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  1. robalex117

    Masthead camera

    I have used Garmin cameras in the past. Plug and play with B&G.
  2. robalex117

    Greta Rides Again?

    They are so lucky that the storm is going north east. If it was north west it would be comming right to them. Can anybody off the top of their head think of a small boat that has sailed west to east this time of year? Before Greta came aboard I thought they were sailing to the Caribbean.
  3. Thanks very helpfull.
  4. Planning on an extended visit to Auckland for the Cup and thinking about staying in this place. Never been to NZL before. Any commennts from the locals regarding location? Or anything else. Thanks in advance. Rob
  5. I think this is a common thread. I hear of many motor vehicle accidents where the elderly operator hit the gas peddle instead of the brake peddle and end up causing death and injury. They end up with a slap on the wrist. Not sure what can be done. Older people like the operator of the big powerboat in the video should really not be operating boats or motor vehicles if they can't do it properly. At least in the this accident facts came out. In the accident which is the point of this thread there have been not details of the facts found.
  6. robalex117

    Anyone know how to get ahold of Rich Wilson?

    His contact info can be found here:
  7. Guess I only saw the first page with the redacted name.
  8. With the USCG official number it is very easy to get the owner, but that does not mean the owner was the operator. Cost is $25 and the USCG will email you an abstract of title, showing the ownership chain from when it was first documented with the USCG.
  9. Boat on the left is the Newport harbor master. Boat on the right is the one involved in the collision. Picture taken at the public ramp at sail newport. @last was tied up after the incident to the Alofisn pier and then later that afternoon towed over and taken out of the water.
  10. robalex117

    All electric boat setup / Moonwave

    Yep. The big packs are made for cars and are certainly not LiFePO4 chemistry. Would not want anything else on a boat. Probably why the mastervolts are bigger and heavier.
  11. robalex117

    All electric boat setup / Moonwave

    Torqeedo make some nice packs. 36.5kg for the 48-5000 compared to mastervolt which is much bigger in physical size and weighs 58kg for the same 5000wh. I noticed the American Magic Team was using Torqeedo packs on the mule. (Think they were using something smaller that the one pictured.) Not sure how many they had aboard at a time but I know they swaped them out during the day.
  12. robalex117

    All electric boat setup / Moonwave

    When the boat is going slow say 9 knots you can measure the boat slowing down. Using Expedition and doing a wanded test. Maybe something like .2 knots. But at 15 knots there is so much power in the boat you can't tell when you are generating. (Wanded test is you select a time frame and you get the average speed over lets say 3 minutes. Do that before and after regen starts.) Yes at 15 knots or more we could use both props and generate double the power, but there is only so much electricity you can use and/or store. I did not want a very large battery pack to save weight. Windpower seems to have the same problem in Texas at night. Lots of electricty at times and no place to put it! I think Moonwave has almost triple the battery capacity, and I know they only have one generator. If I was doing it from scratch I would go for more batteries and only one generator.
  13. robalex117


    I want to know how she is getting back. So much hype sailing across but she already missed that boat for the ride home.
  14. robalex117

    Gunboat 68

    ok. I was talking about only one prop.
  15. robalex117

    Gunboat 68

    Ok soma just read that and was like what, no way 10kw. I know we get about 5kw at 14 knots of boat speed, so went to the oceanvolt website and found this. Not close to 10kw of regen. But 3kw and more at faster speeds is nothing to sneeze about. On FT we need to turn the regen down on long passages because we don't have the capacity to store it. I think the vari pitch prop for this application may be more marketing than actual real world benefit. I think you only need it when you get going crazy fast, otherwise the fixed pitch is fine. And those crazy speeds don't hapen often and when they do I am more woried about not crashing the boat then making electricity. There are probably smarter people out there that know more but I am talking from real world experiance. We are using the three bladed folding gori prop. And we are not using the overdrive feature. From the oceanvolt website: "A normal fixed propeller (that by nature does not have the blades ideally shaped for regeneration) generates less than half the power of ServoProp at a given boat speed. ServoProp is capable of generating more than 1 kW at 7-8 knots & 3 kW at 11-12 knots. The power generated can be used to power both the propulsion system as well as all the electronics on board without the need to have a separate generator. With this in mind we can definitely start talking about the possibility of a totally self-sufficient cruiser!"