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  1. Bump Stocka

    Furthermore Joe.... if you are skeered of removable stockas on rifles - this one is going to make your head explode. This rifle actually doesn't have a removable stock. But it has a quick interchange barrel and folding stocka. So THIS rifle: Becomes THIS brief case: Shocking isn't it? And its only a bolt action rifle with a 10 round mag. So not too scary. Right? Except in the right hands this could easily kill more than 58 people in 10 min if one was shooting into a crowd of 22K. But that's just not as emotional as someone spraying 10x the rounds to achieve the same thing. Right?
  2. Bump Stocka

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news for you Joe, but almost ALL stocks are removable. For instance, this is a standard Remington 700 bolt action rifle. Probably THE most common bolt action hunting rifle. TWO (2) screws hold the action onto the stock. Loosen those two screws and the entire action lifts right out. I can disassemble that gun in about 2 min and reassemble it in about the same time. Under 5 min easily. The whole thing would fit in a gym bag. I further hate to break it to you but these "removable stockas" have been removable since at least the 1940s. THEY ARE SOOOOOO SCARY!!!!!
  3. Shootist Jeff? You There Buddy? Trump may be calling...

    Ho Hum. I'm technically still in the inactive reserve. They could have called me back anyway in the event of a crisis. In fact this DID happen back in 2010 ish when they recalled a bunch of retired pilots up and sent them through RPA training as we were critically short of bodies at the time. I was was in the training Sq in charge of them at the time and they were not happy getting yanked back. Thanks Obama!
  4. A history of the 2nd Amendment

    You need to speak for yourself, Princess. Thanks for making more shit up. My response to Len was rolled into what I said to Tom. I'll repeat it for you RIF. I was replying to CMilliken. Dumbass.....
  5. Gun Laws in Puerto Rico

    Clean, you DO get that YOU are also an old white guy who talks about shit you know nothing about at times, right?
  6. I am really impressed with Shooter Jeff and Tom

    Oh, HELL YES!!! It should be a fucking capital crime punished by death.
  7. Wilson comes clean on why she listened in to call

    Jesus Fucking Christ! I wish you all could look in a mirror. ALL of you.
  8. A history of the 2nd Amendment

    Well said. I see jocal is pointedly ignoring this post of yours otherwise he would have to put you into his "bad boy SA Gun club list". Which would then alienate one of the few people here who are slightly sympathetic to his cause. But the fact that you have actual common sense rather than jocal's dogma means that he must now label you as the enemy. And a gun lover.
  9. Bump Stocka

  10. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    That's the dilemma at the moment. Ideally, I would like to get the boat and bring here as there is lots of coastal cruising to be done and I could do it will still earning money to sink into this money pit. If I came back to the US, that might be more difficult to do as I would likely earn 1/2 of what I am over here. So..... And I'm not sure keeping it here will necessarily complicate things. Yes, the costs would be higher for some things. But labor is probably far cheaper for other stuff. Lots of boats available in the Med or in the the Indian Ocean (thailand, Malaysia, Indo, etc) and all deliverable to the UAE. We have friends who bought a 55' or 58' something in Thailand and sailed it here and now they live aboard it in AD.
  11. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    IB and KIS - both very good bits of advice. Thanks.
  12. Death panels come to the UK. Smoke? Fat? die.

    I think Death Panels are a great idea. Its one of the reasons obamacare has failed so miserably.
  13. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    No, THIS^^ is pure Bullshit. Having to put a swimmer in to the water 2x in rough seas is dangerous. Yes the CG trains regardless. But putting people and equipment at risk for this asshat is criminal IMHO. If I were the CG station commander, I would think hard about bringing him up on charges such as reckless endangerment or fradulent distress calls or whatever.