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  1. "Rocket Man". Oh snap!
  2. Randumb jong il does have a certain ring to it......
  3. YEP
  5. OMFG! Yeah, and look how well its working out for Turkey and Venezuela.... IN fact they are perfect examples of why you DON'T want a Connie that is too easy to change. Because once a strongman gets in power, he can change it to suit his needs and consolidate his power even more. I'm sorry to be harsh, but HO LEE FUK you're stupid!
  6. Holy shit mikey. Does your doc have you on new meds? You're actually making incredibly cogent and sensible posts lately. WFD!
  7. DING!
  8. and the impact to lethality would be???? Uh, about 80+ dead. Quite a bit more than most mass shootings.
  9. FIFY
  10. Agree with all that. Especially the signing the liability disclaimer that they take responsibility for the negligent use of the tool.
  11. Yep, basically. Because yet again, registration will not "prevent" this from happening. And its not like we have a backlog of unsolved school shooting cases with weapons left lying around that registration will magically solve. You are an idiot if you think otherwise. Its the price of freedom. There's always going to be some acceptable losses. Just saying.
  12. The sad reality is that this shit is going to happen. The best thing schools can do is armor up and not let these crazies through the door with weapons. Have armed guards. Make it as secure as Ft Knox. Whatever. If we trust schools to take care of our children during the day, then it needs to be made as secure as possible. I think raz'r or mitch or someone like that agrees with me too.
  13. I think the new Motel 6 ad slogan should be "we'll leave the light on..... for ICE"
  14. Actually, hiring illegals is worse, takes jobs from Americans and artificially lowers wages. Yeah, but renting rooms to illegals is taking beds away from Americans.