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  1. Pinching

    Propeller help

    Martel is a good outfit used elliptic props for 20 yrs, refurbished once in reverse, you need to really spin the prop. In forward a little throttle gets you going. Need maybe 50% greater rpm to get similar reverse bite. Common issue forfolders
  2. Pinching

    Winter book recommendations for sail trim

    Bill Gladstone North U sail trim 25 bucks the whidden book is very good also any trim guides from sailmakers for your class boat good luck p
  3. Pinching

    Helm feels a little sticky

    Agree with riley btw that’s your quadrant your steering system should be checked top to bottom every couple of years including inside the pedestal could be cable or chain fouling on wiring in the pedestal
  4. Pinching

    Broken Boom

    Might be able to splice it though it’s a highly loaded location may be time to contact insurance company for a new boom less life safety risk than a subsequent failure at the vang
  5. Pinching

    Ockam T1 help

    Cannot help. Still using 001 with comms via rs232 and adaptor from RS232 to USB. Works a treat. Channelling the PC era with Ockam. Still fast, still runs polars and current. We had ockamsoft but stopped using it for around the cans.
  6. Pinching

    Going over to the dark side

    The boats you have are fast, sensible and sail really well. Much of the advice above is superb for someone going from a 40 foot racer to cruising. We added a roller furling jib and one powered winch kit and it made a huge difference in short handing a 41. The cabin top halyard winch hoisted the main and the anchor rode as needed. In most cases we kept a dacron #3 on the fuller which was easy to use. The boat was so fast, we rarely suffered in light air when day sailing. However, moving from a 30 something boat to say a 40 something increases the size and weight of sails, freeboard (as to boarding) but also can make a more comfortable motion in a seaway (longer waterline). In addition to our big boat, we also have a Morgan 24. Fully manual everything, on a river, low loads, nice new sails, and simple to singlehanded with electric start outboard. I see two questions: the one you asked re furling, but the second is how you'll like doubling everything (size, mass, cost) in moving to a presumed much bigger boat. My dad sailed his Morgan 24 in protected waters alone well into his 80s. Once his balance was impaired, he handed the boat off. He continued to enjoy sailing with us on his boat. There is no comparison between the feel of a balanced tiller-steered boat with mainsheet in your hand with a bigger boat that can't point and offers less sailing joy. If you want to explore new waters, that's different (and chartering might be a first option). Good luck. P
  7. Pinching

    Farymann Charging

    I know nothing about farymans check mainesails website for charging voltage (compassmarine) if your battery is happy, why change the regulator? 16 v may be a little high but magneto generators are pretty simple agsin if you are not losing water and battery life is ok I’d keep sailing p
  8. Pinching

    I don't want to offend, but......

    If the loft is local and did a good job, I’d do what I could to help keep them in business Who knows you may be the one that needs help down the road with s repsir a nice word goes a long way in a tough economy
  9. Pinching

    Self-bailer sealant recommendation

    Have not dealt with self bailers... Is the bailer installation rigid? If the bailer flexes in the hull, it's unlikely you'll get much of a lasting seal with the stainless. The failure of the existing sealant suggests flexing of the bailer in the hull. Bailers have a tough life in that they get stepped on stressing the sealant. Epoxy would not be my first choice as a sealant. I'd use a polysulfide caulk like Life Calk and avoid 5200 or silicone. I suspect you have silicone in place now, in which case nothing is likely to stick very well. P
  10. Repowered a 41 a few years ago -- engine was a 25 yo Yanmar diesel 30. The overall cost was around 20k -- about 10k for the new engine, 10k (believe it or not) for the new prop, shaft, drop rudder to install shaft, new motor mount, exhaust, new controls, instruments, even mods to the engine box as the new engine was slightly different. Also needed a custom welded SS exhaust loop. New engine was quieter and nice. Was a shaft and strut not sail drive installation. Bayshore in Annapolis did the work at Jabins. There were some yard charges (crane in and out). It was kid of messy and they did a nice job. I'd be reluctant to buy an engine that was over 20 years old in an otherwise top dollar program.
  11. Pinching

    Instrument advice for a hoarder?

    The usual issue with 005s is the segment display washes out over time The lens is glass which doesn’t really degrade much To the OP, if you send them in for Svc, have bill check the lights as well
  12. Pinching

    Instrument advice for a hoarder?

    My 005s were hard to read and I sent to Ockam Service and they came back fine. Bill in Chicago (see the Ockam website).
  13. Pinching

    Cause of Diesel Engine Oil Gone Bad?

    Seawater flooding the muffler and working back through the pistons/rings/valves could get into the sump or hydrolock the pistons. May not be the head gasket, but def don't power crank the engine until everything has been drained and turned over gently by hand.
  14. Pinching

    HF antenna

    I heard of someone fishing the antenna wire inside a dyneema backstay. For yuks, I tried it with one of my checks. No go with a previously tensioned length of line. Too stiff. And you need a pretty decent length of antenna for it to work right even with a tuner. Maybe with a new bs, but you'd still have the issue of radiation at deck level. Good luck. I kind of switched from HF to Satcom years ago for the few offshore races we did.
  15. Pinching

    Frers 41, Carroll Marine

    I've had a F41 for 21 years, bought it when it was 10 years old. The gelcoat peeling did not happen on the F41. Issue with lighter one design CML boats. The F41 is over 30 years old and I think more depends on how they've been maintained than any build related matters. Get a survey. The boat sails boat for boat with J35s at PHRF 72. We can kill the 35s in light air, they kill us under surfing conditions. The F41 will not surf. Period. We've raced the boat pretty hard, but also have taken care of it. We've done Bermuda twice, Key west once, and block island a bunch of times, plus Charleston and local races. She'll go if you know to keep her flat and as with any boat, don't pinch. I probably would not buy one today for racing. There are lighter boats that surf and use smaller and hence cheaper sails. The F41 is a big rig and is pretty heavily loaded. Boats like the J120 could not sail to her rating with us upwind, but on a reach or downwind in breeze they were gone. Some of the early boats needed the keel area reinforced -- was done under warranty. No issues with keels after that to my knowledge. Keel bolts onto the canoe body -- no sump to speak of. Boat has wide hips and must be sailed flat. We change down to the 3 when other boats are still carrying their #1. Otherwise it takes too much helm to keep her on course and she slows. Like other boats, cored hull and deck (solid in keel area). Good boat, getting old though. Did I mention get a survey? P