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  1. tp 52 crop 2018

    Onda is the new Brazilian boat, owner formerly had Phoenix. New Q Racing to be built in the U.S.
  2. SA Groupies?

    I have No Eye Deer what you mean LB...
  3. Random PicThread

    Fantastic work by the museum to firstly display one of these aircraft in admittedly may be it's prettiest moments, V2 but to add the counterpoint...awesome.

    Rán are building a Fast40, no other sailing planned I believe. Lots of chat in the container park re potential boats and AC teams arriving, usual gossip.
  5. Random PicThread

    HMS Vanguard ALMOST makes it to The Still and West for a farewell pint, August 1960. As an aside, the Camber to the left is the site of the BAR Base.
  6. Soto 40 parts - mast runners shrouds

    Maybe hit up Triple Zeros as he recently bought one and is sailing it in the Mid West, he might have contacts for gear.
  7. Soto 40 parts - mast runners shrouds

    https://m.facebook.com/S40Class This may be a good place to start, the boats are few and far between outside of South America, there's on in the hard in Palma which I passed today. Depends where you are, but I'd suggest the above link as at least a start.
  8. Moovie Review Threade

    Saw Atomic Blonde last night, good action flick, killer soundtrack and a great, although sanitised view of Cold War underhanded dealings at the fall of the Berlin Wall. Wholly recommended for a guilt free couple of hours watching Charlize Theron kick some serious ass and get some serious ass too...yup a little Girl on Girl. Theron apparently spent 6 months doing stunt training for the movie so there were no body doubles used during the fight/action scenes. Did I mention the soundtrack?! NSW Trailer.
  9. Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

    Privateer with 35 miles to go, 1st IRC Zero, 1st Overall...GO boys!

    Thanks for the nod HHN92, yup, we had issues this last regatta, predominantly light to medium air event, we should have been launched. Problems on multiple levels, frustrating but we're a team and only with self belief does the team grow. Looking forward to a break and getting our teeth into the last event in Mahon. The last night party was pretty damn fun, so yes there were a number of dusty boys and girls this morning! The black bus will be back and charging in Mahon, til then, enjoy the highlight reels.
  11. Soto 40 - still sailing somewhere

    Good to see the boat go to a good home, I worked and sailed on it in 2011, and I racked up somewhere in the region of 1250miles on delivery over the MedCup season, wet yes, comfy no fun to sail, HELL YES! Enjoy.
  12. Hood sails sold to Quantum

    Rob is the Landlord of the Q Newport premises, it's been a Q Corporate owned operation for almost 2 years now. Q Rented space from Hood at the facility, also owned by Rob. Now it seems the takeover is complete.
  13. OSTAR/TWOSTAR race(s)

    The In Laws are on the QM2, said it was very cool to be able to witness something like this, Merf will be quite the guest speaker at dinner...wonder if he packed a Tux?!
  14. what is it?

    Jay-sus, my eyes! However the race version looks pretty sweet.
  15. Penalties? Huh?

    I believe IP said "I'm going to rip his head off".