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  1. Racing on Saturday: Cape Fling, the R/P 52. Beautiful boat. AF1QipPcP2V5vFutE3JxKOKFVhwfouUoxAe5nXfr3X6u.htm
  2. Romain Attanasio's making a pit stop in Simon's Town this afternoon.
  3. Two questions here with the Destremau's jump start: His diesel too big to put a hand crank on it? The line leads to the clew on his headsail? Dump the sheet and pulls the line leading to engine? Thought someone here said Mich Des used his boom, tightened up close-hauled and then popped the mainsheet. No one seems to make marine engines anymore that have decompression levers to aid hand cranking. The technique he has used is well known particularly with cruisers where the engine is at the bottom of the companionway with flywheel facing forward so route for line to boom is straightforward compared to a 60. Assume it easier for him to get line to headsail via a shallow cockpit and forward than up to boom and also probably more line speed/length and easier to undertake in fresh and bumpy conditions compared to boom. Not sure I would continue into the SO relying on that start technique to move water ballast in a fixed keeler. Yanmar used to do a 3-cylinder diesel with 3 decompressor levers on top, and either a spring starter (favoured by the RNLI in Britain) or a pull-start pulley arrangement. We specified a couple of these for a Whitbread ULDB that sadly didn't get built in 89. They work just fine. Not sure if they still make them. Produced about 30hp. Bloody good idea, though. Wind up the spring, prime the fuel, open the decompressors, let 'er rip on the spring, and quickly close the levers one by one. This is just the thing: http://startwell.com/midi/ 10 Turns on the handle to wind it up, hit the button and vroom! We had one on the salvage tug workboat back in the day. Worked every time and unaffected by sub-zero temperatures. At 16kg it's a nett reduction in weight over dedicated starter batteries and starter motor.
  4. V&A Waterfront, in front of the Table Bay Hotel.
  5. Here's the thread from a couple of years back: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=143622 Unlike your boat, "Panic Major" no longer looks very good.
  6. Anybody at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town on a summer evening.
  7. Bali, right? No "not for sale" sign there in June..
  8. I had one of these for a while: WP_20160910_10_34_27_Pro.jpg A Morris woody. Awesome, my late uncle had one of those for years, in beige. He used to encourage it over the hills in the town where he lived by pounding on the door. When he got to the top he would shout "Eureka!" Then he bought a new car, a p.o.s Austin Apache and him and my aunt were killed in it in a collision. Should have stuck with the Morrie.
  9. Bonne, I took a look at the first one, launched last year. The quality of workmanship was truly outstanding. They are busy commissioning the second and it's apparently quite a bit different so there is a fair amount of customisation possible.
  10. "FWIW (which is five/eighths of Fuck All, but I'm a pedant, I can't help it) plank on frame rather than strip planked, surely." Thanks, mate, now I know the difference......is plank on frame carvel construction by another name?
  11. This is what happens to plastic boats which screw up. Steel boats remain intact for ten years or more,. I guess the owner of this boat believed his boat would never have this happen, because it is "not supposed to happen." So much for that theory! Do you recon my clients would be better off if their boats ended up looking like this plastic boat? To my eye, it doesn't look anywhere near as pretty as the pictures of my boat, posted so far. Sad ,they got their advice from folks like my critics. Bollocks. "Tara" was a strip planked wooden boat. Holman & Pye designed yawl around 60 years old. http://sayachts.blogspot.co.za/2016/02/the-sad-story-of-tara.html Idiot making idiotic assumptions.
  12. Because PEDs kill people, and I'm not a Roman who enjoys the gladiators' arena. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johannes_Draaijer Banning PED's is at least partially to protect athletes from themselves: A scenario, from a 1995 poll of 198 sprinters, swimmers, powerlifters and other assorted athletes, most of them U.S. Olympians or aspiring Olympians: You are offered a banned performance-enhancing substance, with two guarantees: 1) You will not be caught. 2) You will win. Would you take the substance? This is an article from the April 14, 1997 issue Original Layout One hundred and ninety-five athletes said yes; three said no. Scenario II: You are offered a banned performance-enhancing substance that comes with two guarantees: 1) You will not be caught. 2) You will win every competition you enter for the next five years, and then you will die from the side effects of the substance. Would you take it? More than half the athletes said yes. Article by Bamberger & Yaeger, Sports Illustrated 1997
  13. Filmed in Cape Town. Cape Town Studios are pretty busy. It helps to have a currency that's in the toilet I guess.
  14. We're on it. If it turns up here it'll stick out like a dog's ball, or maybe a hog's ball.
  15. We use a fractional inhauler as follows; low friction ring on a length of dyneema/Vectran - fixed length reaching from masthead to exit sheave at deck level, with a Wichard clip spliced to the lower end. A piece of bungee runs down the mast to the clip so that the ring is pulled into the rig when the halyard is not in use, otherwise it gets tangled in stuff. For masthead kites the ring travels to the masthead, when you want to go fractional you just hook the Wichard clip on and the halyard stays restricted at the hounds.