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  1. boguing

    Swede 55

    Sometime last year @slowboat told me that Rosina was sold and going to Spain. So unlikely to be her I think?
  2. boguing

    A free boat, the cleaning miracle

    You do know that Oxalic acid is what you get from rhubarb? Pretty harmless, espec once it's in the water.
  3. boguing

    Weeknight Club Beer Can Virtual E Races?

    Same thought occurred to me, I thought one design 4ksbs, live weather and on our usual courses. Prizes being small % points off real club handicaps...
  4. There may be a D to factor in. I'm also quoting from BBC's Radio 4 which had someone on today pointing out that the lockdown in China has saved maybe 50,000 lives by virtue of the huge reduction in pollution.
  5. boguing

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    We all need just one more project...
  6. boguing

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    That's almost lifelike, does it have popup ads - and is it available for Android?
  7. boguing

    Superyacht A mast issues....

    I keep coming back to this thinking 'If Elon did tenders...'.
  8. boguing

    Superyacht A mast issues....

    [media] [/media]
  9. boguing

    best pic of the year?

    A few from a friend of mine. You'll have seen this one on the front page (Hamble Classics 2019), but I like these just as much. I think he deserves a wider audience. Hamble One Design Championships 2019 - and before you say anything, Bertrand won't edit... He's on Flickr if you want a browse.
  10. boguing

    Brexit, WTF

    Since the Scottish Referendum I've tried to avoid political debates in places where I respect the views of others. My 92 year old Mum and her little sister fell out over that one, and I lost a bunch of Sunday afternoon pub mates because of their stance on this one. But then I stumble across you lot saying exactly what I think and I have to put my hand up and say 'aye'.
  11. boguing

    Brexit, WTF

    I've only just come across this thread, I wish I hadn't, I'm even more depressed. Particularly to watch the C4 clip and have a German explain our position (or lack of any position) explained more clearly than any of our lot ever could. Sabine Weyand for pm.
  12. boguing

    I may need an LA based Good Samaritan.

    You're quite right. Temper tantrums don't help. Sorry.
  13. boguing

    I may need an LA based Good Samaritan.

    A. I'm not fucking new here. Look at the join date PI. B. Because you said that I'm anonymous, moron. C. I said that I'm not asking for money because I'm not. I'm giving it away - to a stranger. Oh and the American drinks industry. Isn't there some sort of minimum IQ for the detecting industry?
  14. boguing

    I may need an LA based Good Samaritan.

    A. It's 'you're'. B. If you really were a PI you'd know that I'm not anonymous. There's enough info on this site to lead you to find out what I sail, where I often sail it, how well I do, my name, my (small) home town, what cars I enjoy rebuilding etc etc. C. You keep implying that I'm asking for money. In this case the reverse is true. I wanted to get some money to someone. What I'm unashamedly asking for is help, and I've got it in spades. The internet has joined the world up, and if you don't see what good that can do - well, words fail me. Thanks, and yes, I'm well aware and prepared to walk away.
  15. boguing

    I may need an LA based Good Samaritan.

    I've been swapping messages with several members regarding treatment, but this is a good idea and we'll certainly think hard about it.