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  1. Aussie??? Ghey. Aussie. Seems synonymous
  2. Yes, I do. I've come to the conclusion recently that McC and Ryan are actually enjoying the trainwreck that is trump because they can get their legislative agenda through easier if all the focus is on the train crashing into the wall. All they have to do is put some papers in front of trump, say sign this and then you can get back to your tweets and presto we have a signed bill. Its not ideal, but it is what it is. When trimps becomes a liability to them, they will throw him under the bus faster than snaggs can say phuuuuque.
  3. WTF is with the dude in shorts and long white boots??? Totally ghey!
  4. BJ, I'm fully aware of what the 1st Am is and is not. I've even told righties that same thing on occasion. I apologize if I used the term free speech" loosely in this case. I meant that we should". I did not mean it in the strictly legal sense. Students have the legal right to shout down others who they disagree with, but I think that is hugely disrespectful to the speaker no matter how much you find it abhorrent. You DO get the distinction, right?
  5. When there are charges of treason brought forward by Mueller - we'll talk and I'll be the first in line to tie the noose around his neck. I would frankly like the trumptard gone now, but that's not how our legal system works. Its not up to me or you to determine where the "serious line" gets crossed - because neither one of us has even close to any of the facts. I'm willing to let the system work. That was my answer - the SYSTEM will take care of trump if it comes to that. What you or I want is irrelevant. In the meantime he's not that dangerous. We've weathered storms bigger than the cheeto jesus before and we will weather this one. Meh.
  6. Its not about falling for anything. At least someone is talking about it at all. Isn't that what you want? The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a first step in the right direction. I'm not naive that all will be roses and unicorns overnight - but its got to start somewhere. I'm willing to give people like him the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.
  7. If it came to really serious matters - both.
  8. Meh. Good for them, they exercised their right to free speech. I do hope it was worth it to them though when they look back and ruined their own graduation memories to make a point that in the end likely will have ZERO effect on anything. But its their choice. Either way it was a fuckload more respectful to get up and walk out in silent protest than to shout a speaker down and prevent his/her exercise of free speech too. I strongly disagree with people disrupting other's ability to speak.
  9. First of all, this thread is not about trump. There are almost literally hundreds of active threads on that subject that you can whine in. I frankly don't care about trump one way or the other. He is an embarrassment - but I frankly do not think he is that dangerous. He is not going to start a nook-a-ler war all by himself. I trust our system of checks and balances as well as his inability to keep his mouth shut or his fingers off twitter - which in the end will be his own political suicide. That trump is "pushing"for some of the things I believe in doesn't change the fact that they are good positions IMHO. IN fact I would prefer he just STFU entirely, because frankly he is ruining any chance the GOP can get some of these legislative things through. I don't believe in EVERYTHING the GOP is pushing - I strongly disagree with some of it (the anti-abortion shit for instance). I think the WALL is a stupid idea, but stricter immigration enforcement in general is not. Notice the GOP Congress also has no interest in building a wall either - so they got that going for them. Which is nice. As for pushing shit through with narrow margins - don't even try to pull that shit. I recall Nancy and Harry did the same shit and we got obamacare shoved down our throats with the narrowest of margins and told we would have to pass it to find out what was in it. Remember that? Personally, I think that's a shitty way to govern and I wish it weren't so - but I would suggest you not get on your highhorse about that practice.
  10. I think mad actually meant "Field strip", not field dress. Field stripping a gun usually means that you break it down to its basic minimum components just enough to properly clean and keep functioning out in the field. There, you do not want to break it down any further than necessary because you could lose small parts or possibly damage something or need more elaborate toolz than one would be expected to carry out in "the field". In general, with handguns - it means taking the slide off and the barrel out and giving it a quick clean to keep running. With a bolt action hunting rifle - its probably just taking the bolt out and cleaning the barrel and wiping the bolt down. With a semi-auto rifle like an AR-15 - it would be popping the rear pin on the upper/lower receiver, taking the bolt carrier out and MAYBE taking the bolt apart from the BCG and giving it a good wipe down and re-lube and then re-assembling. Field stripping should require (generally) zero tools. Sandy, It sounds to me like you were so incompetent with the gunz that he was afraid to let you get too far. He probably wanted to make it as absolutely tedious and boring as possible so maybe you would give up before you got to the actual shooting part. And you keep banging away on the NRA's safety training programs. Do you even fucking know what they consist of? The NRA is pretty much THE Standard for gun safety promotion and training. Many LE organizations use their NRA certified instructors and their courseware for their officer training. Why don't you STFU for once and edumacate yourself:
  11. Looks like the shitstain got what was coming to him. Karma is a redheaded bitch! Meh
  12. Even though you would never admit it in a million years, you just FUCKING PROVED MY POINT! Thank you for that. Seriously. I get that you think that trump is an idiot, moron, child, corrupt, etc. But stop tarring those of us who also think trump is utterly a fucking moron baby because we happen to believe in much of what is being pushed by the WH. I can't speak for everyone, but I AM discussing policies and laws. And the WH didn't come up with that shit on their own and it certainly wasn't original to them. When you hear me say something like "I like trump or I support trump" or similar - then you can ride my ass about it. But just because I say I support stricter immigration policy or defense spending or infrastructure spending or tax reform or whatever - it doesn't mean that I'm carrying trump's water or his jock strap for him. You need to get that through your thick fucking partisan skull of yours. We can disagree on policy and you're welcome to your opinion, but I will not be tarred with the same brush just because the Toddler in Chief happens to be pushing the same or similar agenda. It wouldn't be prudent.
  13. You write a nice post about how YOUR beliefs are all well founded and rational...then you say dumb shit like this. I'm sorry, Apparently I'm too dumb to understand that. Can you please explain it to me?