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  1. NYYC coverage was Andy green,tucker Thompson and Kenny read did a day also . Great use of drones and video content in both interviews and boat action was really good .
  2. The ED and Clean spend years knocking US sailing and now ED want their help how ironic
  3. Wondered that my self .where is the money gone?
  4. Clean is not welcome in st Francis so in his usual fashion he just ignores the event .credit though this time he hasn't bashed the event but still a couple more days to go
  5. Dry sailed and will be done at NEB
  6. Gladiator is heading to the west coast Soon from Rhode Island .my question is how can all these boat be deemed to be one design now. bad pak and the hand higher freeboard for inshore FOX Inshore and the rule built around her ? RIO inshore Beau Geste IRC BOAT gladiator IRC
  7. Isn't all sailing for owners hobbies ? Full credit to Mr Clarke he build an amazing boat and is trying to break records but he also did say from the start he may not be able to do much racing on her due to arthritis in his hand .
  8. Donald Wilson
  9. Unfortunately she is in the same place needing some love .There was an Irish group trying to buy her back last year but seems to have gone by the way side such a shame to see a piece of Irish history in this state
  10. Clean you did nothing to promote Key west except bad mouth the event after they never asked you back .seems to be a trend not Many clubs or events want you anymore
  11. She is at the hinckley yard in ri just saw her today. she is now in primer
  12. Comanche is doing Hobart race under current ownership also
  13. Great to see a piece of whitbread history getting a new lease of life by the lady who started it .Lets hope clean has the decency and respect not to start bad mouthing Tracy and her efforts again .
  14. Someone from Detroit they had or have a J145