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  1. Yep - they can always case it up later if so desired. Glad to hear its performance is as-hoped
  2. More like you WEAR the Moore. To the OP - if you haven't logged a bunch of hours in a variety of small keel boats, do yourself a BIG favor and duct tape your wallet shut for a while. You don't know what you don't know.
  3. Looks like the keel stub for a canter... The first canting full-keel boat !
  4. There's a perfect Moore 24sc here for sale, on a trailer - shipped to the West Coast you'd be looking at $ 25 k-ish, but it's got a new rig, winches, sails, perfect Gel-coat bottom and deck, all update mods done at the factory. You could drive it cross-country with just about anything bigger than a Vespa. Might be more than you'd like to spend but you wouldn't have to re-do fucking ANYTHING. So ask yerself - do you want to sail or do boat work. Just sayin' - if that's what you want, and I could certainly see why. That boat is a bit magic.
  5. Twenty-five degrees ? Hike, Bitches.
  6. Man ! I haven't seen a boat do a stoppie like that since the Olsen 29 left our fleet.
  7. I think most associate the term "Ugly American" with the movie - about a Viet Nam-like situation and the misguided efforts of the diplomat to 'civilize' the unwashed
  8. I dunno. looks nice to me. Not my bag of chips personally, but then - it wasn't made for ME !
  9. I thought it was just footage of them doing their 720 after (mistakenly) shooting down that Iranian airliner
  10. There was a piece in Woodenboat a year or two back about the early "auto-boats" - the automobile-inspired power boats of the early 1900s - the first gas-engine powered "speedboats" if you will. Prior to that, they had recreational powerboats, but the smaller ones were launches and fan-tails and such - the distinction the article made in the critical difference between the types as being the difference between BEING somewhere and GETTING somewhere. The condo-marans are mostly about BEING on the water and the performance types for GETTING there - and that they don't get to be both until you spend a LOT of money is really the answer - for most sailors the additional investment in the construction and ownership of a larger performance boat, like the bigger Outremmers or Atlantics - if not Gunboats - is just too much, especially for someone NOT spending months living aboard, at least part-time. I loved my SuperCat 20 but it was a full commitment to operation when you were out in more than just a few knots, whereas my Impulse 21 is MUCH safer to share the helming experience with others - but it will only go 20 knots if sailed over a waterfall.
  11. Please just stop quoting him. I put him on ignore long ago. A signal-to-noise ratio thing
  12. One of the great character actors - Red Dawn, Repo Man, Pretty in Pink, - all in 1986 alone - and many, many others.
  13. Quarter-mill+ get-in for a 37 foot dedicated racer you can't stand up in, needs 8 guys, only has 3 sails ? ah....no thank you
  14. That looks like a great trip - I'm assuming that with the inshore course, and the 81 miles a day average that you day-sailed most of it and were able to 'park up' most nights ?
  15. High-clew sails traditionally DO sheet well-aft - and they don't need their lead moved much between uphill and reaching. IN a big breeze it will be fine. When it lightens up, you will realize it doesn't point well. Never cut/modify a used sail. It just doesn't pay. Use it as-is, reef it and see how that goes but pay $ 0 for changing a used sail.