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  1. NHRA, The cars are exploding

    A good deal more than that, actually. There was an event in the '80s when a cameraman on a pedestal a fair distance from the track-side was struck and killed by a blower-top that had gone ballistic.
  2. Suicide by Uber

    Good thing they have those safety drivers.
  3. Hydroptere abandoned - Available for $20,000

    Boy did YOU ever miss your opportunity !!! Those guys that delivered the big Kauai Tri coulda lashed it between the hulls and had it there for a song...
  4. laugh or cry?

    Redress ? For what ? Rescuing the people that THEY put in the water ? I suppose I understand how some competitive/sports-manager type might have thought about trying it, but I can't BELIEVE the sponsor /marketing types permitted them to actually file for it !! I mean, you would think that by now they'd at least be practiced in the act of finishing the event even though out of contention. In the previous case, with honor (if not a little red-faced) - but this - well...this is .... unfortunate. "It looks bad because it IS bad."
  5. Our racers don't drink enough

    And is there No Other place to buy this said cartoon of beer ? 'cause if so....well...there is difference between retail and wholesale !
  6. Classic Airstream motor home for sale

    P Wop, that is an awesome Regatta-mobile ! Man, a guy with the right selection of beach cats and skiffs could make a career out of cross-country yachting with that vessel.
  7. USS Lexington CV-2 discovered after 76 years

    Yes, Port Phillip, nearly everything coming aboard a carrier has arresting gear. Remember the violent 'trapping' of modern planes is a function of their speed - so, the lighter, smaller, much slower planes of the past wouldn't have imparted as much energy.
  8. What a money pit!

    Nice one Ajax. I like the new Scouts - definitely give a new Sportster a run for the money !
  9. NRA vs Russian Meddling in Politics

    How DARE a corporation express First amendment-like views, er, I mean, cross the "conservatives" Oh, and the NRA isn't even the staunchest group in the gun debate, by a long-shot.
  10. The Jefe is off again

    Wait...2,000 extra miles is no biggie but the 80 miles across the Kauai channel is ? Sorry we'll miss you, though.
  11. what was it?

    Come to Sailing Anarchy, get the whole story ! MORC really made for some cool boats. That Davidson 29 reminds me more than a bit of the Lidgard 29 - another boat with an awesome interior for a sub-30 footer that sails very well.
  12. Sir Durward Knowles

    100 years is a damn good run. Must be something in Star boats, my old college coach sailed them too and was still sailing in his mid-90s.
  13. Taser, Wayfarer, Scot - in that order. Oh, if you hate the winches, take 'em off. I worked at a sailing school and we ditched them and went to rope tails on the halyards. Worked fine. The Taser is harder to find, but is smaller and sails great, as does the Wayfarer.
  14. Anarchy III For Sale ??

  15. The Refit - Andrews 43

    Well done - should clean up well.