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  1. stumblingthunder

    Everglades Challenge 2020

    Likewise, dry erase markers work wonderful in removing sharpie marks. Just mark and wipe! Fixed up some dry erase boards that someone used sharpies on. - Stumbling
  2. stumblingthunder

    Bad Day To Cross The Gulf Stream

    It does get even lower: I was in high school and we had snow ball fights indoors in the morning convocation... Likewise, I have had a few SORC passages during cold fronts and the Gulf Stream was a welcome change to warm up the weather rail! Its been nearly 50 years since there was a state wide snowing. Its about time for another one! - Stumbling
  3. stumblingthunder

    Everglades Challenge 2020

    Saw over in the Watertribe forum that Andyman was reaching out to Bermuda Boy about the BP. Being tempted by the dark (cat) side? - Stumbling
  4. stumblingthunder

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Cajun engineering at its finest! - Stumbling
  5. stumblingthunder

    Everglades Challenge 2020

    I see the resemblance! - Stumbling
  6. stumblingthunder

    Suggested 30' Boats for Short Handed Long Distance Racing

    Also needs a lot of meat on the rail to make one go in anything but light conditions. Thus, not so hot for short/single handing. - Stumbling
  7. stumblingthunder

    Greta Rides Again?

    Prototype of a GNK Power droid: - Stumbling
  8. stumblingthunder

    Personal Pics Thread?

    Oooo, Darth Proton! The Admiral had a strong grip on shaping the silent service from the beginning of the nuclear age. An engineer's engineer. - Stumbling
  9. stumblingthunder

    The Zombie Fleet

    Will swap end for end with just a thought... - Stumbling
  10. stumblingthunder


    Correct. A full load of Coffee in an Aeropress is 4 level scoops of coffee (roughly four Tbsp). One scoop and a full load of water is a 7oz cup of coffee, no dilution needed. More scoops reduce the amount of water in the coffee syringe, probably the equivalent of 5oz of espresso powered coffee from four scoops and then loading water up to the top of the syringe. This results in output of roughly 4 x 1.25 oz of an espresso powered demitasse, or diluted with hot water, 4 x 8 oz cups of coffee. Two cups are two scoops, filled to the brim with water, and add hot water after pressing to bring it up to 16oz of coffee in the cup, or two cups worth. I messed up my calculations before,. 4 full presses, with no dilution is 16 demitasses of Expresso concentrated "go-ness." There was a time where I could down that much and enjoy vibrating at "C sharp" for hours. No more.... - Stumbling
  11. stumblingthunder

    Garmin Watch users - new Sailing Datafield

    I just want to clarify, your datafields use the waypoint data that is entered directly into the Garmin smartwatch, not limited to your application, correct? There were some older apps that could not use the native waypoints or routes to display data, you had to enter them into the app. - Stumbling
  12. stumblingthunder

    Keep off the Rocks!

    Or "Exxon" Valdez... - Stumbling
  13. stumblingthunder


    A max load AeroPress can do 4 cups worth. You put 4 level scoops of grinds, pour hot water in, steep for 4 min, press and then add hot water to fully "hydrate" your container. I have come up with a modified process. I invert the Aeropress, with the plunder inserted but fully retracted, no filter on it. I load the grinds from the "bottom" (end with the filter) stir and steep it, then attach the filter cap, with a wet paper filter and seat it firmly. I then flip it over on top of the travel cup and perform the pressing at that point. The end effect is more of a french press, rather than an initial drip, followed by a finishing press. If I were to do this on a boat, I would come up with a wide base stand, to keep the Aeropress securely upright. I do two cup press every morning, 16-18oz of coffee in the big cup this way. What you described would end up being a 12 demitasse of expresso in one cup, AKA a Widowmaker Cardiac Test in a Cup! - Stumbling
  14. stumblingthunder

    Seggerling Plans

    Or “The Pitchfork”? Checkered Devil is famously taken. - Stumbling
  15. stumblingthunder

    Craigslist Finds

    I do believe that is Paul Lindenberg’s last project, aka Lindenberg 17. If you look closely at the sail insignia, it is Paul’s. The dinghy had been previously advertised as a Lindenberg 17. I have crewed on a Lindenberg 22, 28 and 30 (aka Wavelength 30) and know the sign well. She is 1 of 1, as far as I know and built by Paul. Ad in Southwinds magazine: - Stumbling