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  1. Flap,

    I'm flexible on dates and now am thinking maybe October or the next spring....I'm not scared of the Winter but the Christmas travel crowd may add unneeded crowds and cost. If we hit it at the same time and area we would love to get together with you guys and have some holiday cheer! I'll keep you posted. Are your dates and locale set?

  2. flaps15

    Dow 9,000 - or less?

    So what's your point there walnut brain? Besides the one on your head. From your link.
  3. flaps15

    Dow 9,000 - or less?

    Recovery summer?
  4. flaps15

    Supreme Court Strikes down Chicago Gun ban

    That last statement is particularly ironic because this case was an opportunity for the Court to overturn their own decision in Cruikshank, in which they said that a white mob that massacred 160+ blacks did not deprive them of any federally protected right to assemble or to bear arms because the Bill of Rights did not apply to lower governments. While I agree with Sol in his last post, above, why should I/we gloat over a decision that should have been a no-brainer in the first place? Good job Supreme Court. Now let's move-on to repeal ObamaCare.
  5. flaps15

    Supreme Court Strikes down Chicago Gun ban

    ..no brains, no headaches. Who ya' tryin' to control eh, BG?
  6. flaps15

    Supreme Court Strikes down Chicago Gun ban

    You're joking right? There's insurance for anything and everything. Especially in the good ol' USA. Let me introduce you to my friend Peter B. Lewis, I'm sure he wants to build another Frank Gehry building somewhere.
  7. flaps15

    Dow 9,000 - or less?

    Funnier still..... Bump.
  8. flaps15

    Dow 9,000 - or less?

    with the dow up 273 today sitting at 10,200 you are looking more stupid than usual....... TOTH to Obama? Ahhh the moron responds. You're an idiot. Bump
  9. Day after: SCOTUS ruling not so bad?
  10. A new coalition is already calling on Congress to amend the Constitution to change the ruling. “In this decision, a handful of unelected judges have revealed their agenda to expand the influence of corporations at the expense of the rights of individuals, and it will not stand the test of time,” said Lisa Graves, executive director of the Center for Media and Democracy and former chief counsel of the Senate Judiciary Committee. - Politico From the article.
  11. flaps15

    A Colonial Thanksgiving

    That's the great thing about free choice. You can buy whatever you want.
  12. flaps15

    A Colonial Thanksgiving

    Good stuff. While I've been aware of the actual history of the landing and settlement for a number of years now since reading Bradford's Log, it was good to take in the three refreshers you posted above. Thanks for that, the message and Happy Thanksgiving.
  13. Wheaties Box Athletes for $500 .....who is Michael Phelps?
  14. flaps15


    Is it Spitzer's girl? She looks familiar.