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  1. Shootist Jeff

    VR Gaming Anarchy

    DUDE! I'm in Dubai - I can get the real thing for way less than the cost of a VR setup. Just saying.
  2. Shootist Jeff

    VR Gaming Anarchy

    I've been hot and cold for the last couple of years about jumping into VR for gaming - specifically for First Person Shooter (FPS) and Flight and other simulation games. I keep waiting for the tech to be good enough. Anyone know what the state of play is right now for VR gaming? Still clunky? Has it made it to prime time yet? I did a demo with a couple of VR headsets for both the HTC Vive and for Xbox or PS (can't remember which). I was underwhelmed. Resolution of the goggles was average to poor. Supposedly the Vive Pro is much better Res, but so far I haven't been able to find one as a demo in a store. I'm leaning towards the Vive because I come from a PC gaming background and hard as I try - I cannot get into the Xbox/Playstation style controls. Old dogs/New tricks thing apparently. Also, what about Oculus Rift? I am not familiar with this one. Any thoughts? Go ahead and pull the trigger (pun intended) or wait until VR gets better?
  3. Shootist Jeff

    Gilette wants to make men not be men

    I am not aware of this ad. It would have helped if the OP had included the ad to better make his point rather than ASSuming we all knew WTF he was talking about.
  4. Shootist Jeff

    Battle of Britain

    That's a long, wet walk from France to Ireland. Just saying.
  5. Shootist Jeff

    Battle of Britain

    Yes I am. I see nothing wrong with a borderless Ireland. If the EU has such a fucking hard on over it, let them and Ireland put a border in place and accept the consequences of that action. If I were the UK I would shrug and say Meh... Not our issue.
  6. Shootist Jeff

    Trump just canceled Pelosi’s flight

    I'm sorry, do you honestly think the Partisan Division of the country began on 21st Jan, 2017? Or will end on 21st Jan 2021 or 2025?
  7. Shootist Jeff

    Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

    And this^^ is what I don't get. WHY does the public not hold them accountable?? Voters are our own worst enemy and we get what we deserve. GIGO.
  8. Shootist Jeff

    OK capitalists, why should gov't workers work for free?

    What was "illegitimate" about BK? Are you disputing his qualifications as a jurist or his experience on the bench or his past opinions he has rendered??? Oh, you mean the unproven allegations from 35 years ago in a he said/she said witch hunt orchestrated by the dems as a payback for Merrick Garland??
  9. Personally, what I would like to see happen in the US is to have a hybrid system of public health care available to everyone - a "Medicare for All" as it were. But with the ability to buy supplemental insurance for those that want and can afford the cadillac health care. I think having the gov't as a Single Payer would give the leverage needed to drive down costs. I certainly wouldn't want the USG to "run" the actual provision of care like the UK model does - just that they pay the bills and set the rules. Obviously, to prevent their being a complete 2 tier level of care - rules could be put in place such as requiring all hospitals and clinics to provide a certain % of care to Medicare patients vs those with supplemental insurance who want to jump the queue. And make it such that ALL docs, nurses and other HC providers who get any sort of gov't education loans have to put in a certain number of years in a public setting before they are allowed to go into private practice. And even then they have to accept a certain % of UHC traffic. We have had "Socialized" public education for ever and no one seems to think that's been a bad thing. In fact public schools were once by and large excellent and provided free education. I see no reason why we can't do the same for public HC.
  10. I've never once said that the Canadian HC system is flawed. I am a proponent of universal basic HC for all. I don't like the US model that even people with insurance will likely go bankrupt if they have a serious medical condition that exceeds their coverage limits. I'm just simply pointing out that it's not all Unicorn tears and sweet puppy farts. Please correct me if I'm wrong - but your Universal HC is not only not "Free" but you all pay some pretty hefty taxes to have that system. You are paying one way or the other for it. And again, nothing whatsoever wrong with that as long as you are willing to pay for it. According to this article, CAN spends roughly 11% of their total GDP on public HC. Which puts them in the high end of countries with UHC systems. France is considered by many to also have outstanding UHC but they pay even more in taxes. On the other end, the UK has a public health system and they pay through the nose for it in taxes but their NHS by most measures is considered to be total dogshit.
  11. Shootist Jeff

    OK capitalists, why should gov't workers work for free?

    Why? Someone’s gotta get burned in this Drumpf-ster fire you wished for. You confuse, as usual, Raz'lets - what I think "should be" and "what is". In a normal, healthy, functioning Representative Democracy - we wouldn't have shutdowns like these or any others where people are forced to work without pay or lose their jobs for good if they don't. But knowing that we DO NOT have a normal, healthy, functioning Representative Democracy and have not for a while well prior to the ascendency of shitstain - I feel something drastic needs to happen to get us back on course. If that means figuratively burning down some institutions to get there - then I want that to happen. As I said in a recent other thread, the alternative IMHO is worse. Doing nothing and continuing down this path will cause FAR more pain than some furloughed Federal workers missing some paychecks. And again, to be clear..... the "bitch" I most seek to burn down is the current GOP. The more shit like this happens and the further the party goes down the road following Adolf Trump into the abyss - the harder they will burn once people wake up to the reality finally that the political institution called the GOP is diseased. And the only way, IMHO, that people are going to wake up is for something truly drastic and radical to happen that exposes the corruption and the rotting flesh inside that has been masked all these years. I'm fervently hoping trump is shown by Bob M to be a Russian agent or at the least to be controlled/blackmailed by Putin. And shown with overwhelming evidents that even his most loyal backers can't deny it. If the case ends up being a run of the mill perjury or corruption scandal - I don't think that will be enough to actually burn the bitch down properly. There will be too much plausible deniability. To this end of getting real political change in a party that has lost its way, Cheeto has been a godsend. Through his clumsiness and lack of filter - He is exposing all the issues that has been festering inside the party. He's exposed Bitch McConnell for being the partisan hack he is. He's exposed the evangelical right for being the hypocrites they are. He's exposed all the other players who have unabashedly put party before country. ONLY by burning that bitch down to the ground can we properly rebuild it or replace it and we can reclaim our values and our morals that we lost a while back. My $.02
  12. Nowhere in that Statement did it say "some" of the story is inaccurate. BTW - I can't believe you let Mismoyled Raz'r get away with calling your country an irrelevant island full of sheep fuckers. He's not wrong, I'm just surprised you let it slide.
  13. Shootist Jeff


    I've done the same as well of your shark list above. I'm not sure I'm ready to do the same with White sharks. I'm not crazy about Bulls either. They make me a bit nervous as all the ones I've been in the water with have come in fast. Tigers, HHs and the others you mention are just nice and lazy and not terribly interested as long as you don't look or act like food.
  14. Shootist Jeff

    Boxed Set of Watches

    So all kidding aside.... there is far more fail here than just some watches being stolen. What I want to know is WHY THE FUCK a dude that can afford 5 really high end diamond studded watches is picking up a $20 Skank-Ho in the first place??? I am very sure there are some really nice high-end escort services in Miami who will deliver a Paris runway model-quality service provider to your door for a reasonable fee. And besides, if said Skank-Ho can stuff 4 gold Rolexes up her twat - I can't imagine that he ever even touched the sides. Like throwing a hotdog down the Chunnel. Just saying.....
  15. Shootist Jeff

    Boxed Set of Watches

    Now that's a true Golden Shower.....