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  1. Shootist Jeff

    What I learned in prison this week

    Or we could just fucking kill the really violent sociopaths and then we would not have the vast majority of the issues you saw happening.
  2. Shootist Jeff

    Screw the NRA, Trump and Marco Rubio

    Isn't it cute? The gun lover has to use the word "gunz" to infantilize the discussion and make the gun violence cartoon-like and non-threatening. If you agreed to the same requirements for cars - driver and vehicle licensing, driver's ed, insurance, safety recalls and limitations on use - then we can start to talk about your fearful scenarios of mandatory confiscation of your "gunz". No, not trying to be cute. I do it because it annoys some specific folks here. As evadent. So it I change everything back to "guns", you would be happy to actually address the question again??? The fact is we HAVE agreed to licensing, training, insurance, safety recalls and limitations on use. None of that is new. I'm more than happy to point out the states that mandate that if you need proof. And I have said numerous times here that I am OK with those things, in principle. But let's be honest here..... everything you call for is related to safety and accident prevention - correct? It certainly is for cars. None of the things you call for will prevent someone deliberately picking up a gun (or getting behind the wheel) and murdering someone. Training will not stop them, licensing will not stop them, insurance will not stop them and safety recalls will not stop them from deliberately murdering someone or even taking their own life in a self-murder. You DO agree with this, right? Again, All of those things relate to safety and accident prevention and mitigation. Last I checked - accidental gun deaths were extraordinarily low. FAR below accidental car deaths. A fraction of a % of cars in fact. So please tell me how any of those calls for licensing, registration, insurance, training, etc stops a deliberate murder with a gun (or a car)?
  3. Shootist Jeff

    The debate over assault weapons

    Actually a 90lb GSD is an even better home protection system. Agree with you that it's the CRAY ZEE that seems to be more of the common denominator than "assault weapons" in these mass shootings.
  4. Shootist Jeff

    The debate over assault weapons

    And yet the answer from the gun grabbers is to take away the guns from law abiding citizens rather than work to fix this admittedly fucked up system and enforce the existing laws on the books. That's some sound logic right there.
  5. Shootist Jeff

    RGB not dead

    RGB??? Ruth Gator Binsburg?
  6. Shootist Jeff

    Screw the NRA, Trump and Marco Rubio

    Those stats show that the use of vehicles should be made safer and the access to guns be more restricted. Happy to hear safety proposals you have for cars, but you complain whenever someone brings up restrictions on guns. You're mixing apples and orangutans. Safety features != restrictions. Why is only additional safety features apply to carz but only more restrictions apply to gunz?? Why are you not calling for more restrictions on vehicle ownership and use? If it supposedly works for reducing gun deaths it will also work for reducing car deaths. Yes you are correct that homicides with gunz in the US (~11K) far exceed homicides with carz. For now. We have however seen a rise in deliberate vehicular homicides lately and I think it will only continue once enough people see what an efficient killing machine it obviously is. Just ask the families of the 70 dead people in Nice - so far that one incident eclipses all the recent mass shootings in terms of body count. And it will only continue. But just because those numbers don't currently match gunz, it makes the analogy no less relevant or germaine. So I have a question back for you in regards to the above..... let's say the day comes with vehicular homicides do reach and surpass gun homicides. Then what? Are you going to apply the same "logic" you are currently using for gunz and call for more restrictions such as significantly reduced ownership, stricter use regulations, mandatory "buy backs" (i.e. confiscation), you can only store your car at the car club, etc. Or are you going to go a different way?
  7. Shootist Jeff

    Number of School Shootings Decreased

    Obviously the answer is yes to some on here . Not any more than the price of enjoying our 1st, 4th, 5th and other constitutional rights is that some certain level of deaths are a direct result of those freedoms. Without those pesky constitutional rights, such as the right to privacy and due process, we would have a metric shit ton less dead from the opioid epidemic and from other illegal drug trades, But sadly, those deaths ARE the price we pay to enjoy those freedoms. Like it or not you (ALL of you) need to face the reality that people murdered by others will never be eradicated. But with enough draconian measures, the numbers could be brought down to close to zero. It just depends on how far you want to go to save a life. We have always accepted (yet we rarely admit it in good company) that there is and always has been a balance between safety/security and liberty. It's a constant tug of war and will always be so until the day we finally give up on this democracy experiment and go full on authoritarian Big Brother state. So should we Accept school shootings? No, of course not. But we will tolerate them because we know the alternative is far worse. When you all are willing to give up your 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th rights to save just that one child...... then we'll talk. But frankly if ALL of the Constitutional rights are not on the table for discussion to address our violence issue, then NONE of them are on the table IMHO.
  8. Shootist Jeff

    Number of School Shootings Decreased

    Of course they're not acceptable. But why do they have to be mutually exclusive discussions? I'd be more than happy to focus on the actual school shootings that are school shootings while at the same time pointing out that not all "school shootings" are school shootings and these others are being added simply to pad the numbers for even greater shock value. IMHO, 16 kids being murdered in Parkland is plenty shock enough without having to make up others. The problem is when other stats are simply made up in order to promote hysteria - it takes away from the real discussion and the side pushing it loses credibility. In exactly the same way that trump hurts the immigration discussion when he makes up stoopid shit about the migrant caravans and the national emergency at the border when there is a real sober discussion to be had on how to address the immigration issue. You do see that, right?
  9. Shootist Jeff

    Number of School Shootings Decreased

    The problem is if it were just a case of mistaken "mislabeling", that would be one thing. But it is clearly a concerted effort by the anti-gun lobby and deliberately aided by the media to mislabel these cases in order to present a more effective political statement. I see that as a real issue that has dire consequences to the integrity of our republic. Don't you??
  10. Shootist Jeff

    Screw the NRA, Trump and Marco Rubio

    We will certainly try to pass more laws. Anything that pries your cold fingers from your beloved gun. Well, at least someone is being honest.
  11. Shootist Jeff

    Screw the NRA, Trump and Marco Rubio

    I dunno, that's a good question. (Actually I do know the answer why, but you won't like it.) But please explain why even after mandatory training, licensing, insurance, registration, etc for MVs that road deaths still exceed gun deaths??? And for the record, I'm not necessarily opposed in principle to any of those things for guns either. But I'm telling you that they are not a panacea, as you see with car fatalities. So what will come next when you DO have licensing, training, mandatory insurance, testing, etc and you don't see gun deaths change all that appreciably? Because 2/3rds of all gun deaths are Self-Murder and there is not a single one of those things you mention above that will stop someone from self-murderization. If you think otherwise, I'm very interested in hearing how.
  12. Shootist Jeff

    Screw the NRA, Trump and Marco Rubio

    Imagine if any of us here were suggesting that. IMAGINE!
  13. Shootist Jeff

    Screw the NRA, Trump and Marco Rubio

    Oh, so cars aren't safer than say, 30 years ago? Drunk drivers aren't held responsible, like 30 years ago? Really? What specific "safety features" do guns need to bring the death rates down? How many gun accidents are there compared to car accidents? And are you suggesting that gun owners are not held responsible for murdering someone? I will, however, stipulate that we DO need tougher laws on irresponsible gun owners who don't secure their guns and someone is subsequently hurt in an accident or deliberate incident with them just like we hold irresponsible drivers accountable for DUI incidents. But you know I have been saying that here for a long time now.....
  14. Shootist Jeff

    Screw the NRA, Trump and Marco Rubio

    Speaking of using car deaths as an analogy to gun violence - after decades of rules, regulations, MADD, etc - annual car deaths are still at or above the levels of gun deaths each year. They are WELL above (by 3x) if you take out suicides. But yet I don't see anyone talking about declaring an national emergency or calling this the single most important political issue known to man. We seem to accept easily over 33K deaths on the US roads every year - ~2000 of them are children under 16. And those numbers are after MASSIVE efforts by both gov't and the car manufacturers to regulate vehicles to improve safety. The standard GO TO answers for gun grabbers is "registration, licensing and insurance". Yet we've had all of this for 100 years for vehicles and we STILL have over 33K dead people every year. It seems like its time to start banning cars soon, because those other "First steps" don't seem to be fixing the issue.