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  1. I would say that it's hard to tell by WIRW alone. More data would be necessary, but impossible to come by as all four existing boats will never race against each other. Paul was definitely fast at this event. He was running deep rather than sailing hot angles, as none of us were really ever out of displacement mode. But he also has a better boat than #1, the symmetrical kite boat, and two years of experience sailing it. He's also a damn fine sailor so how much of his speed was him and how much the boat or the setup is debatable. Trailing the fleet, we were sailing hotter and thus faster than the symmetrical, but covering more ground. Still we were often rounding right behind or in front of them after making up a lot of distance. We had a lot of local knowledge in our boat, which is a big factor up there in the land of ridiculous currents. Overall, we were still faster downwind in most races but kept losing them going upwind. That wasn't a boat issue either. That was a software problem at the very back, near the tiller extension. We went for the asymmetric set up because (a) the races we're going to do are fairly casual, ( it eliminates bowman complexities, and the haughty bowman altogether, thereby raising the fun factor while reducing the chances of broken stuff.
  2. Nope on the yellow tiller. However, it's temping to put a yellow flag on a stick at the end of the prod. I almost lost track of the front end of the boat a few times in crossing situation. Hopefully the crew wasn't too disappointed with our results. We were having a blast, though often sailing quickly to the wrong place. Somewhere on SA there's a quote about that. I think it would take lot more sailing in Penn Cove to figure that place out. It sounds like it always pays to go right after the start, except when it doesn't. And the Coupevile side is faster going downwind, except when it isn't. Dart #2 got it figured out, that's for sure. Dart #1 was faster than us upwind; God knows why. Fuzz Foster to ER, stat! Fuzz Foster to ER stat!
  3. I hear the Sierra 26d is sometimes referred to as the Sierra Swim Team-- a boat with air bags under the coaming is just not the thing for me. I'll take the fluffy cushions and 880# of lead anytime. The Dart is quick enough but very forgiving. We learned a lot, got better at boat handling; I only wish my tactics matched what the boat is capable of producing (and what Paul can do with it). I'm hoping Fuzz at our friendly North Sails loft will help me dial in rig tune, etc. It arrives in Hawaii at 5:02PM HST on August 1st on deck of the MV Monoa. We live literally a stone's throw from Honolulu Harbor and will be on the 14th floor rec deck with multiple cameras, though I'm guessing it will be buried in a stack of containers.
  4. You sure sound like your talking about the Left Coast Dart.
  5. Whidbey Island Race Week: tick, tick, tick.... By the way, I know what you mean about the hole for the compass. I'd have to get a friend do it while I walked the other way. No way I could get a hole saw near a brand new boat. Be gentle to my baby. Tell her she will only feel some slight discomfort.
  6. This trailer is likely to NEVER get dunked. Unless it's followed by a slightly audible "oops." If it's going to be moist, it's going to the hoist. Hey... I just made a poem!
  7. 88 MPH? What's the towing capacity of a Delorean?
  8. What could go wrong with 1.21 giggawatts?!
  9. Come on Jim Lee: certainly a flux capacitor would work on the Dart. Look at your avatar for crying out loud. Dr. Brown would put one on his Dart.
  10. Please put the report on Jim's blog so that we can all read it!
  11. So will there be subsequent Darts?
  12. Or dark and stormy. Seriously- sail a bunch over here on a cherry Moore 24. Stiff and relatively dry upwind and a blast downwind. Great boat and value. And a good rating. Four up is all you need and enough interior for the race after party crash. Trailer and hoist if you want.
  13. I get it. Watching it again, your are right.
  14. I was kinda thinking the same thing. What, they gybed like 5 times for some reason. Say, Jim Lee, what if all the Darts came together at the same place and time? It would be a regatta of epic proportions. It would be the perfect race.
  15. Uh, Jim, why is Mark reefed in those winds? Is there something I need to know about?