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    what is it?

    Crewed on both the 30 (Phantom) and A number of the 28s, back then. Yes, the 28s are faster, but the 30 was a lot more comfortable on a longer race! Wavelength 30 #10, (formerly Phantom) for sale a few years ago. In need of a severe refit.
  2. stumblingthunder

    what is it?

    I have a severe weakness for a dazzle paint job! Stumbling
  3. stumblingthunder

    What is this?

    23 foot limit hull length in the Watertribe events. Also, I think all the shallow water filters would nix a fixed keel. (Further review of pix is a centerboard. Still would be too much for 3 max crew limit) It would be an interesting ‘engine of torture’ for the Y2K! (I’m keeping that name for my next boat) Stumbling
  4. stumblingthunder

    Craigslist Finds

    You are looking through the cockpit drains! - Stumbling
  5. stumblingthunder

    Worst/scariest moment in a dinghy?

    “One a day, in Tampa Bay” - Stumbling
  6. stumblingthunder

    Caption Contest

    Inspiration for new thread: 2x4 Anarchy - Stumbling
  7. stumblingthunder

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    It tagged the dock the day before, and poof, it raised an ostrich egg! - Stumbling
  8. stumblingthunder

    Older well known IOR Boats

    I had found some pixs from Antigua RW 1986 of the Jack Knife crew preparing to do Lay Day battle. Was going to send copies to Dr. Greenberg but found he had passed away last year. Very nice gentleman. Will post once I scan them. - Stumbling
  9. stumblingthunder

    Are all the fastest sails black now?

    Or revive Nuclear sails! I did some googling and I could not even find a picture of the old sails in action. - Stumbling
  10. stumblingthunder

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    It’s not fit to even send a Viking to Valhalla! - Stumbling
  11. stumblingthunder

    NKE boat speed set to SOG

    Unless your accent is too far off, which it will refuse to understand. French....
  12. stumblingthunder

    Pointing ability of duck punts and similar craft

    Matt’s micro cruisers still use a rudder. If I remember correctly, the boat is configured to have some weather helm, allowing the big rudder to provide part of the lift for pointing, as well as the chine runners and shape of the hull. - Stumbling
  13. stumblingthunder

    what is it?

    I am Groote Beer! - Stumbling
  14. stumblingthunder

    what is it?

    More effective in Dutch: S.V. Schaatsen Klomp - Stumbling
  15. stumblingthunder


    It’s time to release “The Samurai” from down below to initiate the takedown before “The Deity” arrives to finish the job the crew started! - Stumbling
  16. stumblingthunder

    SORC - The Glory Years?

    Crew earned money the old fashion way, delivering boats to the next regatta. - Stumbling
  17. stumblingthunder

    Planing Back in the Day

    It looks like he had salvaged an etheric rudder from a crashed vessel and modified it to behave as a centerboard, providing the “bite” necessary for sails to work. Unfortunately , the device was not able to be replicated, as 1920s technology could not create a similarity sized device or its power source. - Stumbling
  18. stumblingthunder

    Craigslist Boat-Just because you can doesn't mean you should

    A boat for the Bowman that never felt comfortable being aft of max beam! - Stumbling
  19. stumblingthunder

    American Dumbass

    Eyes and mind getting wonky. Read that as “circumcising their world” - Stumbling
  20. stumblingthunder

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    COVID party barge? - Stumbling
  21. stumblingthunder

    Irwin 68 Big or Big Pig?

    Anything to improve crew morale... - Stumbling
  22. stumblingthunder

    Rig wiggle

    Irrational numbers work for me! - Stumbling
  23. stumblingthunder

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Cruising Catamaran? That can be added to the sales brochure for most of them! - Stumbling
  24. stumblingthunder

    Will Starlink & COVID change the (cruising) world?

    Everything I have read and can infer from the Starlink ground station is that it is a fixed installation and has a relatively substantial console, ie land based installation. SL has not even mentioned a mobile base station, let alone marine. The antenna is a phased array (composed of a number of small antennas) and that takes some computing horsepower to both receive as well as transmit directionally as well as to compensate for a moving platform, ie a boat. It’s a bit harder to shrink down into an Iridium sized package, at the present. - Stumbling
  25. stumblingthunder

    ID this high budget abandoned race boat

    Pining for the fjords, or just navigatable water depth? - Stumbling