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  1. Will do. The Jeanneau factory demo boat Alchemist Sunfast 3300 #4 had the same issue which they were able to fix. Has to do with the fuel injector pump. But for some reason that fix was ok for that boat but it is like pulling teach to get them to do the same to the other boats. Spoke with a dealer in the UK that has commisioned mulitple boats all with the same problem. There is a 3200 near me that has the same issue. Still can't get my head around why it is so hard to fix.
  2. Been poking around some more and see this same issue came up in 2017. I have a shaft drive and the boat will go into gear, but just at idle speed.
  3. No signs of being under load when reving up. Shutdown is electric. When starting when hot same thing happens although it does not take the full five minutes. I have been told a simple fix although not recomended by yanmar is to adjust the injector pump to allow more fuel. It is an easy fix for a mechanic. Losen a set screw/nut then adjust a screw that allows the injector to add more fuel. I am told that fixes it. But Yanmar says don't do this for some reason. But if nothing changes in a the next week or so I am going to have my local mechanic do the adjustment. See attached page from the service manual. Note the manual is for a different engine but all documentation says it is the same manual for my engine. But as others have pointed out I am hesistant to try it due to warranties issues. But I am confident in my mechanic to make the adjustment and see what happens. Can always put it back to the original setting. This boat is a brand new boat from a division of the largest boat builder in the world. Same with the engine manufacture. They all know about the problem. I am not the only one having the problen. You would think the powers to be would be on it. They say they are but with this going on for so long I question what is really going on. Maybe in their minds that is not a big probem and the customer should just deal with it. Somewhat hard to fathom. Posted this same issue in a boat diesel forum and already have one reply with someone else having the same proble, but theirs is not as bad only 45-60 seconds to spin up. 3ym20 fuel pump adjustment.pdf
  4. Exactly. Also a slight annoyance at the end of a beer can race when you went to get going. I can live with the latter but the former could be a problem.
  5. Not sure of specifics of this engine. It is brand new so if newer engines are not mechanically controlled I would say it is not. But the RPM's do not slowly ramp up. I start the engine normally. Wait a few seconds and then advance the throttle to almost wide open. No change in the RPM's. Then about 5 minutes latter engine revs up to full RPM's. It is not gradual.
  6. Yes but when the engine is warm maybe it only takes three minutes. If we run the engine for an hour and then stop for 20 minutes it takes time to spin up. Maybe not the five minutes but at least three or four.
  7. Good idea to test and super simple. Will try that monday. Busy racing today and Sunday. Thanks for the input.
  8. 2YM15 - Takes 5 minutes for engine to generate more than idle RPM speed 2YM15 on brand new sailboat although I know of another boat that is a year old that has the same problem. Upon starting the engine it needs to run for about 5 minutes before it will generate any more RPMĀ“s than idle speed. I am told Yanmar knows about this problem and is working on it but honestly I have been told so many stories I am not sure what to believe. I have been told it is related to the lithium house bank. I have been told it is due to the larger 125amp alternator that is now being installed by Yanmar on those engines. I have been told it has nothing to do with the lithium house bank, problem is also on lead acid house banks. First hand knowledge from use is the problem happens even when the battery banks are completly full so I doubt it has anything to do with the batteries. I have been told the fix although not recomended by yanmar is to adjust the fuel injector pump to provide more fuel. I have also been told by Yanmar not do adjust the pump and they are working on a yanmar recomended fix. Note some of this info I have been told directly and some of this info it is not first hand communication. Anybody else have this issue and any suggestions on how to fix the problem.
  9. robalex117


    Exactly. So it was not about the money. For some reason they just felt they had too many varsity sports and wanted to change direction of their athletic program.
  10. robalex117

    Sun Fast 3300

    As high as regular jib. All my sails are North but that J1 is a Doyle with structured luff which means no cable and vertical battens. Early days. When it is at the top end and we have the tack cranked the forestay is lose like a 420 or that Irish boat with the code 0 in the video. Tacking involves a furl, very much like you see on the volvo boats. It furls very quickly. Never had put cew on the sprit but put them on the foredeck. Only have 1 reef in that sail. Inshore main. Not very windy around here. With our AP jib and full main no problem sailing in 18 knots upwind. That jib likes sub 9 knots.
  11. robalex117

    Sun Fast 3300

    Inshore main. Only have one now but will get another offshore that is a little smaller and has the necessary reefs. Using Karver KSF2. Those do either bottom up or top down without any spinner attachments. That sail is bottom up but code 0 is top down. You can either not skirt the sail and let it go over the lifeline and pinch the foot or skirt inside the pulpit. It looks worse in the picture then I think it is. But maybe experts can weigh in if it is really doing damage. The way the sail sets that tack needs to be low, but if the clew was a little higher the head has room to go up 8" or so so we could raise it a then skirting the lifeline would be less of an issue. But the way it is cut the tack needs to be almost as low as possible.
  12. robalex117

    Sun Fast 3300

    Really interesting looking at the boats from the UK sailing with lots of wind. Where I sail in WLIS there is usually not much wind so we maxed out the sail sizes. Main is longer on the foot and bigger gaff. Also have a J1 that tacks to the end of the sprit for sub 10knots. Makes things a little more fun in the light stuff. Have carried it up to 12 but think the crossover is down from that.
  13. robalex117


    I think there is more at play here than just the money. Tulane just went from club to Varsity. All it took was a nice gift to create an endowement to fund the full time coach and operating expenses of the team. My first hand knowledge (my wife and I made the gift) is it was a chunk of money but nothing Stanford sailing alum and current team parents could not come up with if they they wanted to keep the sport Varsity and the school was willing. Also as long as you have money being club is not terrible, there are pluses and minuses for club or varsity status. But sailing does help the numbers with respect to Title IX when the school also has a football team since the women on the sailing team can be counted twice, coed and womens.
  14. robalex117

    Sun Fast 3300

    Yes we thought the ballast helped. Ideally we would not be rated with it racing fully crewed but racing under PHRF in our area the rules say if you are equiped with WB you get rated with it. Boat went well even though it was not tuned up.
  15. robalex117

    Sun Fast 3300

    Just took pocession of the new boat and had our first beer can race. Notice the water ballast coming out of the port side. So far so good.