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  1. duwke

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    I had a ball at the Redfish Reach two weekends ago on the Weta. Been a while since I had her out. I'm thinking of doing Wurstfest. Registration looks a little light. I think the price goes up this weekend. http://www.wurstfestregatta.com/index.php/wurstfest-regatta-i/
  2. UFO #61 for sale in Kemah, TX. https://photos.app.goo.gl/kwKhYydoA6LvypZ03 Black sails with gray trim. $7000 obo. Includes cover and sail bag.
  3. duwke

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    I think you are in an interesting position with an Aero and (soon) Evo, both with passionate owner bases. Your selection of boat for common regattas is interesting to me. Not trying to be a dick. My last response was just letting Tuna know the multihull popcorn guy is still watching. Sorry, I'll keep those to myself from now on.
  4. duwke

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Wait, let me get some popcorn ready before you respond. Ok.. go!
  5. duwke

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    You quoted me. Your data point is that it is slower than I think it was, and you compared that to your experience against the Weta (which has horizoned nobody in under 10). My response is that I can't respond, per Tuna's prior argument. Yet I agree, more data will make a better portsmouth number.
  6. duwke

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Well, the weta is a multihull, so it can't be used as a yardstick.. apparently. Great, let's give it an 85. I'll put my order in.
  7. duwke

    The VX Evo

    I launch from 3' of water. How would the kick up boards handle that? Can I sail out to depth with them half down or something?
  8. duwke

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Sorry, referencing the note above mine. Sushi is unhappy that I suggest the VxEvo take a lower rating, and it will very certainly be a non-agreement. Sorry to drag your excellent recap into it. Glad you made it out for the TCC event. It sounded.. cold, but fun! Are you going to make it to Conroe? Sound like quite a fleet for that event.
  9. duwke

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    In light wind. The higher beauforts will be different, but it won't be slow there either.
  10. duwke

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    No way. There is no way that a weta is faster than a VX Evo in light air. I was there at wurstfest. Rod was able to point higher upwind and had more waterline. Downwind, his big chute and large main allowed him to point much lower. I am surprised that Ortega would agree that it is the same speed as Canoe. Count the steps it takes to tack a canoe? If you are fractionally slow on any of them, you will be in the water. Taking the EVO is like a laser. There is zero effort. And that is just upwind. Downwind, to be of similar speed, you would need to carry the kite. It is effortless in the EVO. There has to be some measure of usability in the score, because though they may have the same waterline and straightline speed, the average performance is going to be magnitudes different. 75 or lower.
  11. duwke

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    I thought we had already decided on Conroe, as that made the most sense.
  12. duwke

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Lindy, what is the registration count up to?