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    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    It's like Golf, Tons of tournaments at all different levels throughout the summer, but only 5 majors! LYRA should be a major, Levels should be one, Susan Hood Should be one, The LO300 is a race of it's own and the LOSHRS series is unique to double and single handed boats. so what are the other majors?
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    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Shock Therapy is in with a brand new IRC rating of 1.022. Hopefully, we will have a great IRC turnout. Glad to see PCYC putting some effort back into promoting, running the race, and doing post race activities. The chili is already made and we are just trying to decide on which grape juice would be the best with it. Chile, is the key suppliment in this race regardless of the grape juice, who drinks grape juice with Chile, Scotch at 2 AM when the temperature drops is more appropriate. It's going to be a cold one over night this year, even though it looks like great start weather. I think the effort that PCYC is taking to market and promote of the Susan Hood is going to grow this important race even more. With poor attendance at the Phalen, Susan Hood is the first real test of everyone's rig. With what looks like a combination of good winds and light winds, we'll have a good idea by lunch on saturday on how the boats are going to fair. I think, in context to the LORC discussion, no organizing body that I know of in the last few years has taken the time to promote and market the LORC race series to the point that is should be promoted.(like LOSHRS and LO300) The clubs are not promoting the races other than there own local efforts, which is appropriate, but not enough to make this a grand series. It has all died with no one to blam. I think. The poor attendance at this year's Phalen Race is an example. That was a great race at one time. There was actually a flyer and email blast sent out promoting the Hood this year. Someone put some thought has been put into creating a proper post race activity, finally! It's sounds like fun. Sailors on Lake Ontario need to show up and support the races they want to see continue and prosper. Local clubs need to promote the races they want to suppport as well and ensure the right things are done to make them succeed. If no club or organizing body is going to step up to the plate and support a race then it should be moved or changed and lets get back to the point where we had fewer great races that meant something. The Susan Hood is one of those races in my opinion. I'm not an IRC racer, but I am curious to see how this fleet develops on the offshore events, it's getting more interesting now that some new arrivals are on the water this year. I heard that last weekends IceBreaker Regatta at PCYC had only one finishing boat in the time limit and it was a new C&C115. Hope they are in the hood this weekend.