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  1. Loose Cannon

    Radio controlled sailing

    Best fun I ever had. Went to the nationals for my first ever race last year and came 6th. Look at my report from the front page The boat is for sale if you are interested
  2. Loose Cannon

    by the numbers

    The bad cartoon version of a sailboat.
  3. Loose Cannon


    I think that the challenge is that there are a lot of companies trying to become the next laser. They all have X amount of dollars, drachma, sheckles to market the hell out of their designs in hopes of creating scale that will be sustainable. Windsurfers rocked, when they were the only game in town. Ditto lasers, sunfish, hobies, lightnings, j24s anon. The development and upgrading of a class spec is essential at least in the growth years of a class, and slow down a bit after that. I will be interested in how the Acat evolves into the foiling and floating flavors of the same development class - but appreciate that they tailor to the needs of their constituents. (and me at 200lbs will never be flying one, as an example) . Interesting thoughts. Perhaps if yacht clubs didn't suck and had less politics - we might be able to create cradle to grave positive experiences for kids and keep sailing alive for more than the rich and or committed.
  4. Loose Cannon

    Corsair 970

    Farrier boats up to the f33(no idea if that would fit to Aussie road regs) The quorning boat’s are a bit more painful as you need to dismount the akas, but they are a bit more plush. There are several sizes of grainger boats, and a raft of bamboo bombers that would travel but take time to assemble and disassemble in the transition from road to water.
  5. Loose Cannon

    thank you

    Fixed it for you - roving parties (with webcasts) of all the highlights scheduled around the major events of each flavor of sailing in 2019 until Clean and Ed get checked into rehab.
  6. Loose Cannon

    US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    Posted elsewhere What does Triathalon even mean? do you windsurf, ride a bike 100 miles and then run to the finish? It feels like the leadership of our sport are grasping for straws. Get in touch folks. You just guaranteed no 'gravitationally challenged' participants with the elimination of the finn, you still have a laser instead of a moth (which I support if your goal is NOT tv ratings), you kept the most ridiculous event when viewed on TV the 'flappy birds' rsx... Credit for trying to add in new segments of our sport with team racing (please Lord, get a commentator that can add value to the event and webcast some broadcasts so that sailors can bring their friends and give feedback as to which broadcast team did the best job for their non sailing friends) and offshore, which should be a multi camera live stream with lead up races so that every country can follow their team live - hopefully some country beyond the french will actually tune in. Curling has made great progress - can we not do better than that? Who are the people, what is the game (must be well explained to the audience) and if you can't guarantee wind at the event - dont try to publish a tv schedule - just have an AWESOME summary show that fits in a time slot. Live coverage can happen via webcast.
  7. Loose Cannon

    VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

    Perhaps in Dutch then Meihoff
  8. Loose Cannon

    VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

  9. Loose Cannon

    Radio Control Multihulls

    Will follow you at the Gosport event via Facebook. Please tell whoever isn't racing to post some video there! Good luck
  10. Loose Cannon

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Except fro the driver who gets to feel the wind on his cheek from the elements in their driver position. Add a dog house out the back for nav station and cooking, and you have the right answer. @75 feet that would be a crew of 6 I am guessing and you could have multi angle live feed cameras all over the place without salt on them.
  11. Loose Cannon

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Well said Jack. I remember waving goodbye to Hans and the crew in Baltimore and hoped to never hear that message again. I feel for them all. I also stick to my earlier statements about this class of boats vs the trimarans that they should be sailing. An ocean tri around 75 feet with a set up like the current g class just has to be a safer and faster alternative to the semi submersibles they are on now.
  12. Loose Cannon

    ORMA 60 hulls & mast for sale

    could you please send me that document with the float line drawings for a r/c multihull build? lincolnrowley@yahoo.com
  13. Loose Cannon

    VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    With all the astute eyes on this thread - has anyone seen from on the boat video what little things the red boats are doing to have such a speed advantage when they need it. I saw clear differences on leg 2 heading down the atlantic (all sails up, trimmed hard and sending it, vs others who had less sail, more twist, etc.) but in the grand scheme, same water, same winds (and not overpowering at that) they still are smoking the likes of TTOP, TBRU, V11, etc. Thoughts? Observations? I don't see anything obvious for Weight, so it must be in driving, sail and boat trim, etc.
  14. Loose Cannon

    Eric the reds new tri

    Nets look a little saggy but beautiful boat!
  15. Loose Cannon

    VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    I imagine there are a couple Polynesian navigators that would laugh at this discussion.