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  1. Shootist Jeff

    Now We Have Just Another Road Rage Incident

    As usual, Justice Thomas was the only one to inappropriately note the expansive view of the commerce clause in his concurrence. Well, I don't think it's inappropriate, but the rest of the court doesn't seem to like it. He's Uncooperative and keeps doing it anyway. He also included this rather prescient bit that's relevant to how such a law would apply today: Those two opinions are going to stick in BL and Jocals craws. BAZINGA!
  2. You cock lick! No amount of eye bleach will allow me to “unsee” that!!
  3. Shootist Jeff

    Should Canada aquire nuclear waepon capability?

    The answer to the OP thread title question is YES. Canada is another in a long list of counties that has greatly benefited from the US nuclear and conventional military umbrella. They spend a token amount on their own defense yet bitch and complain about their big brother to the south. So yeah, let’s see how that Canadian economy looks when you have to spend a % of their GDP Zane build nukes and a capable military able to stand in their own. Canukistan couldn’t fend off an invasion from Luxembourg on their own if they had to.
  4. Shootist Jeff

    Immigrant Children

    That’s what I figured. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I just don’t like the vote against something. Because it means usually that you are unable to articulate what it is that you want instead. What we should ALL be doing instead is making our representatives figure out a compromise that achieves a goal. Instead we get the against and for SOMEONE instead of the issues themselves. And that creates extremes such that is pleases one side a lot and pisses off the other side a lot. To the point where they vote against and then once they get into power they put something at the extreme opposite in place to the point where the other side is really pissed off and then we do the cycle all over again. And the extremes keep getting worse as a result. So fine. Your wife is entitled to vote against. But until she can articulate what it is she actually wants in its place, IMHO she is simply contributing to the problem and the ever divisive cycles. My $.02
  5. Shootist Jeff

    The 4th Am Right to Privacy is killing children

    If that’s what you believe, go for it.
  6. Shootist Jeff

    The 4th Am Right to Privacy is killing children

    So in other words I’m right.
  7. Shootist Jeff

    Do you live in a shithole city?

    I tend to think cat-eating yotes are a good thing. Do they eat small yappy dogs too? That would be a bonus.
  8. Shootist Jeff

    The 4th Am Right to Privacy is killing children

    What is that supposed to mean? What? you don’t like the idea of having the 4th restricted in the name of saving children? I thought that was the whole goal? Think of all the children we could save by curtailing that pesky right to privacy that protects pedos, drug dealers and murderers. If you’re not willing to agree to that, then you must not really care about saving children. If it saves just one child, right?
  9. Shootist Jeff

    Immigrant Children

    So honest question..... what is she going to vote for at the polls instead as a result? For more Democrats who are going to ignore the problem and look the other way while these mothers are risking mile dangerous journey? Because doing nothing is why these people are continue to floc by the thousands. Sadlly the current crop of GOPers are no better. This cannot all be about immigration enforcement. The closest we came to fixing this was under Bush Jr and the Ds and the unions blocked his comprehensive immigration reform push. So you guys have yourselves to thank for this current mess.
  10. Shootist Jeff

    Immigrant Children

    100% agree with all of that. ALL OF IT. As long as they come in the front door and don’t sneak in and break our laws.
  11. Shootist Jeff

    Peace in Korea. Nobel prize for Trump.

    Treason? Really? That seems a bit overly melodramatic. Why not the calls for treason when it’s found out he’s actually done something treasonous? Like collude with Russia to rig the election?
  12. Shootist Jeff

    Who is the most tiresome and boring poster here?

    Gaytor, it sounds like you are gunning for the title. I would say you are in the lead so far. WFD.
  13. Shootist Jeff

    Peace in Korea. Nobel prize for Trump.

    Here flashdance aka @Raz'r, I'll even throw you a bone. Given that trump is such a short attention-span child and a narcissist - I think its a coin flip if he will have the energy or attention span to not fuck this up with a stupid tweet at 0400 while he's on the shitter one morning. I think this is an interesting opening gambit and one that under normal circumstances might have a better than average chance at succeeding under different leadership. But given who this is, I'm doubtful he can sustain this for years. And something of this magnitude will take years to bear fruit. I hope I'm proven wrong, because might honestly be one of the best chances we've had in a long time to solve this impasse. But I'm only at the coin flip stage. If someone could take his fucking twatter account away from the cheeto jesus, those odds might go up to 60%. But I'm not overly optimistic. But I'm willing to give him the chance and see how this plays out before condemning him. The rest of you, as evadent, not so much.
  14. Shootist Jeff

    Peace in Korea. Nobel prize for Trump.

    Not true. I'm always a "military first" guy. How else would I make good money as a mercenary if I advocated for diplomacy? I gotta pay the bills somehow.
  15. Shootist Jeff

    Peace in Korea. Nobel prize for Trump.

    Becoming a spokesman? How so? I'm not cheerleading trump on this. I just can't stand when there is bitching about something before it even happens. Your TDS is absolutely no different than the ODS you hated from NGS, Happy, and their elk. Mitch, sadly you and BL have become the new NGS and folding prop. I didn't like it out of them anymore than I enjoy watching you guys doing the same thing. I level plenty of criticism at trump and he deserves 99% of what he gets here. I just think this is one of those cases where he doesn't. But that he is doing something unorthodox and getting results (maybe) and bucking conventional wisdom has you guys all fucking atwitter worrying that he might come out of this looking pretty good. THE HORROR that a POTUS might get some results where preznits for the last 30 years have failed. Because he's not your guy, you just can't have that. Relax and let this play out. If if Kim Jong Lucy pulls the football away and Trumpie Brown ends up on his back yelling "Good grief!", then I will laugh at him right along with you.