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  1. Older well known IOR Boats

    Too many years, too many boats. They all start to run together. I could have sworn that I saw Satisfaction on the hard down there over a period of about 4 years. Not that many IOR daggerboard boats out there that size and vintage. Stumbling
  2. Older well known IOR Boats

    Robert "Bob" Most owned Satisfaction during her stay at DIYC. I crewed on the boat for a period of time after the conversion to C/R in the late 80s, I think. I remember O showing me the daggerboard trunk having access doors so you could set internal blocks to adjust the angle of attack of the board. The boat originally had a hydraulic transmission, as the motor was forward in the boat and the prop and shaft were under the cockpit. That was forever springing hydraulic fluid leaks. The motor was then shifted back, and a long drive shaft connected the engine to a universal on a thrust bearing, which connected to the propeller shaft. The navigator seat straddled that drive shaft, very unnerving to do pre race work there while the shaft was turning under the seat, as there were no safety guards around the shaft, besides the seat. I departed "I can't Gimmie No" to another boat long before she met her demise. The boat was doing the Clearwater to Key West race and Orlando Valdez, a sailmaker at the time, was I think steering and navigating and got disoriented and put the boat on top of the jetty out North West of Key West. That tore out the daggerboard and split the daggerboard well. Somehow, they got it off of the jetty and mitigated the water ingress sufficiently to get to Stock Island. Orlando was known as "Exxon" Valdez after that. The boat was on the hard for a number of years until either she got sold to someone else and fixed or was cut up. Stumbling
  3. Junk on the trunk

    My first thought in my head was that they were dropping anchor in front of the Pink Elephant in Boca Grande. I remember seeing several boats there that were in various states of decline/renovation in the 70s and 80s.
  4. Eds SC-33 Anarchy 3

    Really sorry to hear about Muffin getting her keel rung hard. I hope that it is not as bad as it sounds. Stumbling
  5. Barn Find Cal 40

    It's Super cal ifragilisticexpialidocious!Even though the sound of itIs something quite atrociousIf you say it loud enoughYou'll always sound precociousSupercalifragilisticexpialidocious It looks wonderful, but that was the first thing that came to mind upon seeing the picture. It would be a good boat name for the next owner.
  6. Eds SC-33 Anarchy 3

    I love what you did with Anarchy III and you will have a lot of fun with the boat, both on and off the race course. It will just take a bit of time and tweaking to find the right buttons to push to make her go. You do seem to have a bit of an initial ratings hole to deal with. I am from near RKoch's neck of the woods and would love to track an SC33 down to bring to Tampa Bay and do a similar program. I am a great fan of classic plastic. Stumbling
  7. Applications with wind estimation

    Don't let the nay sayers get to you. This is a great learning experience and sometimes something useful is discovered and develops from it.
  8. Low Friction Ring Anarchy

    I second that statement!
  9. Henri Lloyd Offshore Elite 2.0

    I have a set of Henri's Ocean Pros from 85 that finally gave out on the waterproofing front a year ago. Cloth wise they are still in fairly good shape. Has anyone tried their Renew products to bring the waterproofing back? Second, yes, it is a 32 year old set of foul weather gear. Damn tough gear to last that long. Is there anything out there that is nearly as tough as that, relatively wearable and long lasting waterproofing? (yes, deck level waterproof, not asking for a dry suit) This is for a florida offshore environment - from the middle of a freezing cold front to summer weather. I use to have a lined Henri one piece that was my winter wear, but that one actually deteriorated in the closet during this period, now long gone. Thx in advance - Stumbing
  10. scotw

    She's tied to all the high flyers of the fleet!
  11. GPS Spoofing

    Until the Russians figure out how to jigger the upper atmosphere to induce signal skipping. Numerous times while racing back in the day I had readouts that suddenly were 8-10-20+ miles away from reality. More often occurred further away from Florida and the transmitters, where the angles from the LOPs were <20 degrees, but once occurred coming back into Tampa Bay on the 1986 SORC Boca Grande race. We were approaching Egmont Key and the Sitex suddenly started giving positions 10 miles on the other side of the Skyway, up in the bay. Boat was in a fog bank with <100 foot visibility. Was a bit of a sphincter tightening approach that night. This was long before GPS and the Transat satellites were not in position for getting a fix on that system at that time of the night. Boat did not have a RDF unit either. Ended up DR'ing from marker to marker until the fog thinned out near the bridge.
  12. Coolboats to admire

    Was that before O optimized Flanksteak? I do remember well when you had the first Mylar sails. Could definitely hear you during pre-starting maneuvers!
  13. caption contest

    I think you left the Impala out of the pen too long!
  14. Tracking the Lindenberg 28's

    Then Dad must have pulled all of that prior and put it back in. He was not one to even try to bend the meaning of the rules. I knew Makaira well. Spent most of the 70s on the weather rail of Tina, racing against them.
  15. Tracking the Lindenberg 28's

    If I remember correctly, provisions were allowed to be on the boat when weighed. My father would stow cases of beer under the quarter berths and forward vberths. I did a deep cleaning of the boat out on several occasions and would remove between 24 and 27 cases of beer stowed on a Morgan 24. That was between 755 and 800 pounds of beer! Boat never ran out of beer on an outing, as long as you didn't mind the label faded off of the cans. Were sails allowed to be onboard for weighing in MORC?