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  1. Hitcher

    Team UK

    3rd at the event. 4th on the overall tour.
  2. Hitcher

    4 Solid Teams, this thing is on!

    ETNZ Luna Rossa American Magic Not Land Rover GB
  3. Hitcher

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    To misquote, "There's only two things I hate; intolerance of other cultures and the Australians." Fuck off you racist.
  4. Hitcher


    1/2 a knot increase when you put it up. 1/2 a knot increase when you take it down.
  5. Hitcher

    Wing Tip Reverse Camber

    Reverse camber was why T2 capsized in the Solent.
  6. Hitcher

    Easy Rules Question

    Fuck off mate, what's wrong with my answer? Will write it out with rules and definitions when I get on a laptop if that will make you happy? Currently it is phrased in colloquial language, similarly to the question.
  7. Hitcher

    Easy Rules Question

    No. Their relationship remains the same. If leeward takes you up, and that forces windward up, it is only ok if leeward could have taken windward up in your absence. But as long as you keep clear of leeward you do not break a rule regardless of their relationship.
  8. Both owned by an Aussie Yank Cunt.
  9. Hitcher

    WTF is GD?

    Have you seen Armageddon? He does win, but also loses. I would quite like Grant to do something similar and say goodbye.
  10. Hitcher

    Team UK

    It turns out that the country a challenge comes from has some importance. Several of those guys had offers from other teams this time round. One of them was asked to name his price, and afterwards commented, "even I was surprised by the $number I said to @#&@!$."
  11. Hitcher


    No one who actually knew anything or was anywhere close to this cup had that opinion. A person may be clever, but people are stupid and the majority of people here are complete morons.
  12. Hitcher

    Team UK

    What makes you think sailors aren't?
  13. Hitcher

    Team UK

    Many Grand Tour riders who do well are 5% body fat or less. Lance used to ride at 4%. Jens said he used to start a tour at 4.5% and finish at 3.8%.
  14. Hitcher

    Team UK

    Maybe there are reasons that you don't know about that mean that they couldn't do any sailing even if they launched before then. And maybe there are reasons that mean the others won't be doing much race boat sailing before then either. Who knows?
  15. Hitcher

    Team UK

    Offically launching on Feb 6th.