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  1. Stop eating beef?

    Trust me, if the hipster-douchebags and the dykes can swallow that foul stuff they call vegan food..... a mouthful of semen would probably be a dessert treat for them.
  2. Next up, Bill Clinton!

    He hasn't been elected so he should resign from the race. That makes zero logical sense and is hypocritical. I'm not in anyway defending the douchebag JRM. BUt he was legally elected to be the candidate in his primary race. How is that any different a legal standard than what you're suggesting with BC?? What if he had been already elected to the senate? Should be resign or be held to the same legal standard for proof that you're suggesting for Bill? BTW, I'm not disagreeing with you re bill's legal standard for resigning. But we both know that what you "know" and what you can prove are very very different concepts.
  3. Man gets eel stuck up his anus

    Apparently this was his first "Moray" into ass-play.
  4. Malcolm Young DTS

    Hey Malcom, have a drink on me....
  5. Malcolm Young DTS

    Well, Hells Bells..... this is tragic news!
  6. Missing Argentinian Sub

    Did one of the VoR boats run over it and sink it?
  7. Stop eating beef?

    Ha, You should have thrown red paint on them like the anti-fur fucktards do.
  8. Next up, Bill Clinton!

    Keeping tabs? Hardly. I've said here before that I could care less what Bill and Monica did behind closed doors as consenting adults. Fat girls need love too. But I recall liberals and feminists excoriated Monica in the press and slut shamed her ruthlessly in their blind desire to defend billy. The issue is the other numerous women that accused bill of assault and rape. As bad or worse than Harvey Wienstein. But that didn't matter to his defenders at the time because he was their liberal god and savior. There's a difference between being a hound dog and being a sexual predator. By all accounts, bill was both.
  9. Next up, Bill Clinton!

    Giving blowjobs?? Yes. And He's obviously proud of that. You know what they say..... you can build a thousand bridges. But you suck one cock and you will not be called a "bridge-builder".
  10. Stop eating beef?

    You're always welcome. I have bacon and single malt too. And I'm sure Derek Grebe will contribute to your business emergency rations as well.
  11. Next up, Bill Clinton!

    What other fat girl was blowing him in the the OO??? Certainly wasn't Hillary.
  12. Trump Proposes The Use of Mini-Nukes in Warfare

    Lets not get carried away here. Mikey is correct though..... all you handwringing, chicken littles act as if there are no more tactical nukes. Hate to break to ya'll but that's not the case. Hasn't really ever been the case. Google the B61. It has a nice feature called "dial-a-yield". Anything from a small "pop" all the way to the "crowd pleaser" setting.
  13. Next up, Bill Clinton!

    Are you applying that burden of proof to Roy Moore now that he's been elected or at least won the primary? Doesn't sound like it.
  14. Next up, Bill Clinton!

    Did you bother to fucking read the links? Did you bother to read that I specifically said that its not about Monica? Jesus, RIF!!!
  15. The big swinging dick problem

    Sorry, It's both Homo AND Ghey.