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  1. Ahh, Lake Erie...

    Wow... https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/in-sight/wp/2015/12/28/surreal-photos-of-crashing-waves-caught-in-motion-on-lake-erie/
  2. i want that

    hug Life - Really? Says the guy named Turd Sandwich! :lol:
  3. Is no blush epoxy really zero blush?

    OT: While walking around on Lido Isle in Newport, CA, the other day, I saw a stunning example of your collaboration with CLC being assembled for its first splashing: the 31' Proa. The builder spent 3 years at it, and it showed.
  4. Valiant 32 rudder

    I'll forward Mr. Betts name to her...Thanks for the pointer, Bob.
  5. Valiant 32 rudder

    My niece (by marriage) bought this boat last year, and needs a new rudder, as the current one has been deemed "wet." She is saving money to have a new one built, but I thought I would ask if there are other "options" out there. . .Got one laying around? The boat is in Pleasant Harbor Marina on the Hood Canal.
  6. Attacks in Philippines

    Oh yeah, that's working out well...NOT! I am fine with that, so long and someone besides US taxpayers are paying... At least if we are paying, the job will be done quickly and correct, hopefully killing as many of those scumbags as possible. With no regrets.
  7. Bieker-53

    But it's so ugly!! Does it have to be so ugly?
  8. BoatSmith Builds a Wharram Ariki 48'

    +1 good question. Boatsmith +1. Nifty when someone takes good design a bit further... Could just worry about the Sun going all nova on our ass!! And don't contribute to the karma of grudges! Check lashing before leaving dock
  9. Gunboat G4 Foiler

  10. Best Sailing Knife

    The edge of the blade goes down, of course. If the edge of the blade was up, serrated or not, instant disaster!
  11. Best Sailing Knife

    [image]http://images.knifecenter.com/thumb/1500x1500/knifecenter/smith/images/DRET.jpg[/image] I've used this to sharpen my serrated blades: does the job.
  12. Best Sailing Knife

    Some newer serrated blades use a round tooth design that supposedly cuts without the jerkiness... As for sharpening serrated blades, a cotton buffing wheel and jeweler's rouge on a bench grinder. :-)
  13. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Bob, that will be above and beyond entirely...Kim's dream, your design, the builder's craft: breathtaking result!
  14. Un-Sound Boatworks...

    My blocks were delivered yesterday afternoon, as Mr. Boynton promised in his recent communication. Thank you very much.