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  1. Rocket 22

    I asked for the boom length not the sail dimensions in my former life as an Ullman rep... Hey Snap, good to hear your still around and doing well in SD wot you doing now?
  2. Rocket 22

    It's 12" shorter on the boom for better sheeting control, but has something like 7 sq. ft more sail up top which has shown an enormous improvement in light air. Although it was very fast in light air before! The square head really depowers well. Still like to see those pictures of the Rocket Intergalactics you have! sure you will have to wait till I get back to NZ in Feb, I will post the pictures then
  3. Rocket 22

    yup, thats the old girl, the stick has now been changed to the std Rocket 22 stick as the original Martin sticks which were used on the prototype (SLUT) have been snapped, the Ullman rep was asking the North rep for the our square top sail dimentions, must have been for you, Be interesting to see how the sails differ, thought you said that your new main had more square footage? We thought about a dacron main for the same reasons you did, but ended up with a black sail. I still cant belive how much of an improvement to the boat handing that sail made and we still use the stock rudder.
  4. Rocket 22

    I have to say the best change we made was going with the North square top main. By reducing the main foot by approximally 11" and adding a square head we improved handling and performance without adding sail area. The boat tackes faster and the main depowers so much easer. We also got a woomper light weight asso from Lidguards in NZ, not sure if the additional handicap is worth that one but in the light with the huge asso soaking the boat to the mark is funny with Vipers reaching hard and crossing your transom further back each time. Had a lot of fun with the old girl, Rocket #1 Seattle Washington. I will have a look, I think I have a couple of pictures from the Rocket Intergalatics held in Seattle during the Noods regatta, about the first and last time we will see I think seven rocket 22's on the water together. If I find them I will post them.
  5. Dear LC

    Let me know when, we should be able to line something up.

  6. Dibley K250 Carbon

    get to the K&K in Greenlake just north of Seattle for kick off and I am sure you will get an education very quickly!
  7. Dibley K250 Carbon

    Hi 'Barnone' I believe Bainbridge Island, Puget Sound. There is only one thing left to do:, 'A 2011 version' ok Kev, what changes would you recommend in the 2011 version, And if the mighty All Blacks play the way they did last weekend...the French are in trouble! But I have heard and sad to say seen it all before, don't forget 1999 or 2007, now is the time to right those wrongs, I think Richies boys will hit them hard and then up the antie in the second half this go around! Go the All Blacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Dibley K250 Carbon

    yep I think it is the one!
  9. Dibley K250 Carbon

    love that boat Carbon!!! if we get SMS going here that would be a great boat for the NW