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  1. knucklehead

    South Africa headed to economic implosion?

    The brine has also lost its entrapped oxygen, so even if it is mixed with raw seawater before being dumped its oxygen content is lower than the surrounding sea water after it is returned to the sea. And there are chemicals added in the process to keep the screens clean.
  2. knucklehead

    South Africa headed to economic implosion?

    I don't use municipal water in my house - it's a combination of well point and rainwater collection, at work we are using chemical toilets, no showers and at the yacht club we have a host of measures to reduce water consumption from waterless urinals to flow reducers on all the showers (which are closed from 9am to 5pm), no fresh water supply to the marinas other than for one hour twice a week, no fresh water flushing of outboard motors, grey water flushing of toilets, push button taps, etc. We turned down a proposal to site a desalination plant at the club due to concerns around brine disposal (we're a Blue Flag marina) and lease restrictions around running a commercial operation from the club. The cost of desalinated water is roughly 10x the cost of municipal supply. It's remarkable how little water you can get by on if you have to, with minimal inconvenience. The city used to consume about 1.2 billion litres of water a day, it's now down to 527 million litres a day. It's the new normal. And "Day Zero" just moved out another month to the first week of July, the start of the winter rainfall period.
  3. knucklehead

    South Africa headed to economic implosion?

    Well, as of Thursday last week Zuma is gone, Cyril Ramaphosa is our new president and the new broom is already sweeping clean. The gratifying thing is that civil society, a free press and a steadfast, independent judiciary achieved this by relentlessly confronting a venal, corrupt president and finally got rid of him. Zuma's Indian partners in looting, the Gupta family, are on the run along with Zuma's son. President Ramaphosa is everything Zuma wasn't: highly intelligent, thoroughly modern in outlook, well respected by labour and business and a man driven by ideals, not self-interest. There will be a lot of very good people returning to government soon, and the future looks far brighter. This country has a way of confounding the critics and will continue to do so. And Kim du Toit can piss off. Oh, ok, she already has, a long time ago.
  4. knucklehead

    Stupid Airports

    Best large airport: Changi, Singapore Best small airport: Koh Samui, Thailand Worst: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, but I'm sure there are worse. Pity, really, Ethiopian Airlines are not bad at all, but their hub is a hell-hole..
  5. knucklehead

    Add one word.

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind Grandmother Forget Saving Private Ryan Painting The Bridges of Madison County Top Gun Zombie
  6. knucklehead


    Another amazing story: that of the NR-1, the smallest nuclear submarine ever built, in service for 39 years. Top secret, never officially registered as part of the fleet. Service speed submerged was 4 knots, it was towed on the surface to and from its operational areas. Some of the missions it undertook were just incredible.
  7. knucklehead

    Fazisi Front Page

    You're mixing up boats and races and all kinds of things. Rothmans the Rob Humphreys designed maxi was never a ketch and finished 4th in the '89-90 Whitbread under Lawrie Smith, the race that Steinlager 11 won. Lawrie then took Fortuna Extra Lights from the '89-90 race, converted it into a ketch with the most sail area in all the fleet and entered the '93-94 Whitbread, also as Fortuna. The mizzen mast fell down shortly after the start in the first decent puff of wind, followed later the same day by the main mast. Lawrie Smith jumped onto Intrum Justitia, the Whitbread 60, at the start of Leg 2 after skipper Roger Nilson was injured, and set a new 24 hour distance record. He sailed the remainder of the race as skipper of Intrum.
  8. Hopefully with a bitterly cold beverage.
  9. That's good news, if Doug is the Race Officer, as usual, he'll know where to put the course for the best race. Man, it's hot in the city today, that Westerly coming in off the sea must be a relief.
  10. Damn, looks like the in-port race is going to be a bit of a flop with the forecast wind strength and direction/s. Holding it on Saturday would be epic.
  11. We launched Nick off a catamaran in pretty much that position a couple of years ago and got into a bit of trouble with the port captain........
  12. knucklehead

    Clipper Does a Vestas

    Nope, all wrong. The wreck removal was put out to tender by the underwriters, one of the conditions being that vehicular access to the beach is not allowed. I think you'll find it will be cut up in situ, with some care taken to remove the rig intact, if possible. The bits to be lifted by chopper for loading on to trucks on the nearest road. Should be nothing there next week.
  13. knucklehead

    Cape Town over Christmas Easy, lots of places open
  14. knucklehead

    Cape Town over Christmas