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  1. Anybody with similar information about a new 2017 outback 6 cyl. I am concerned about how the CVT will hold up if I tow anything bigger than a F24 (aka 2k lbs.) Dont know if I could to an F27 or 28cc. THoughts? Or do I just suck up to a friend with a real SUV or pickup?
  2. anyone got pics or links to the searail and this? I am looking for a boat I can play with OR one I can weekend on with races when I can find good ones. So MT a F242, 241, or something like this. I was racing a-cats but have a son turning 13 and want to get him into the sailing life. THX
  3. look again at everything that isn't structural and find a way to take 100kilos out of it.
  4. I moved on to my loose cannon-ness when I switched to A-cats and ocean racing multihulls, but I believe that was my reservoir dogs name on Hustler.
  5. Definitely a shuttleworth, probably the 47
  6. Well played - it is rather apropos - yes?
  7. Not all of them, just the nationals and regionals. There are always professionals available to win the worlds.... dick.
  8. Platform looks good, although with the main reefed and the screecher up, it looks very clear that they rigged the screecher inside the shrouds and it isn't working. Probably a screecher to a block off the front beam would bring the sexy. As it is the gap between the screecher and main is a mess and you could probably fly just as well if you had a full 100% er off the prodder. Will be interesting to watch. Good on you boys, the platform looks stiff and ready to develop.
  9. And how do you figure that the races were boring? Measured in old school 12 meter and iacc standards there was equal engagement in the pre start (yes, they don't go backwards after a dial up, but is that really a requirement) and or the most part the teaching start was more about preventing a 80kt head on collision than anything else. So go to a traditional upwind start an you solved that. There were an equal or higher number of passes and those that didn't understand the match racing moves that were going on during the races were just being cursed by bad commenting. I call all ba on your premise. If the boats go back to direct drive for everything but the boards (which are better served hydraulically,) they you get what you are seeking. and not for nothing but a fool assisted monohull is going to need the same hydro power as these cats did....
  10. Vanguard Nomad - no doubt. Great boat, lots of space for people, and it is faster than stink with the a-sail up. mainsail, jib, spin sheet, vang and cunningham - thats it... great boat to teach on. 500 pound boat - can trailer behind a vw if you need to. can get them from under $7k
  11. Perfect picture of the scow type monohull I described. If the width is allowed to go wider and there is a ban on concave hulls it will look like a flying saucer. If they allow concavity it will be skinny center hull, with the equivalent of amas and foils at max width
  12. Couple of points to make about the options. first and foremost, the americas cup, post the hundred Guinness cup that started it all has been about course racing. That has now basically evolved into windward leeward gates. No reaching legs, no z legs (remember those?) just upwind and downwind. if that is the accepted premise that immediately narrows down the boat plan types. So vender type boats are a no go - they are reaching and broad reaching machines designed for powerful reaching and the new foil developments there are skimming, not fooling anyway. In order for them to work windward leeward you would likely have the same job main combo, but maybe leave both foils down on the downwind leg and find some amazing software and actuators to get it steady while heading v,g but still being able to make tactical maneuvers such as lifting without crashing. a trimaran, while they can be very effective as a short course boat, would essentially be a foil with a just big enough hull over it so that if you can't foil or crash down, you won't tip over. The central hull becomes vestigial in that you will only win if it is out of the water, so we are basically back to the cats we have now, with a central structure that exists to support and end plate the rig. So cats it is due to cost, known platform and prior experience. ironically, That would also end up being the solution for any monohull rule that the box is wide enough to for the foils to be effective. You either drag led, or you put foils out at max width. Those are the options. If monohull you end up with a 'monomaran' skinny hull and lead, or outriggers and foils (which if you go down that path, you are impeding the match racing and close quarters work (imaging going for the hook, against a DSS equipped skinny monohull. Snap goes the foil and over goes the boat. So in my humble opinion, we will either continue with cats, but dial back to a wing mast and not so soft sails (mast only above x knots? That will get interesting) or they go back to course racing monohulls inside some kind of box or planform rule like iacc or 12m. Either of those monohull options will end up a minimum skinny for low drag. So it will be about foil assist, and if not, scow type hulll forms.
  13. f27 is good particularly if you can get a deal on one. The dream boat in the farrier line based on what you are describing may be the F28CC as it has an aft sleeping quarters, and a very ingenious head where the door folds out to create a 'big enoug' private bath - usually much appreciated by the family. all of the Farrier line (notice I did not say corsair) are capable of doing what you are seeking. But I think going to the canaries in a 24 or 25 would be a bit of a stretch both on accomodating a family of 4 and bobbing your way across the atlantic. Good on you - and best wishes on your quest.
  14. And they didn't fall apart despite having a crack in them since the challenger finals www.sail-world.com/155033
  15. Don't know if this was posted yet. It appears the boys cracked one of the foils and the crack was growing the entire final series www.sail-world.com/155033 Yikes