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  1. I had the pleasure of sailing on Skateaway (thanks Keith) and racing against her on another OSTAR try in the Highlands fling - seriously, why is that race not an east coast major after the Gotham cup! Skateaway is FAST, well thought, and bulletproof, and it is a shame that the thoughts listed above are preventing her from moving to the next caretaker. (I unfortunately have spent my money on an extremely slow moving wooden vessel named my house. But am hopefully getting a f242 to park behind her. Maybe take her down to the Carribean 600 renamed as 4 Sale and kick everyones butt?
  2. 3-4 up is full crew for a multihull in any of those size ranges. I support the 2 up sub class. It only gets crazy at the corners.
  3. Loose Cannon

    which one?

    raced on a MORC boat a while back and even though it was just plywood and glass, the thing was a monster, particularly in light air where we raced. with the right strengthening, and maybe a conversion to bowsprit, just about all of these boats could become giant killers. A little heaving in some cases for planing, but quite the opportunity for Monster Garage....
  4. Loose Cannon

    which one?

    wolfpack and change the keel to a bulb.
  5. Loose Cannon

    Corsair Trimaran

    Then you have an excellent superhero origin story. Hahahaa
  6. Loose Cannon

    Corsair Trimaran

    Ok, so change in the line of my question. what is the best way (besides not buying one) to make a 242 work in wind under 15kts?
  7. Loose Cannon

    Corsair Trimaran

    Aha! I thought it would be good. 242 doesn’t have the back stay pulleys, but there must be something like your setup that can be applied. Thanks
  8. Loose Cannon

    Corsair Trimaran

    Great looking venue and nice fleet! it seems to me that the 242 is just right size wise for singlehanding or racing with two big or up to 4 little folks. Out here I have raced them with three big (near 300 kilos of beef) and there was not enough sail area to move the boat along that heavy. appreciate the 1/2 in. Home Depot pvc pipe tiller extension. Had that on my a cat and never worried about breaking it. Hahaha Thank you for sharing.
  9. Loose Cannon

    Corsair Trimaran

    Tell me about the taller mast. Is that sprint length then? Did the balance change? Did it drive the leeward ama under more? i am considering a boat for east coast USA and inland lakes, all which = light air. Don’t know if a masthead spinnaker and a big square top main are enough.... thanks all all for the singlehanding advice. I was thinking dual tiller - skiff style, with a bungie to tame the tiller and one looped at the end of each tiller running through one of the netting loops at the ama to keep them from falling off the back of the boat in a wave. And a tiller pilot with remote for longer adventures.
  10. Loose Cannon

    Team NYYC

    Yes. That same rigging (minus the dual panel sails) has been tried multiple times in various keelboat classes - mostly for twist up the rig rather than being a fully rotating mast tube. Catamarans moved on to full rotating rigs with diamonds long ago as it is most efficient (plus they don't have nearly as much compressive force in general given the lighter weight of the racing boats in general.)
  11. Loose Cannon

    Team NYYC

    spreader mounts to the mast on hinge/pintle/ball joint. Remember the mast mount of a spreader is just to act in compression so that the mast doesn't buckle in side to side bend. rigging maintains its rough shape and the mast tube has degrees of freedom in rotation (but not side bend.) The 2 panel sails then are mounted on two separate tracks up each side of the mast (think d shape although these are likely more complex to accommodate compression loads, side bend, etc.) As the mast rotates to various degrees, the rigging shape still looks like an A, with the resultant stability in side flex, while the mast tube rotates with the split panel sail providing a smooth airfoil shape on the downwind side (much of the lift without the wing structures, and still the potential for reefing, AND you get to leave the rig in the boat.)
  12. Loose Cannon

    AC75 vs F50 and Maxis

    I seriously doubt that an ac75 will tack faster than an f50 or ac35 cat. Two reasons: 1) the cats HAD to tack fast, as the separation of their primary lifting foils laterally required that they turn quickly as the relative velocity of the 'new' foil would be slower, and that is a bad thing. they had to turn fast, and get both foils moving quickly to come out of the tack (see skipper flying off the boat in a missed trip across the tramp.) 2) for the ac75 that same separation may exist, but a 75 foot boat, with lead in the foils for righting moment, should weigh more and therefore be able to carry their speed better - allowing for a slower turning requirement. But that is my just thinking physics....
  13. Loose Cannon

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    if they put the race up where the buildings are it will be dumb again, however if they stay below, say the statue of liberty, that is wide open to the prevailing breeze blowing from the west and that will be enough to keep things interesting. They need to set it up the same way that the red bull air races were. And not have it in the dead summer breeze. Spring or fall please.
  14. Loose Cannon


    That is horrible news. Something like that, it shouldn't be 12 years, it should be 12 minutes with the blokes they messed with... Such a S*&# move on their part. Sorry Bottman.
  15. Loose Cannon

    F7 Folding Trimaran...This is interesting

    Thanks for aiding my bad eyes. Pics support my statement - Farrier, the flange is fully bonded to the hull. F7, no bonding to the hull and thus the gap. Also looks like the aluminum struts on F7 are mounted by bolted on stubs to the hull rather than molded. Overall, won't speak to legal issues but looks suspiciously like use of Farrier F22 plans.