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  1. boguing

    UK member needs a favour...

    That's a very handy bit of info, and I'll pass it around, thanks. They won't be as friendly as the service I've just has though!
  2. boguing

    UK member needs a favour...

    That it is. You sail them?
  3. boguing

    UK member needs a favour...

    And a public thank you to V21, who posted the boots today. Aren't people great sometimes?
  4. boguing

    UK member needs a favour...

    In England we call them daughters.... No pics of the ex on hand oddly enough, but I could give you some adjectives for a UK dating site search for her if you're absolutely desperate.
  5. boguing

    UK member needs a favour...

    I can't bring myself to post a picture of the ex, so here's the girl, also a foredeck star.
  6. boguing

    UK member needs a favour...

    Marvellous, sent you an email.
  7. My son, and excellent foredeck, is also an American Football player in his Uni team. Are they called a team or a side, I dunno? Anyway, he's been trying to buy a pair of Under Armour boots which are only sold in the US - and the US website won't take orders or dispatch to the UK. What I'd really appreciate is for someone to let me order and pay for the things for delivery to them, and then relabel and post them on to us. I'll pay you for that by PayPal or transfer. They're under the £130 limit for duty, so should be easy to send. Perfectly happy for you to open the box and check that I'm not asking you to traffic cocaine or ancient American artefacts.... In return, I could send a thoughtfully-chosen gift of little real value, or post pictures of his sister. ps. It's just occurred to me that this may actually be a way forward for Britain's overseas trade, following our wonderful exit from Europe. Scott'll probably end up charging a reassuringly significant percentage and retiring from the publishing business.
  8. boguing

    Keel WTF...

    I think 'Fighter' got the first of his wunder keels - and did very well. Collins told the Y&Y writer Malcolm McKeag that it was especially good in a cross-tide because the current just went through the hole in the middle...
  9. I'm just back from two weeks learning this lesson. Very old pal with an old boat that's sat in a yard for years. All sorts of little problems that added up to an overall 'don't go'. Except that we did. My job now is to list everything that could have gone wrong and explain why I won't be sailing with him again. I hope that'll be enough for him to have a think about the risks he's taking, and particularly with inexperienced crew. Tough thing this friendship lark innit?
  10. boguing

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Nice to see someone else beer canning a proper boat...
  11. boguing

    Morning Cloud III

    No! I was talking about Rodney Hill - hard working, good businessman, family man, all round good chap, whereas...... The ability of politicians to attract cash vs the motives of those who supply it is A Subject For A Different Sub Forum.
  12. boguing

    Morning Cloud III

    You don't get to be buying new 34ft boats in your early thirties by being an idiot....
  13. boguing

    Morning Cloud III

    Another off topic factoid. The original MC was built for, and named by, a different owner - Rodney Hill. But when Heath saw the boat on the Earl's Court Boat Show stand he not only wanted it, but really really wanted the name too. I'm sure a good deal was done, but the original owner ceded graciously and when he finally got his boat he called her 'Morning After'. The theme carried on and a subsequent boat was 'Morningtown', which famously acted as radio relay during the '79 Fastnet. So now you know.
  14. boguing

    do the math

    OK, now we know how long, wide and deep it is, we know the sail area, we know its weight and we've seen how fast it is at 38 True in 5kts. We're well on the way to creating a set of polars. Excellent. But, as fecking usual, there's that one little number missing.