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  1. Oracle Team USA

    OK, I'll bite, what's the minimum nationality rule number?
  2. Team NZ

    Maybe the Grumpster has decided that since the NZ public didn't cough up any cash for the chips and beer they don't deserve any fun.
  3. Team NZ

    More to this than meets the eye, you can bet on that. Awaiting the fallout with some trepidation. They're just trimming more unnecessary fat.
  4. Team NZ

    Their doing just fine. All the rich backers and sponsors are neatly lined up and their 45's are busy practicing at a secret location in NZ.
  5. Team NZ

    Gotta love those NZander AC fanboys. The definition of good sports.
  6. Team Japan

    Hell your Grandma could have driven the 1st win. JS the wonder-boy sticks the boat in irons - starts 2 minutes behind, and still wins. FatBrad "Did you see what happened out there!?" Not a brilliant strategy for the ODAC You didn't give us your assessment of JS in AC34. Why not measure his success by most gallons of NZ tears shed?
  7. Team NZ

    Having a good day are we ? One of his favorite sheep ran away and eloped with a less angry NZander.
  8. Team Japan

    We can all leave, and you can make it happen.
  9. Team Japan

    Hey you just go on spinning and justifying the US sponsored malfeasance in the world - job for several lifetimes "US sponsored malfeasance in the world" I think your fucked up hatred of the US goes way beyond a simple sailboat race.
  10. Team Japan

    I heard from a reliable source that he drinks water.
  11. Team NZ

    So how much longer can The Grumpster play the poormouth game? No team news, no sponsor plugs? Should we be worried? Is it all part of his maneuvering for government handouts?
  12. Team Japan

    Japan has relatively few billionaires for what is the worlds third largest economy. Speaks volumes about their economic system.
  13. Team NZ

    More spin from the bot.... The article plainly states that should etnz withdraw there will be another team from NZ.... Not too hard to figure out who is on board with that deal, all Russ has to do is marginalized Grant Dalton's team, which has been the most competitive against your heros, and he's been obvious in his attempts to fuck ETNZ to everyone but you ... Once it's done, up will pop team oracle brad and you will have your poodle circus AC... Oracle brad. That's ridiculous even by your standards. And you have to be a nitwit NZer to believe Grumpy's poorboy ploy/plea to bamboozle the taxpayer out of some cash.
  14. Team NZ

    They're in as soon as they wipe away their crocodile tears. I suggest the loss of a $10 million sponsorship might even make your eyes water. Grumpy saving the taxpayers 10 million. He could now run for office and win.
  15. Team NZ

    They're in as soon as they wipe away their crocodile tears.