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  1. First Women Commodore for that club. I don't know her, but well done. Can somebody in the know give us the scoop why she was elected Commodore over the current Vice, instead being elected as the new Rear Commodore.
  2. BITCOIN,,, anyone playing that game?

  3. BITCOIN,,, anyone playing that game?

    I think the benefit is where your country currency is a mess. Take Venezuela. From what I have heard Bit Coin is filling a need. Personally I don't see a need for it in the USA or any other normal Country although I did buy $100 worth 3 years ago. Obviously I wish I bought more but at the time I just wanted some available incase I had to pay off some hacker to get my computer back. That never happened and I have slowly been selling it to just keep a small balance on hand. Good place to get started is with Coinbase. I went to a conference were they spoke and seems most of their business is institutional and they have system to interface with trading applications. For us lowly retail customer they have trippled their transaction fees from 1% to 3%. (I could be wrong but that is what I recall for my last transaction.) Another thing that I took away from the conference is last year all the rage were merchants that said they accepted bitcoin. But now that is gone and coinable says that is not a thing. Now most of the action is just tracing it, which I think is just crazy. Talk about a bubble.
  4. Please send along some names and contact info. Boat is a J-105. Thanks. Rob
  5. Expedition software setup/ hrdware ideas

    Lots of questions there. I will just comment on the satcom. Get a router from the redport optimizer family of products. It will filter out 99% of what your computer is trying to do on the internet and let through just what you want. Also check out the xgate email client. Very nice for low bandwith connections. If you have an attachment, such as a grib file. and the connection is lost when you restart it will continue where it left off. http://www.globalmarinenet.com is a good source for info and taking a look at products. I have had satisfactory results using a basic iridium handset. Also get a good fixed mounted external antenna. Forget the portable hockey puck antenna.
  6. Mast or boom furling?

    In mast did not work out to well for Sir Ben. https://au.sports.yahoo.com/a/25980427/ben-ainslie-rescued-richard-branson-on-honeymoon-with-georgie-thompson/ Or just google "ben ainslie necker island sailboat sail stuck" and you will see a whole slew of stories. Good thing he was clos to Necker Island and could call in the calvary. Would have been ugly out in the ocean. (This is about a 2 year old story.)
  7. phrf handicap J105

    I have had this same discussion with the Young American group. My position (which counts for nothing) is if your PHRF rating is OD then you need to race in that configuration. If you change something that takes the boat out of OD configuation to go faster, which this jib looks to be, then your boat is faster and the numerical rating should go down. (I guess you could do something to make your boat go slower and hope for a better rating.) Although PHRF takes a bunch of numbers and measurements, by definition PHRF is a performance handicap system. So if you do something to change the performance of the boat the rating should change. The J/105 has a very fair OD PHRF rating, so why bother trying to mess around with it. If you only race PHRF it would be nice to get something other than a dacron main sail that constantly needs replacing but other than that not sure why you would want to change things to get out of OD.
  8. Vineyard Race 2017

    Unfortunately the Gearbuster conflicts with the STC IOR College regatta at LYC and YA has been loaned for that regatta. FYI I understand they are short boats this year so if anybody wants to help grow the sport this is your chance.
  9. Vineyard Race 2017

    Thanks for the reminder. Just a few race days. Couple years back he was on for the Dorade and can't remember a day since then. His kids have/are in the program but work schedule does not let him be on the boat. He did help sail High Noon back from Bermuda.
  10. Vineyard Race 2017

    Swabbie, Just to set the record straight regarding the YA program sailing with pros. Yes we did sail with one pro on the Bermuda race, plus myself and another parent. Yes we did sail with a Cat3 on the Vineyard this year since our regular parent coach had to do a college drop off. That is TWO races out of about 300 race days over the past 4 years when the YA team sailed with a pro. If anybody has any specific questions regarding the YA program we would be glad to share and would love to help replicate to other clubs. Quite honestly the problem is not the funding, it is getting the committed volunteers to put in the time to make the program work year after year.
  11. Vineyard Race 2017

    I fully agree in the premise to get more boats out sailing who ever is crewing, and respect the other YCC entered teams accomplishments. We can respectfully disagree with the term youth. I do not consider college age kids youth, I would call them young adults, or adults. Once you are over 18 you are in "real life," go to college if you are lucky, fight wars for our freedom or start working full time. When you do bad things you go to the big house not the little house.
  12. Vineyard Race 2017

    I think you are referring to Desperado, a program that has really gotten that boat up to speed and are getting great results. Congrats on their good sailing. Desperado does fit the YRA rules of a youth boat and and I support that and am a fan of their program, I had one of their sailors camp out at my house before and after the Vineyard, but YA is a different program. YA has kids 14-17 years old sailing against the college age men and women from Webb, KP and SUNY. We are fine with it but not all youth boats are full of youth.
  13. Vineyard Race 2017

    I hear you, the 105 has a rating it can sail to. But if PHRF is going to rate any boat correctly, don't you think it would be boats that race in one design configuation and have twenty+ boats with PHRF ratings.
  14. Vineyard Race 2017

    Regarding Gemini. That change in Aug 2013 seem plausible. A like boat was rated slower so change the Hanse 375 rating to match the Hanse 370. I guess they could have gone the other way and change the 370 but as you point out that is hardly done. But the change in Sept 2015 is hard to understand. Quoting from PHRF minutes, "Hanse 375 – from floor. Base 105. Hanse 370e has similar dimensions and also rates 105. +9 for both. Base 105 -> 114." It gives no reason why the gave each boat +9 seconds. Based on what they did in 2013 they should have kept that rating at 105. Full disclosure I have a dog in this fight. Involved in the YA program and the kids are like WTF. Here is a boat that has a 3' longer waterline than a 105, and the J/105 gives them 21 seconds a mile. We tell them welcome to the world of PHRF. Not a great world.