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  1. adrianl

    Sunfast 3600 for sale

    Trog If you want a really good J100 there is one at my club for sale - listing I know this boat and I know J100s - had one for 5 years prior to the Sunfast and this 100 is sorted.
  2. Lithium Cobalt Cells. Older legacy cells, same kind that caused so many fires in early Apple Powerbooks. Li-Cobalt doesn't scale well and has "thermal issues". Marine applications now typically use Lithium Iron Phosphate which is the safest chemistry.
  3. adrianl

    Sunfast 3600 for sale

    4 more feet and a price drop.... Where are the offers..?
  4. adrianl

    Sunfast 3600 for sale

    so you get the extra 4 feet for free!
  5. adrianl

    Sunfast 3600 for sale

    Amati - interesting thread but for me one boat at a time is all I want to deal with. I will not be insulted by any offers - can just say no.
  6. adrianl

    Sunfast 3600 for sale

    Amati - where did you end up? keeping? selling? Skosh - don't let a little thing like money get in the way of a good time - the banks have LOTS of it!!
  7. adrianl

    Sunfast 3600 for sale

    It is a very good boat which is why I don't get the lack of interest. Helios is FULLY kitted - just passed Cat 1 inspection. I have a new Doyle #2 that has been up for all of an hour in addition to the sail inventory in the listing and at the price is the bargain of the year. So - does the owner in Galveston want a play partner..??
  8. adrianl

    Sunfast 3600 for sale

    Serious enough to require retiring from short handed racing so it's time for Helios to go to a new owner that can get the best out of her.
  9. adrianl

    Sunfast 3600 for sale

    Please see ad. in classifieds PM me for interest Thank you/
  10. adrianl

    J/100 - single point hoist?

    The aft most keel bolt is too far forward to get a clean lift through the hatch.
  11. the most expensive J24 on Yacht world right now is $12k That's 120 hours labor at $100 per How much is your time worth? From the sounds of it you could be in for 10 times that and still not be finished but hey - it's your time. Since when did most of what we do with boats make much in the way of financial sense.
  12. adrianl

    Hanuman for sale

    this is the cheap boat - seems Jim Clark is doing some fleet reduction!
  13. adrianl

    2018 American Yacht Club Spring Series

    and just to make things more inane the distance races are scored using ORR - unless a boat is doing Bermuda who has an ORR cert?? way to encourage participation - love to know why IRC certs couldn't be used...
  14. adrianl

    Totally lost...

    Olson 30 - kicks ass on LIS PM for info on a good one for sale at less than your ask.