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  1. GLAZE

    Melges 24 Hull 1

    Found out the boat went to Lake Tahoe.
  2. GLAZE

    Melges 24 Hull 1

    It had been stored here in Dallas and was in rough shape. I heard it had recently been sold.
  3. GLAZE

    Superyacht A mast issues....

  4. This site actually use to be filled with good content. Now there are less than 100 posts a day. I guess there must be a lot of clicks and that's what is driving advertising.
  5. GLAZE

    NYYC Invitational IC37

    I think there are a lot of Yacht Clubs that have some sore of program of "Club" owned boats or club designated fleets. Just not to the extent NYYC has gone. Our YC has 6 IC24's that are chartered out yearly and available for day and regatta charters. They are "maintained" by some of the charters through an annual budget provided by the YC.
  6. GLAZE

    What's this ?

    looking at the buildings, I am going to say American Magic's new ride.
  7. GLAZE

    NYYC One Design

    From what I am hearing, it looks like there will be a separate class association for private owners not wanting to follow the strict OD rules the NYYC has implemented. The NYYC boats were strictly bought for the Invitational. So they will be kept to the "NYYC" standard. But if you show up to race against them, then you need to comply. There are a lot of owners that are wanting to make it the Farr40 of our day. Pros, more sails, and a lot of travel. My guess will be that there will be 2 distinct fleets emerge. The NYYC boats that race strict OD in Newport along with few select private boats that will stay in the same configuration living in Newport. Then the full grand prix programs with pros, big sail budgets and the traveling circus that will never sail in Newport.
  8. GLAZE

    NYYC One Design

    Cheeks have to stay on deck. I have not noticed any blatant violations. But with no padding on the wires, leaning on it is short lived.
  9. GLAZE

    NYYC One Design

    Our first boat was that way. This last one, we had to add a 4ft piece at the patch. And the runners on the first boat were 2" different in length.
  10. GLAZE

    NYYC One Design

    Ours runner blocks were not that high, about mid thigh on me when just under tension. In the breeze, they could get down to the mid lifeline. Regardless, it's good to get them covered. My only real issue was my shorts kept getting sucked into the mainsheet winch.
  11. GLAZE

    NYYC One Design

    yes. lead from the back forward to a winch
  12. GLAZE

    NYYC One Design

    That block is at the perfect level to grab when you're crossing the back of the boat. I almost ground our tacticians finger in it coming out of a tack. Fortunately for him it was only a flesh wound. It's time for all the strops to be replaced anyway. Lengthening them to where they are a foot off the deck at max trim and putting a cover on it should do the trick.
  13. GLAZE

    NYYC One Design

    I had a blast on the boats this past week. Lots of emphasis from NYYC and the class to get everyone up to speed. The boats reward those that are willing to put forth the extra effort squeezing everything out trim, pushing the boat downwind, and moving around constantly with your weight. The boat is creating new opportunities for a lot of sailors. Lots of family teams. I haven't seen so many girls in a long time. Almost every team had 3 girls on board. Not just dead weight. Our 3 were in the pit, jib trim, and runners. There is a weight limit, but done on the honor system. I don't think there was any team that looked like they were over. There is a reward for having a junior sailor (16 or younger)on board. Their weight doesn't count. With the rig tension pre-set, all you have is the mast jack and hand full of plates to tune the rig. One main and jib that have the ability to reef. Reefing is determined by wind speed prior to the race. Racing comes down to a good start, tactics, and getting around the corners.
  14. GLAZE


    We sailed our first full regatta with the Vakaros this past week, Melges 24 Nationals. Since I have had the boat, we have only sailed with a TacTick Racemaster using only the compass and timer. As the class continues to get stronger, I decided to upgrade our instruments to include the starting feature and speed. Prior to the regatta, we used the Vakaros once in a local distance race. When we arrived to the regatta, we set up with both the TacTick and Vakaros. After the practice day, we ditched the TacTack since we quickly became use to the Vakaros. The Vakaros is very simple to use. Having never used a DTL function on the Melges24, we tested it repeatedly before the start and it was amazingly accurate. Too bad it can drive the starts for me, as I couldn't start to save my life. Speed was as great added feature for me. Angle of heel really helped a lot for the one day we had breeze. So far, I am happy with my decision to go with it.
  15. GLAZE


    Got mine!! Got a text from Todd (Thursday) that they were finishing up my Vakaros and would ship out the next day. It was on my doorstep Tuesday. When I opened the shipping box and saw what was inside, I reflected back to my first IPhone I ever got. The Vakaros was not shoved in a box and shipped out. The carrying case for the Vakaros is nice and compact, holding the unit, charging cord, mast bracket, and mast track attachment. When you pick up the unit, you can tell it is well built and solid. I spend some time that evening getting acquainted to features. The next day, I slap the Vakaros on the dash of my truck and head to work. Top speed of 78 heading in that morning. After work I head to Yacht Club to show it off. Lots of oohhs and ahhs. Saturday rolls around and we have a quick race around our lake and crawfish boil that afternoon. We mount it under our existing race master and it has nice tight look on the mast. We have been racing the Melges 24 for 10 years and have only ever had a compass and timer. Visually - Clear and crisp. Compass - Fast refresh rate compared to the TackTic Racemaster. The Vakaros would change 2* and racemaster wouldn't move. Speed - Seemed to be pretty accurate, but nothing to compare it with. We did win the race. So we were fast. Heel and Pitch Angle - I really like this feature. I have always sailed the Melges 24 watching our heal angle and now I can actually see a number. I think the pitch will come in handy downwind. Start Ping - Worked really well and easy to use. Our start was a pursuit start so we tested it a few times and appeared to be accurate. Its something we haven't used on this boat so will have to get used to using it. Timer - It's a timer, it worked. Full blown test will be in a week and half at the Melges 24 Nationals. Overall I love the feel of the unit. It's solid and doesn't feel cheap. Definitely made well and should last a long time. I am not an tech geek, so the current functions meet the need we have for the Melges 24. I would like the ability to have some post race analytics or tracking. I will be interested to see what the app will be able to do. I am pulling for these guys. Taking a risk like this is not easy mentally and physically on anyone.