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  1. Seen many boats over priced on craigslist. This one tops them. ...and it's free https://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/boa/5829132566.html
  2. Sorry bout your ride, Personally I wouldn't let Matthew anywhere near the next boat. He sounds like a walking disaster. But who wouldn't want to live vicariously through someone buying a new multihull. From your description of a cruiser for your family with small kids to get to the Bahammas. I looked through Boat trader to see what was available in your area and these were my favorites. 1. Cruising Cat- ACTE Marine 42- Why--Big common area to eat and socialize. Looks easy to for One person to sail lots of room for the kids. In addition to all the below deck berths, lots of room to sleep on deck or put a tent in the forward tramps. 2. Gemini 105MC- Why- Couple used at slightly more expensive than the ACTE. Smaller but look nice. 3. Project Cat-- Saw several boats under $30,000. --How much work do you want to do? 4. Trailerable Tri-- Saw some Condors They are a trade-off. Do you want a smaller boat that you can trailer down to Miami; then sail across. Or just sail all the way. on a bigger Cat. http://www.boattrader.com/listing/1990-ACTE-Polynesia-102696274
  3. I like this idea too. It removes the sail-drive strut. A properly designed rudder shaft already has the strength and stiffness required to replace the sail-drive. The folded propeller with this design is almost always in the disturbed wake of the rudder. Compared to a propeller midway between keel and rudder which is not in the wake of the keel if the boat is in a beat to weather. Would I add it to a boat that has no sail-drive and expect the same racing performance... No that would be stupid. Would I replace my diesel,sail-drive, and rudder to get the benefit of electric motor... Maybe seems an expensive project that won't add much to value of the boat. Could this option be a decision maker for the choice of my next boat. Yes I like maneuverable boats...depends on the price.
  4. It is one way to get rid of your trash...Make it float then sell it https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/boa/5666275374.html
  5. You realize you just more time on Hotrods design than he did.
  6. Thinkin it's the OUTside.
  7. Way to go!!
  8. Nice translation reminds me of:
  9. How many days till it becomes Raccoon Food?
  10. AR is the new Schrodinger's cat. Except it is both fast and slow; instead of alive and dead
  11. Funny story woody, I offer an opinion that the Coast guard is not responsible for inspecting and verifying that every boat on the water meets some sort of structural or seakeeping requirements. They should make sure all boats are registered, lighted, and equipped with safety gear. (lifejackets, flares, horn, fire extinguisher) Failure in those areas makes them a danger to other out on the water. The coast guard does offer to certify a boat or design. The designs can by certified by the Coast Guard Office of Design and Engineering Standards. Submit your design pay the fee and get your certification. If you want to take it to the next step you can certify the boats by allowing Coast Guard inspectors to inspect your facilities, manufacturing methods, quality methods, and the boat you want certified. Boats I had certified (lifeboats) then had to pass performance tests; as they should if you need a lifeboat the damn thing better work. All of the above adds cost to the boat and gets you a hull sticker, maybe some piece of mind. In my opinion, totally unnecessary for the recreational market. A quality builder will design to pass the CG requirements just not pay the fee. If there is no certified design why bother with an inspection. If some puts crap out on the market well its buyer beware. Likewise is someone build their own boat you could buy a certified design, pay for the inspectors; and end up with a certified boat. Probably cost 5 times as much. Otherwise you could buy plans from a known designer (Farrier), build to the plans and have a nice boat for a lower cost than buying from a boat builder. Well here in M’erica we can design and build our own boat. So long as we have the required safety gear we can use and enjoy our creation. Of course if I was to spend $30,000 on materials you think I’d spend $20 on book on yacht design. http://www.amazon.com/Principles-Yacht-Design-3rd-Edition/dp/0071487697 Then I could put my $30k in materials together in a way that won't end up looking like tidal wave debris.
  12. I f you can't say something nice, you can always point and laugh.
  13. Well it’s been in the water a week now. Will it last another week? Trying to organize thoughts on how it will fall apart is getting difficult there are so many ways. Most Likely: It will slowly sink at its current dock. With bilge pumps now attached it seems likely the seams are leaking and the plywood is losing strength every minute water wicks its way through the hull sheets. There will be a last ditch effort to pull it out of the water. I think it is in the best interest of the marina to let him pull it out. My guess it will be cheaper to break it up on land and haul it away in a couple dumpsters. If it breaks apart in the water they will have to fish it out one piece at a time. Most entertaining: HR will think his sea shack is seaworthy and try and move it, maybe even sail it to another dock. I think his hull sheeting is at its strength limit sitting at the dock. Adding dynamic pressure from moving into the equation will open the seams right up flooding the hulls. The fact his vessel flexes and may very well fold like a taco won’t be an issue; because his hulls won’t remain buoyant long enough for the flexing to become an issue. I do hope he tries to sail with his home made sail. He would at least have a picture to remember it by. I don’t think it will actually sail get blown downwind is more like it.