They are more precious than our handful of B-2s. Edit to add..... if they had some qualified JTACs around, they might make more effective use of their CAS assets. Just saying.....
  5. I think we need to cut pakistan loose like a psycho red headed GF with the clap. Besides, its not like we call Pakishitistan call centers when we need our Dell computer fixed...... Just saying.
  6. So true. He's likely more white than Dab's is.
  7. this doesn't seem to be all that useful for inshore W/L racing.
  8. Front page????
  9. Jesus FUCK, you're cruel and inhumane!
  10. That's a good point. All the more reason to fix it and make it more based on controlling immigration while simultaneously achieving the legitimate need for labor. Those two things are NOT mutually exclusive. And I continue to assert that it IS fixable. It just requires the will and the courage to make the hard calls for the overall good of the country. The closest we came to fixing it recently was under Bush 43. But BOTH the right and left ambushed his comprehensive immigration reform plan. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-immigration-idUSN2742643820070629 So I don't think either side has any claim to the moral high ground on this one. And frankly it sucks! I guess both sides of the duopoly are content to continue this pseudo-slavery class.
  11. I'll bet all those refugees on Nauru wish they could get them some of that "due process" shit.
  12. And another sign of human stupidity and greed: https://www.thenational.ae/uae/transport/passengers-to-sue-boeing-over-emirates-crash-at-dubai-airport-1.622026
  13. Well, it worked out well for him, didn't it?
  14. And here I thought competition was good. Let the markets sort it out. FREE MARKETS, FFREE PEOPLE. I heard that somewhere before.
  15. And if they do? So what.