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  1. GLAZE


    What's the verdict?
  2. GLAZE


    What was your order #?
  3. The J70 rig is way over built. It has to be 30-50% heavier than a M24 rig. Not to mention that the rig on that boat is pre-2004. Not as stiff. Have any J70’dropped a rig?
  4. GLAZE

    melges 24 bow sprit seal maintenance

    I use a flexible rubber reducing coupling for the outboard end to make a good seal when the pole is retracted. Much cheaper than the melges one and almost indestructible.
  5. GLAZE

    melges 24 bow sprit seal maintenance good photo of the set up
  6. GLAZE


    I would disagree with the statement that the product didn't exist. They built several prototypes that were being used and tested in the Marstrom32 class. There is also Melges 24 that is running one.
  7. Why so harsh? Death Penalty?
  8. Not quite. Stanford sailors did not get any direct benefit from the payments. Were as Erik Dickerson and Craig James benefited handsomely from their payments and gifts. Dickerson even said he took a pay cut when he was drafted.
  9. GLAZE


    I am order #158 I imagine they are busy trying to get units assembled and out the door. However, communication and customer support is key to keeping the product selling.
  10. GLAZE


    I got to spend a couple hours at the Newport boat show (and later at IYAC) with Todd. He let us take one of the units down the dock to test its clarity. We got 60 feet away and could clearly see the display with and without polarized glasses on. One of the guys with me, knows is stuff about electronics and programming. He spent a good hour quizzing Todd about all sorts of tech stuff i didn't understand. So I just talked to Tiffany.
  11. GLAZE

    Good Post-College Boat?

    you can pick up a decent older M24 for under $20k. A new set of sails are $10k. I have always bought good used sails for 50% of original and when i buy new, I spread them out over a couple of seasons. Maintenance and campaign costs will not be any different than any other boat with a crew of 4.
  12. GLAZE

    Team NYYC

    she foils
  13. GLAZE

    Radio controlled sailing

    I was out watching yesterday. The cool front that blew in Saturday night made for some unstable winds from the NW. NW is a bad direction for the venue since BASS PRO shops casts a huge shadow over the course. This morning i drove over the bridge to work and the wind looked a lot better out of the SW with decent waves. I wanted to race, but work seemed to get in the way this week.
  14. GLAZE

    Melges 24 VS Melges 32 in PHRF

    we race about 4 events a year in PHRF. there were a couple O30's around and we never had a problem beating them. sometimes its the indian and sometimes its the arrow.
  15. GLAZE

    Melges 24 Keel trunk