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  1. GrandWeasel

    California 300 Last Call

    Video from the rescue 5096 - June 6 2018&utm_content=Scuttlebutt 5096 - June 6 2018+CID_0fefcf398355c249761bc3cfa05a2819&utm_source=Email Newsletter&utm_term=click here#more
  2. GrandWeasel

    California 300 Last Call Just an update on the injuries from SoCal 300: The sailor on Bretwalda is recovering but has very limited motor control below his knee. The young woman from Amazing Grace had multiple surgeries and is still sedated in intensive care. Tough few days in California. There was also a serious kiteboarding injury in the bay where a guy spent a good bit of time underwater & is now touch and go in a coma. Serious props to the USCG and other folks involved in the rescue ops and all the medical professionals. Be safe out there, people.
  3. GrandWeasel

    Worlds biggest doublehanded race?

    Pac Cup from SF to Hawaii has a double-handed class, several Moore 24s doing it
  4. GrandWeasel

    US Watercraft receivership ? (Alerion etc)

    Two damn pages and no one has answered the question. What is the legal name of the company?
  5. I'm told that Waterline is in some sort of restructuring. Anyone know what the status is? Trying to get some parts...