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  1. Would be great if Dave could give regular updates on what hull numbers are shipping so everybody who is waiting does not need to keep on asking. Eagerly awaiting hull #28.
  2. Take a look at this thread and linked image. Might be the answer. image_zpstucfwwxm.jpeg
  3. Morgan 30. Bigger but in your price range. Morgan 30
  4. Could we get an update on when the first boats will ship. Eagerly awaiting my new toy.
  5. I think a M24 rating that is not ODR might have a code 0 or a sail set on the sprit that does not even measure in as a spinnaker. Would be super handy in lighter air cracked off a bit something you might see in around the cans racing. http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=99611
  6. I have Czone on my boat and works well no issues. As Gissie said don't go to complicated. Just because each light bulb can be its own circuit does not mean to do it. Integrates really well with B&G so is a plus if you happen to have B&G Zeus.
  7. Dave can you give us an update on how production is going?
  8. Dylan, I liked the interview. Personally I think it is more interesting listening to people and learning about their lives than seeing all the nice shot of the country side. I think that it is about pace I do catch locals on the microphone you mentioned John Arthur Robinson, a 14 year old Shetlander who rowed me around his four lobster pots in his home made skiff. He spoke with confidence and rowed like a demon Although it is kind of fun watching a beautiful girl bouncing her boobs in excitement at catching yet another barracuda off the back of a scoop sterned lozenge or drinking in a beach bar in another hot place it is a fairly empty experience. I thought long and hard about devoting ten minutes of a sixty minute film to a kid with a neat accent and view of the world. Youtube tells me that some people did skip through the interview - but most stuck with it. I think that the blokes who appreciate the films watch them as the last thing of the night on the big telly with a glass of cheap scotch in their hand. In case anyone is interested in the John Arthur interview is is 42 minutes into this film no tits, no bikinis - just a remarkable kid speaking about his life in an accent you will seldom get to hear on the web You tube tells me that around 7,000 people have now watched the film most of the way to the end. around one twentieth of the hits on the tits and emotions of some other sail voyaging films. Dylan
  9. Yes. For a repeat experienced customer. One nice feature is you never get caught if the breeze comes up out in the ocean. You can just let the sails all the way out and put in a reef at leisure. I think they took a 30' or so cat and did a prototype.
  10. I have one of these boats and agree with you. We have sailed to Bermuda in cruise mode and all is good. Pick our weather window in the fall go. Slow the boat when it gets bumpy and in general take it easy. What bothers me about racing is the whole point is to push the boat and these things are cruising boats not stripped out racing cats. They are heavy and maybe they can take the pounding but as an owner who sails with an all amateur crew including wife and kids that would not be my idea of fun.
  11. Info on the Columbia. Kind of a pain to raise and lower due to their setup with a line. (On my cat we use hydraulics and that part worked fine.) They had to replace the universal once on the columbia and this is my point regarding maintenance nightmare. We are constantly working on our universal and is the main reason for us ripping it out. A lot of power is pushed through that joint and it gets a workout. So I really think these system are for the top Grand Prix boats. As the post above said not even the MC38 comes with their own system. That is a race boat but a sail drive is worth the reliability.
  12. I have Amartech drives in my catamaran and are ripping them out and putting in saildrives this winter. In theory they are great but a maintenance nightmare. Great if you are a volvo boat or grand pri race boat getting hauled out every month but for a cruising boat not so good. I will ask an owner of a columbia I know what he things of his unit and report back.
  13. Zhik Seaboot. Don't cost as much as Musto or Dubarry. Only negative is they are warmer than other boots I have had. Good thing when it is cold out bad thing when it is marginal sea boot weather. Pluses outweigh negative for me and I would buy them again. Rob
  14. I am sure we could. Just need about five boats.