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  1. Masthead rig, inner forestay required?

    I have a masthead rigged dinosouar with in line spreaders, keel stepped telegragh pole mast and a babystay on an adjustable track for tension. Top end is at spreaders. There's a quick release on the lower end and it's stowed on the chainplate to stop it hitting the mast when not in use. I've always thought only required in a seaway, especially if the boat is reefed.
  2. Flying Fifteens

    Had one back in the 80's. Great little boats, easy to handle, spinnaker launch tube and roll up jib, planes off the wind. Ahead of it's time. Uffa Fox also designed the airborne lifeboat that saved hundreds of lives during WW2.
  3. What a pussy. Stay classy SA.

    I'm just pleased that for whatever reason the bloke involved is alive and has a second chance at maybe resolving his issues and being able to continue on.
  4. Taleisen for sale

    Diarmuid is explains it perfectly......not too many boats built like this one I suspect..... Yeah, objectively that's nuts. But objectivity isn't the objective in any boat purchase, is it? Seems like some degree of ... don't want to say irrational ... how about extrarational ... thinking goes into the selling & buying calculus. What the boat is vs. what it represents. You aren't buying a thirty year old engineless cutter. You are buying that very particular thirty year old engineless cutter. The price premium for one(1) Taleisen contact high? $150k, hit or miss. Hope they get it, & that the new owner finds what they went looking for.
  5. HB's 'new' boat thread

    The actual threaded studs into the keel could be a real problem... it's pretty hard to tell from just a pic, but what is the material? I'm not familiar with Catalinas but if other owners have done the "sistering" method on similar boats, you may find the nuts are the least of your worries. I don't like to sound negative but I would make that keel bolt attachment one of my first priorities with that boat. Everything else like engines, sails etc. you can get around but not a keel.
  6. HB's 'new' boat thread

    I think your keel bolts appear to be a major issue... are they all like that??
  7. Older well known IOR Boats

    Edboat, I stand corrected. I still love my fat old half-tonner with the pinched in transom though.......
  8. Older well known IOR Boats

    If these boats weren't IOR then what were they you twit?? At least you could be reasonably confident the keel would stay attached to these old boats, despite the rolling downwind. I wonder what nostalgia there will be for the current crop of motor/sailors masquerading as sail boats in thirty years time??? Can't imagine too many turned over to charter unless you happen to have very skilled diesel mechanic on board at all times.