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  1. Thiepval

    Caption Contest

    Compact and bijou.
  2. Thiepval

    ORC inclining test method

    Thanks - glad your stability software does a proper job! It's been a while since I looked at the ORC software, but I know that originally they assumed the boat was flush decked from the shear line - do gunwhale roll, deck camber, deck houses cockpits etc....
  3. Thiepval

    ORC inclining test method

    I inclined an 80 odd footer a few years ago, using a dive bag hanging off the boom, which was slung under a small loadcell, and would be filled with water. By setting the boom / loadcell / bag arrangement up, and then putting the boom outboard to port, and then outboard to starboard, and measuring how far the boat heels under the weight of the boom alone, you can negate this from the "loaded" heel angles. By the way, I used one of these to measure the angles. I wasn't aware that ORC were using the digital inclinometers at the time (this is one of the very few times I have measured anything for ORC) so the digital spirit level seemed like a good bet. Calibration is straight forward - put it on a surface, take a reading, turn it through 180 degrees, see if it says the same - if it doesn't, run the self calibration!
  4. Thiepval

    ORC inclining test method

    Calculate??? Are you sure? Do you now allow for deck camber, cockpits and deck houses?
  5. Thiepval

    ORC inclining test method

    Problem with that is you are trying not to increase the displacement. 2 tonnes of lead on the rail might equate to 500kg on the tip of the spinnaker pole.
  6. Thiepval

    It's just not cricket

    Check out the red eyes....
  7. Thiepval

    It's just not cricket

    Reports in the UK that Darren Lehmann will quit after the 4th test.
  8. Thiepval

    It's just not cricket

    The handy Cam taped it......
  9. 585): Why was I handcuffed to the roof? (518): It was easier then trying to explain why you couldn't fly
  10. Thiepval

    The pussification of England continues.....

    I dunno, rising Irish prosperity pretty much put a stop to IRA terrorism. Actually it was more to do with the fact that the US started to realise what terrorism was post 9/11, and stopped funding the IRA...... Kinda smacked of hypocrasy, don't you think?