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  1. genealex

    NACRA - finally!

    Well done ricwoz! Thank you for putting in the effort. Have you contacted Nacra Sailing and Nacra Australasia? I guess they have a lot of historical as well as current info available. I hope to be able to contribute to the article in some way in the near future.
  2. genealex

    Looking for a Cat Whisperer

  3. genealex

    The great curve

    Great performance
  4. genealex

    The great curve

    Made a beeline for this topic once I saw the tittle, favorite Talking Heads song from favorite Talking Heads album!
  5. genealex

    Goodbye to a great comedian, Jerry Lewis DTS

    Had the pleasure to see him perform the role of Mr Applegate in "Damn Yankees" in London in '97. Not a musical lover, but thoroughly enjoyed this one, not in the last place thanks to Mr. Lewis' formidable stage presence! He will be missed, but we'll have the fond memories forever
  6. Many happy returns!
  7. genealex

    Our Beloved mainsheetgirl

    Hope it will be a day of good memories.
  8. You're comparing a solo non-stop around the world (VG) to a fully professional crewed stage based round the world (VOR) to a glorified round the cans (AC) to an amateur stage based around the world (CR). But yes, the VG has been kicking VOR's ass for ages, since its last edition it isn't even a contest between those two anymore. I gather you don't like foiling boats, man you are going to hate VOR's next incarnation!
  9. genealex

    volvo goes both ways

    Are the inshore cats going to feature wing sails?
  10. genealex

    VOR 2017-18

    Might be going all multihull 6 years from now
  11. genealex

    VOR 2017-18

    Both platforms are going to be OD