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  1. stumblingthunder

    Hate on my new that 70's boat...

    I have heard a lot worse, and on rare occasions, spoken worse. - Stumbling
  2. stumblingthunder

    Favourite Boat pic?

    What are you talking about, that's just one side of a speed oscillation! - Stumbling
  3. stumblingthunder

    Craigslist Finds

    Looks like the person was using off-cuts from another project: - Stumbling
  4. stumblingthunder

    Hate on my new that 70's boat...

    Let me amend that, You should hear me on the weather rail at 3-4am amongst good friends! I know better than to turn the filters off in front of anyone who is not easily amused. - Stumbling
  5. stumblingthunder

    Hate on my new that 70's boat...

    Brain is always on high speed (naturally, no artificial ingredients.) Give me one second real time and I will have thought up a essay. You should hear me on the weather rail at 3-4am! - Stumbling
  6. stumblingthunder

    Ecstatic Octupuses

    Yes, I read the article. What does PTSD have to do with giving MDMA to an Octopi? There was no EDM (Electronic Dance Music - For the uninformed farts) for them to wave their tentacles to or change their colors to the beat. - Stumbling
  7. stumblingthunder

    General fucking recall

    Thats to offset the coriolis force in the northern hemisphere. If the boat was sent to the Southern hemisphere, they would have to drop the keel and mount it on the starboard side of the centerline. - Stumbling
  8. stumblingthunder

    Hate on my new that 70's boat...

    Now if the lava was white, you could hang it in the rigging as a trippy anchor light. - Stumbling Now all you need is to put mirrors up on the bulkheads and cabin top. The finishing touch would be mounting a clockwork motor between the mirror and the coach ceiling, and attach the bottom half of a disco ball to the clockwork. The mirror will make it look like a full ball and it will be not swinging around like a hanging ball would and also give a little more headroom for dancers. Ready for those 70's nights! - Stumbling
  9. stumblingthunder

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Rather than have a whole wheel, just put a single spoke on the hub and a suicide nob at the end of it. Room to get by and a setup that is guaranteed that nobody else could steer, kind of like what a car manual transmission is today. - Stumbling
  10. stumblingthunder

    Funniest Interaction with Non Racers Thread

    No matter what Anarchy forum one is in, we are all united by being Crabby. - Stumbling
  11. stumblingthunder

    Funniest Interaction with Non Racers Thread

    Light air race in the bay. Off in the distance we could hear a 2-stroke jetski motor at full throttle, but could not see it. As it got louder, finally could see that it was a Kawasaki stand up model, with no one standing up on it! Went right through the fleet, missed all the boats and onward across the bay. 2 minutes later, a jetski, with a rider was in a tail chase with the unguided water missile. I do not know if he ever caught it, but it certainly was an eye opening experience, miles from anywhere. - Stumbling
  12. stumblingthunder

    Square heads

    Ahh, old windsurfing tech. First RAF (rotating air foils) with just the battens, then Camber Inducers with bigger luff pockets. Rotating square heads. I even had an Aeroforce 8m with split battens, camber inducers and a luff pocket that extended back over the first third of the sail. The Aeroforce sail had great top end, but was finicky in lighter air, very easy to stall and heavy. All of this was in the early 80s on boards, even wing masts (I can picture the mast and then name - I think started with an M.) - Stumbling
  13. stumblingthunder

    Craigslist Finds

    Twice the sail, twice the speed? - Stumbling
  14. stumblingthunder

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

  15. stumblingthunder

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Boat also comes with hidden knife wielding crazy stalker, to liven up those moonless sails: - Stumbling