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    I've gotten myself into all sorts of situations that scared the crap out of me from the Worrell 1000 to a 60 knot papagayo off of Nicaragua on my Seawind catamaran. Recently aboard my Maine Cat I got into dangerous conditions in the Gulf Stream between Key West and Cuba heading for the Panama Canal. No mainsails and tiny jibs got me through severe weather while on my cruising "7 knot shitbox" catamarans. Triple reef mainsails were too much sail area and made the boats surf way too fast. Weather is pretty difficult to dodge when sailing the slow catamarans that I can afford, and I expect the get the crap kicked out of me once in a while. Now here is my wtf about rainmakers dumbass pro Capt. Allowing that freighter to come along side that seaworthy Gunboat was reckless and showed extreme poor judgement. The crew was safe until he pulled that move. There is no condition I would ever let a ship near me in a seaway unless I was climbing up out of a life raft. At least he changed his mind after some smashing, and didn't try to get his crew up a ladder in those seas. There's plenty of history of boats being sunk and crews being smashed between the hulls trying to pull this off. If the owner was pressuring him,and was out of control, he should have tied him up and put him to bed. The Capt. has to make the big calls when the time comes. Rory Mc Dougal sailed around the world in his little Tiki 21 foot catamaran, and has finished top 5 in the singlehanded Jester transatlantic race more then once. Catamarans make very stable rafts in bad weather. Rig or no rig, lines in prop, whatever. Being hoisted up into a Coast Guard helicopter flying at the edge of its fuel range just can't be as safe as drifting along aboard the most expensive stable carbon fiber raft ever built. Many many characters and elderly sailors have made it around the world in their home built plywood epoxy Wharram catamarans enduring all sorts of worse weather including some full force hurricanes. And that photo of Rainmaker's crew posing with the Coast Guard rescuers with their shit eating stupid grins on their faces......JFC.