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  1. IC24 deck molds.

    I believe Robert Cummings has them in Dallas
  2. Irma

    That picture with all the boats piled up does not look like Moorings boats. A lot of Lagoons in that picture.
  3. Hurricane Harvey - watch out, Texas

    The difference between people like thedragon and TEXANS, is that TEXANS will risk their lives to help everyone in need.
  4. Hurricane Harvey - watch out, Texas

    People in the DFW area are panicking about gas too. Long lines at every station. the media and social media is causing this frenzy.
  5. NYYC One Design

    I don't think a smaller club could afford to foot the bill for a fleet of boats. But as a membership, deciding we are going to make "choice of boat" our boat and everyone is going to buy it.
  6. NYYC One Design

    I like this concept. How does this idea fit for smaller clubs? What other clubs out there have decided that "THIS" is our club boat that we are going to sail?
  7. Turn signals; why are they installed? Nobody uses them

    If you turn them on in Dallas, it just signals the car in the next lane to speed up and cut you off.
  8. New to Melges 24

    you should have 2 top delrins that are each about 1" thick. the bottom (under the boat) will be about 1.5" thick
  9. New to Melges 24

    Join the the Melges 24 Gulf Coast Facebook Page and the RCYC Melges 24 Facebook Page They can be a good resource from Melges 24 owners and crew. And we will post regatta schedules. What boat did you buy?
  10. The Pulse 600 Saved My Life

    Nice write up Chad. Sorry the Melges 24 didn't do it for you. I talked to another owner of one the Pulse 600 on Galveston Bay and he says these things are wicked fast.
  11. Is an older melges 24 competitive?

    We have a 1994 Melges 24 #62 I bought it 8 years ago and did some minor work to stiffen the boat up under the stanchions and around the rear bulk head. It took me at least 2 years of consistent club racing to get a good handle for the way the boat is supposed to be sailed and crewed. We have always had good sails and rigging. We have sailed a couple national level events and the boat never felt slow lining up next to an 800 series hull.
  12. Melges 40

    I heard the first 10 were sold. So long Melges 32.
  13. Removing Hydro-Turf

    I am in the middle of removing mine right now on a Melges 24. I am using an Oscillating Saw with a flat blade. It allows me to take up big chunks at a time and then I go back and hand scrape with a 4" razor blade. Remove residual glue of MEK and then sand smooth. This my third time in 7 years to replace the hydroturf. the first 2 times i did it by hand with a putty knife and a 2" razor blade. That sucked.
  14. Speed clinics, Free Beer and BBQ at each event. We help each other rig boats and find crew. The old boats are fast here. You do not need the latest and greatest boat. Plus we trickle down the equipment. if somebody needs something we give it to them cheap.

    that is it

    cheers Paul