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  1. Fire and Fury - WW II Version

    And just what precisely were those opinions of mine of bombing weddings in Afghanistan and Pakistan?? You know, for all the shit that you spew you are at least usually fairly coherent. Why do you feel the need to make shit up now? You know damn well that I have never condone or supported the mistakes we made when a wedding has been accidentally bombed. You will keep a bit of credibility if you would just stop making shit up and lying when you are not winning the point. Please feel free to post examples where I have condoned the bombing of weddings or retract your statement.
  2. Why did Trump pay $130,000 to silence a woman?

    It will certainly be a refreshing change to have a skilled "orator" back in the White House.
  3. Supreme Court Strikes down Chicago Gun ban

    Sigh. Once again: No, Shall issue did not have anything to do with his ability to buy a gun .
  4. Tom and Jeff's spank bank.

    Jocal's head would explode!
  5. Fire and Fury - WW II Version

    During the whole history of the A10, I have heard Great Men in the military trying, over and over again, to retire it. And replace it. I don’t get it, but can Boeing be wrong? ? What does Boeing have to do with it??
  6. Fire and Fury - WW II Version

    Really? As far as I am aware, an A-10 has never been shot down by an airborne fighter. However, It does have two air-to-air helicopter kills in Desert storm. Irregardless, it was never even slightly intended to be an air-to-air platform - so I can't even see how that's a relevant comment.
  7. Fire and Fury - WW II Version

    Woofey, I meant to address this earlier. Actually they were quite suicidal.
  8. Fire and Fury - WW II Version

    Actually, the A-10 has turned out to be an incredible airplane for what it was designed to do. Not sure why you would include it in that list. The Warthog will likely go down in Aviation history as one of the all-time great airplanes alongside the Mustang, Sopwith Camel, the B-17, etc.
  9. Fire and Fury - WW II Version

    WRONG! Actually it does justify incinerating a couple of cities and a bunch of civvies. You win wars by killing more of them than they do of you. Something about "making the Poor dumb bastard die for his or her country instead". If we could kill a 100K japanese civilians to save 300K GIs AND 1M Japanese civilians in the inevitable invasion - then YES, it absolutely justifies it. In a nanosecond.
  10. Next Up - Food Stamps

    I just saw this. WTF???? You DO know that taxation is in the US FUCKING Constitution, don't you?
  11. This is an example of why we don't trust Gun Grabberz

    Squirrels disagree with Tom Ray.
  12. Why did Trump pay $130,000 to silence a woman?

    Anything would be better than Hillary's girl-girl stuff. Just sayin.
  13. This Non-Violent Stuff Will Get You Killed

    OMG! HE TOOK PICTURES!!!! Well hell, boy - why didn't you say so in the first place? THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!
  14. Fire and Fury - WW II Version

    That's fascinating! I'm going to have to read that trilogy. In Mandarin of course... But seriously, it is actually more likely that the universe is much more of the "Dark forest" kind than any sort of United Federation. Look at earth as an microcosm. I'm not suggesting that wars and conflict were less frequent before the age of the internet and jet travel - which has shrunk the globe beyond anyone's imagination from just a 100 years ago. But I think now that more and more cultures come into contact with each other - its a true double-edged sword. I think there are more and more little pockets of conflict that flare up now - although they tend to get tamped out more quickly - because of the ease of interaction and mingling of various disparate cultures. I think ultimately that will work to our global harmony favor. But 100 or 200 years ago, there was the distrust of other cultures and races due to the great distances apart. So I can see that analogy also playing out very easily on the galactic scale. In any event, a really interesting construct for a sci fi theme. I'm definitely going to pick that one up.
  15. Tsunami warning

    You boys and girls on the West Coast and British Columbia need to get the Highground. Be safe.